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the commonwealth, to be recovered, by motion before the county or corporation court (as the case may be) on ten days previous notice, and shall moreover be liable to the action of the party injured, for any dama


harbour-master shall moreover attend to the unmooring of all ships and other vessels within their respective districts; and in case any vessel moored, shall by stress of weather or other accident, be drove from her mooring, the harbour-master shall attend to the re-mooring the same, and be entitled to half fees for such service.

V. And be it further enacted, That the barbourmasters shall demand, and be entitled to receive from all masters or commanders of square-rigged vessels, the sum of ten shillings, and for all schooners and sloops, the sum of six shillings, and no more: Providød nevertheless, That no master or commander of any river or bay crast, shall be subject to the payment of any fee by this act imposed.

VI. This act to commence and be in force from and after the first day of January, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-six.

An act to provide for the appointment

of delegates to represent this com.
monwealth in congress, until the

first Monday in November next. .. Provision for

I. BE it enacted by ihe General Assembly, That five appointing delegates shall be chosen by joint ballot of both houses, delegates to to represent this commonwealth in congress from the congress.

time of their appointment, until the first Monday of November, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-six, three of whom at least shall be constantly attending the duties of their office. The persons so appointed, shall each of them have from the governor a credential varied so as to suit the present occasion, and shall be en

titled to the same allowances as are provided by ah act, intituled "An act for regulating the appointment of delegates to congress."


An act to provide for the poor of the se

veral counties within this common. - wealth.

o districts.

er eers of

1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That the provision for court of every county within this commonwealth, at the poor. their session to be held in the month of March next af ter the passing of this act, shall cause their said county to be laid off into convenient districts, and shall direct Counties to

be la d oth in the sheriff of tbeir county to cause publication to be to di made, that on some convenient day to be appointed by the said court, an election will be held within each dis. trict, to consist of freeholders and house-keepers only, for the purpose of chasing three disereet, fit, and proper persons, being freeholders of and resident within the poor to the same, who shall be called and denominated over. be triennially seers of the poor, and shall continue and be in office elected. for and during the term of three years; at the expiration whereof other triennial elections shall be made in

Superintenmanner herein before directed; and the said court shall, dants of elec. at the same time, appoint some person in each district tions. to superintend the electioii. And the said overseers, apon notice to them respectively being given by the Overseers

when to meet person appointed in tbeir district to superintend ihe election, of their being duly elected, they, or vies on titha. a majority of them shall meet together at some bles. convenient place within their respective districts, betweeen the first day of April, and the first day of August, in every year, and shall levy and assess upon the tithables within their said county (a copy of the list of which shall be furnished them by the clerk of the county) competent sums of money, or tobacco in lieu thereof at a stated price, to be paid at the option of the par

ty chargeable therewith, for the necessary relief and support of all such poor, lame, impotent, blind, and other inhabitants of their said county as are not able to

maintain themselves. Monthly re..

U, And be it enacted, That the overscers of the poor turns to poor in each district, shall mouthly make returns to the court overseers, to of their county of the poor orphans in their districi, and be appointed the said court is hereby authorized to direct the said

overseers, or either of them, to bind out such poor orphans, apprentices to such person or persons as the court on due enquiry shall approve of, and the indentures of such apprentices shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the county, and not transferrable to any

person whatsoever, without the approbation of the Annual re. court. The said overseers shall, on or before the tenth turns of the day of August annually, make up in a book to be kept poor, and for that purpose, an exact account of the persons to theirallowan. ces."

