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CAROLANDVILLE 370. In Bourbon county,
Town of, in Fauquier county, Kentucky, established 608.
established 217.


| Trustees to convey a tract of
Town of, in Prince William,

land of Charlotte Dalton to
established 684.

David Chevis 226.
New taxes imposed on 283.


Provision for clearing and ex-
Bills of health to be produced tending navigating of Chick-

by drivers of caule into, or aliominy river 382.
through this state; how ob-

tained; proceedings where cal-Who deemed citizens; aliens bow
tle found distempered 171. naturalized; registry of 261.
Tax on, repealed 432.

Wben eligible to office, who

ineligible; merchants becom-
How bridges and causeys erect ing citizens, when entitled to
ed 177, 178.

privileges; artizans, and me-

chanics, privileges of 262.
Troop to be raised, pursuant to Expatriation box exercised;
resolution of congress 255, | act of 1779 repealed; who pro-

Troop to each regiment oil bibited from migrating to or
militia 432.

becoining citizens of this com-

monwealth 263. Proceedings
Proceedings on, in county against such prohibited per-
courts 35, 471.

sons; incapacity 10 sue 264.

All other persons permitted;
Rules in granting 752.

protection to whom extended;

act prohibiting intercourse
Receivable in taxes 95. Rule in with British subjects repeal.

issuing warrants for interest ed 265.
on certificates; audito: CLARKSBURG
renew lost certificates 280. Town of, in Harrison county
What certificates receivable established 208.
in taxes and duties 418, 422,

424. Certificates for militia Of courts, how their fees collec.
services during the war no ted 92, 590. What clerks
longer to issue 563.

may be appointed by gover-

nor and council 131. New
See high court of chancery. taxes imposed on clerks of

courts 264. Courts equally di-
Court day of, allered 606.

vided, in appointment of, high
CHARLESTOWN. sheriff to divide 507. When
In Berkeley county established' clerks to deliver their tickets to
Vol. XII.


sheriffs 590. Ordistrict courts, i .CONTRACTS
how appointed, their fees 738. What not good; unless in writ-

ing 160.
See duries of poor-rates, how CONVENTION.

appointed, their power and Deputies appointed to conven-
duty 574. . ON taxes, when tion at Philadelphia, for re-
appointed 773.

vising the federal constitution

256. Convention called to
Town of, at Point of Fork, in consider it 462. Appropria-
Fluvanna, established 682. tion for 645.

So much of ac! lur protection of lands, to be by deed; when

of commerce &c. as gives sub and where recorded; marriage
jecis of foreign stale more contracts 154. Proof of deeds
suminary remedy in our out of state; wife's relio-
courts, repealed 527.

quishment of dower in the
COMMISSIONERS state 155. Out of the state,
of the revenue; see taxes. to be recorded, originals re-

Their appointment and duty delivered party; memorials;
243 10 254. How their fees fee-tail converted into fee-sim-
collected 590. In chancery, ple 156. Words of perpetui-
how appointed 767.

ty no necessary; remainders,

uses, trusts 157. Dower cur-
In Northern Beck, 113, 239.

tesy, attornment 158. Con.

veyances to defraud creditors
Or judgment, equal to release of void; what dermed fraudu-
errors 750.

lent 161.

Provision for appointing dele- Importation of, probibited 668.
gates in congress 26, 243.

Representatives to, under the Town of, in Pittsylvania estab-

new constitution, how chosen lished 659.
- 653. Credentials or senators

to 714.

Or bond, when evidence 739.

Defined; how punished 334. or literary works, how secured

Deputies appointed to convén CORPORATIONS.

tion, at Philadelphia, for re Power of, to provide for poor
vising the federal constitution 577. Officers of, incapable
256. Convention called to of acting as justices, in the
consider it 462.

county 642. Jurisdiction of

corporation courts limited;-
In district couris 735.

right of suffrage in 643. Of

ficers of, restricted from acting 32, 468: Rules, in clerk's 01. in cougties, in what cases 775. fice, practice, process, special Not to affect Williamsburg or bail 33, 469: Exceptions to Norfolk 775.

bail, common bail, docketting COSTS.

causes, depositions, witnesses, Security for, when demanded 34, 470. Absent defendants,

355. Executions for costs caveats, executions, office in shancery 465. Law of, judgments, monthly courts 35 how construed 750. Of crim 471: Grand juries, negligence inal prosecutions 758,

of attornies, and motions aCOUNTIES.

gainst them, for money recei. part af Nansemond added to ved for their clients 36, 472.

Southampton 69. Franklin Concurrent jurisdiction of county, formed from Bedford monthly and quarterly courts and Henry 70. Boundary be

468. tween Goochland and Flu COURTHOUSES, vanna ascertained 71. Part of At what places courts to be held Rockbridge added to Bote- if courthouses destroyed 771. tourt 74. Hampshire divided

COURTS and Hardy formed 86. Fay- See appeals, high court of chanette divided and Bourbon cery, admiralty, general court, formed 89: Washington di- district courts. vided and Russel formed 110. At what places courts to be held, Yohogania, remnant of, ad- if conrihonses destroved 771. ded to Ohio 114. Lincoln di- COUTTS, REUREN vided, and Mercer and Madi- Reuben Coutts confirmed in his son formed 116. Harrison di- estate, in the ferries from vided and Randolph formed) Richmond to Manchester and 393. Part of Brunswick add in certain lands and fisheries ed to Greensville 596. Part of 385. Hardy county added 10 CREDENTIALS Hampshire 597, Pendleton Or senators to congress, form of formed out of Augustą, Hara

15. dy and Rockingham 637. CREDITOR Bourbon divided and Mason Administration granted to 146. formed 658. Fayette divided | CRIMINALS. and Woodford formed 663. Conditional pardons may be Kanawha formed out of granted to, by executive, in Greenbrier and Montgomery certain cases 45. Duty of 670. Amelia divided and Not. clerks, as to depositions, when taway formed 723.

criminal is sent for further COUNTY COURTS. trial to the district court 270. County courts reformed, 32,467 Omission of parish, town,

Quarterly courts, jurisdiction ville, or hamlet not fatal in

formed hire 591, added

indictments 271. Crimes com-, DEAD VICTUALS
milled out of jurisdiction of For use of family 150.
this commonwealili, where

tried 330. Proceedings a Action of, on notes 359.
gainst; called court; otience

DEBTOR committed in another county | Appointed executor 151. Public. 340. Number and powers of summary remedy against 352 examining court; criminal

DEBTS sent for further trial; bail 341. Dignity of 152. Venire facias; capias 342.

DECREES. Copy of indiciment and panel; Executions on final decrees, sachallenge; trial; counsel; bail viog former remedy 465. if not tried; witnesses for pris

DEEDS. oner; guards 313: Preseni. See Conveyances, and pa. 154, ments; criininal charges 344: &c, Criminal charges in county DELEGATES. courts, how certified and paid See Assembly, and pa. 120. 567: Proceedings againsi, in City of Richmond allowed a redistrict courts 734, 736, 754, presentative in house of dele756: Costs of prosecution,

gates 722. how paid 758.


Or witnesses, ander what cirHow far assels 150;

cumstances taken 34, 470. lo CROWSVILLE.

criminal cases, duty of clerks Town of, in Boretourt, estab 270. In high court of chanlished 675:

cery 466. In district courts; CURATOR.

foreign coinmissions 747,767. During contest about a will 144 Single wilge s 748. Oo failure of guardian to give

DESCENTS. security 195.

Course of 138 Whole and half CURTESY.

blood; per capita; per stirpes; In uses and trusts 157.

advancement; aliens descent CUSTODY,

through;bastards through moProceedings against defendant thers; bastards legitimated in 743.


DETINUE, Trustees to convey a tract of Bail in 741. Omission of price Jand of Charlotte Dalton to or value in verdict 749. Part David Chevis 226.

of issued founed; faully count DAMAGES

750, On appeals 754.


None in district courts 735. Town, in Mercer county, Ken DISMAL SWAMP.

tucky, established 601. Dismal swamp canal company

incorporated 478. Various rules and regulations 478 lo 494.

DISQUALIFICATION Of officers, under the federal go.

vernment, to hold oslices under this commonwealth 694.

DISTRIBUTION. See intestates, estates and page

146. Husband not bound to distribute wife's estate 146.When distribution to be made; bond to refund 151.

DISTRICT COURTS. Oath of judges of 510. Act of

1787, establishing district
courts 532 to 558. This
act never went into operation,
but was suspended by the act
of 1788. Act suspended 644.
Kentucky district court, act
concerniog amended 704.-
Act establishing district courts
and for regulating the general
court 730. This act went
into operation. Districts 730.
District of Petersburg 732.-
New counties; additional judg-
es 733. How many judges
to constitute a couri; criminal
cases; oath of judges 734. Ad-
journment; continuance; no
discontinuance; jurisdiction
735. Admiralty causes; ju-
ries; motions; criminal cases;
questions adjourned 736. No
costs on adjourned questions;
allotment of judges 737.-
Clerks; their fees; forms of
writs; teste of writs; habeas cor-
pus; suits against governor,
council, sheriff 738 Capias
ad respondendum; copy of
bond evidence 739. Bail in!

personal actions 740. Bail in detinne &c, exceptions to bail 741. Office judgments; special bail; surrender of principal 742. Proceedings againsidesendant in custody 743. Alias capias; writ executed but not returned; rules in clerk's office 744. Practice; pleas in abatement; several pleas 745. Proclamation; office judgments; dockets; juries de mediatate; jurors witnesses; contempts; papers read in evi. dence; conduct or sheriff: qualification of jurors 746. Fee for summoning jury; summons for witnesses; depositions; foreign commission 747. Single witness; witnes. ses refusing to testify; allowances to witnesses before referees &c.; who not witnesses; witnesses failing to testify 748. Privileges of witnesses; their attendance: interpreters; non-suit; new trials; ejectment; scrolls; detinue 749,Part of issue found; faulty count; confession of judgment; lawyer's fees; witnesses to a fact; costs; executions; not directed; distringas 750. Re. plevy bonds; notices what good; records, making up 751. Scire facias; certiorari 752. Supersedeas; appeals 753. Appeal bouds; dama. ges; criminals, examination of 754. Public jailor 755.Guards; witnesses for prisoner; records of criminal cases 756. Venire-men, entering witnesses attendance; grand

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