"! and for whom such monies are to be paid, the purposes

for which, and the particular sums, a transcript of which, they shall once in every year return to the court to be there entered of record; a copy of which they shall also, on or before the same day, deliver to the collector of the public taxes, who is hereby authorized and required to collect the same, together with the list of persons chargeable with the poor rates, and of the suin each person is liable to pay; which collector shall give bond with good security to the court for the faithtul discharge of his duty berein, and shall have the same powers to collect the said poor rates, and have the same commission, and be subject to the same fines, for

feitures, and prosecutions, as in the case of county le

how vies. The said collector shall pay the money or tocollected and bacco, as the case may be, to the several persons, or accounted to their order, for whom it was levied, on or before the for.

first day of October in every year; and in default thereof, it shall be lawful for the court of the county to render judgment for the same, with costs on complaing of the party, or on motion by the overseers:. provided that the collector has ten days previous notice of such

motion. Powers of

III. And be it further enacted, That the same power ens, in rela. and authority given to, and vested in a churchwarden, iion to bas. by an act, intituled “An act for the relief of parishes tards, trans.

from such charges as arise from bastard children born verscers of within the same," passed in the year of our Lord one



1 TO


thousand seven handred and sixty-nine, is hereby given the poor, who to the several overseers of the poor respectively, who church and shall perform the same duties as by that act are required ens for a ser to be performed by a churchwarden. And the said tlemeni, overseers of the poor in each county, shall have power and authority to call on the late churchwardeos in their counties or parishes, for a settlement of their parochial accounts, and shall receive any money in their hands belongiog to the parish, heretofore levied for the support of the poor, to be applied to the debts contracted in support of the parish poor. And in case any churchwardens shall refuse to pay to the overseers of the poor in the county in which such churchwardens acted, the balance which shall appear to be in their hands on sel. dement being made, as aforesaid, it shall be lawsul for the county court to render judgment for the same, with costs on complaint of the said overseers of the poor, or their attorney; provided such churchwarden shall have ten days previous notice of such motion. And the

Paroclua! court of every county within this commonwealth shall debts, how be, and they are hereby authorized and required, pasd. whereof public notice shall be previously given by the sheriff, to levy and assess upon the tithable persons in their respective counties, all parish charges which shall have accrued since the last laying of the levy of the parishes within their respective counties, and before the first day of April next; and the collector of the public taxes shall collect and receive such levy, and pay the same to the person entitled thereto,shall have the same commission, and on refusal to pay, be liable to the same penalty and judgments as the collector of the poor rates is entitled and made liable to: And to pre- Vagrants how yent vagrants and others, not betaking themselves to disposed of. honest occupations, becoming burthensome to the industrious and useful part of the community, it is necessary that the overseers in each district should be, and they are hereby empowered to compel and put all such to work, so long as such person or persons shall con. tinue within their distriet and are likely to become chargeable to the county. And whereas, by the dissolution of the vestries, and abridging their future powers, no processioners of land can legally be appointed: Powers of

IV. Be it enacted, That the overseers of the poor, vestries trams appointed by this act, shall have the same powers, and"

ferred to o are required to perform the same duty which was for- the poor.

verseers of

merly prescribed for the different vestries, under the direction of the different county courts, who are hereby empowered and required to make the like orders, and observe the same rules, as is directed by the acı, intituled « An act for settling the titles and bounds of lands, and for preventing unlawful hunting and ranging.”

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An act for the naturalization of the .. Marquis De La Fayette..


1. WHEREAS the Marquis De La Fayette is eminently distinguished, by early and signal exertions, in defence of American liberty: And whereas this illustrious nobleman continues to afford testimonies of unceasing affection in this state, and the general assembly being solicitous to bestow the most decisive mark of

regard which a republic can give: Marquis De II. Be it enacted, That the Marquis De La Fayette La Fayette be henceforth deemed and considered a citizen of this naturalized.

state, and that he shall enjoy all the rights, privileges, and immunities, thereunto belonging.

In act for securing to the authors of

literary works an exclusive proper

ty therein for a limited time. Copy-right of I. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That the Literary works author of any book or pamphlet already printed, being how secured to the authors a citizen of any one of the United States, who has not

transferred to any other person or persons the copy or copies of such book, or pamphlet, share, or shares thereof,

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