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BEGUN AND ürld at the Public Buildings in the City of

Patrick Hon Richmond, on Monday the six- ry, teenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hun. dred and eighty-six, and in the eleventh year of the commonwealth.

CHAP. *.
In aci for appointing commissioners

lo liquidate and selile the expences
incurred in two expeditions carried
on from the Kentucky district a-

gainst the neighbouring Indians. WHEREAS the citizens of this commonwealth in

"" Commission the district of Kentucky, have lately carried on two ex

rexo ers to settle peditions against the neighbouring tribes of Indians, accounts of and it is reasonable that such services should be re- expeditions warded, Be it therefore enacted by the General As-from

ky against sembly, That Edmund Lyne, Isaac Shelby, and Rich-ibie slidians. ard Taylor, gentlemen, (any two of whom shall be a board) shall be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners to settle and adjust ali claims for pay and rations due prior to the twentieth day of October last, of the officers, soldiers, and those employed in the staff department, lately under the command of general

• The 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, and 6th chapters of the acts of this session are not numbered in the originals.

en uc.

George Rogers Clarke, and colonel Benjamin Logaii, against the Shawanese and Wabash indians, and also the claims of all those who have furnished arms, ammunition, provisions, salt, horses, halters, pack-saddles, belis, ropes, bags, axes, kettles, ferriage, pasturage for beef cattle, and provender and forage for the dragoon and drovers horses, by impressment or otherwise for the purpose of carrying on the said expeditions: and also to liquidate the accounts of those who have or may furnish provisions, clothing or other necessaries for the Indians prisoners in that district, until they may be exchanged or released. And all those who have made impressments necessarily for the use of the said expeditions shall be and are bereby indemnified. The said commissioners shall grant certificates under their hands to those entitled thereto, in the same manner as the auditors of public accounts have heretofore granted certificates for militia service and supplies, taking for their rule the prices allowed by law for militia services, and the cash prices of all other articles which may have been furnished: Provided, That no officer in the staff department shall receive any greater allowance than is made to officers holding the same appointinent in a brigade; Provided also, That no subaltern officer or soldier shall receive any certificate for pay unless he shall produce to the said commissioners, from the officer commanding the company to which he belongs, and also from one of the field officers of the regiment, a certificate of his having faithfully served during the said expeditions; and that no captain or field officer shall obtain such certificate unless he shall produce to the said commissioners a similar certificate signed by the commanding officer of his regiment and countersigned by the said George Rogers Clarke or Benjamin Logan. Provided also, That where arins or any other article above mentioned have, since the said expeditions, been returned to the owners instead of certificates for the value, they shall receive certificates equal to the time their property was in the public service, and also for the injury such property may have received during that time. The commissioners hereby appointed shall meet at the town of Danville, in the county of Mercer, as soon as may be after the receipt of this act; and may adjourn from day to day, or to any other place or places within the district, and sit until the business is completed. They shall appoint a clerk who shall make entries, in a book to be kept for that purpose, of the names of all persons, and the amount of certificates issued to theni: and shall transınit the same to the treasurer with an alphabetical list of such pames, as a security against counterfeits, frauds or errors. The clerk shall transmit to the executive a certificate of the number of days the commissioners shall respectively have been employed in liqui. dating said claims, and the number of miles they have travelled: who shall make them and their clerk such allowances as their services deserve, to be paid in the same manner as warrants given to the officers of goveroment. And be it further enacted, That the cerii. ficates thus issued shall be receivable in discharge of any of the taxes which may hereafter become due in the said district. Counterfeiters of certificates issued under this act shall be punished as counterfeiters of militia certificates heretofore issued by the auditors of public accounts. In case of the death resignation, refusal to act, or any other legal disability of any of the commissioners hereby appointed, the judges of the sil. preme court of the district of Kentucky shall have power to appoint others instead of those dead, resigned, or otherwise legally disabled.

And whereas it is just that every part of the state should contribute to the support of government, Be it therefore enacted, That in each of the counties of the said district, the court shall appoint commissioners of the tax, cause lists of the taxable property in the said county to be taken, call upon the sheriff' or collector 10 give bond and security, and in all other instances fully. carry into execution the laws for raising a permanent revenue within this state: Provided, That no sheriff or collector shall have a right to call upon the people, or shall himself be accountable for any taxes which shall have become due prior to the last day of January one thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven.

Provided always, and be il further enacted, That tobacco shall be receivable for taxes within the said district after the rate of iweniv shillings per hundred, in like manner as provided in other cases by an act of the present session, intitled, “ An act to enable the citizens of this commonwealth to discharge certain taxes by the payment of tobacco," VOL. XI,

E 2

And provided also, That the lands in the said district allotted by law to the officers and soldiers, who served in the army of the United States or this state, and which have not been aliened, shall not be subject 10 laxation, until the future direction of the legislature.


An act to amend the act for regula

ting and disciplining the militia, and for other purposes.

Militia to be FOR the more eflectual execution of the laws now allotted for a in force, for regulating and disciplining the militia, Be regular rou. it enacted by the General Assembly, That on or before tine of duty.

the first day of May next, the county lieutena:ts or commanding officers in the respective counties within this commonwealth, also in the city of Williamsburg and borough of Norfolk, with the field officers and captains shall meet on a day to be appointed by the county lieutenant or commanding officer, who are hereby required to enroll the militia within their several counties and corporations, into distinct companies; and thereafter the captain or commanding officer of each respective company, shall forthwith proceed to divide his company into divisions, by ballot, from one to ten, for the purpose of a regular rotine of duty when called into actual service, and shall return a roster of each division and its number in rotation within ten days, to the county lieutenant, or commanding officer of his county or corporation; any officer of the militia, called into actual service, neglecting or refusing to do his duty, shall forfeit his commission, and moreover be a

merced at the discretion of a court martial, that is to Fines, in ac say, a county lieutenant in any sum not exceeding one Lual service. hundred and fifty pounds; a colonel or lieutenant co

lonel not exceeding one hundred pounds; a major not exceeding seventy five pounds; a captain not exceeding

fifty pounds; a lieutenant or ensign in any sum aut exceeding forty pounds; and non-commissioned officers or privates in like manner refusing or neglecting shall also be fined at the discretion of a court martial in any sum not exceeding twenty pounds each: Provided always, That the penalties and forfeitures herein imposed on field officers, captains and subalterns, in case of failure or refusal as aforesaid, shall be subject to the approbation of the executive with power to remit or enforce the same. And be it farther enacted, That every captain or commanding officer of a company List of delin. shall return on oath, a list of all delinquencies, which quencies how may have happened in his company since the last court returned of enquiry or assessment of fines in his county or corporation, to the county lieutenant or commanding ofticer, on the day of each succeeding general or regimental musler, or court of enquiry and assessment of fines, which shall be held on the day next succeeding the day of holding any general or regimental muster, if fair, if not the first fair day, which said general or regimental muster shall be held by order and appointment of the county lieutenant, or in case of his absence, of the next commanding officer of the militia. And be it further enacted, That officers of the mili- o

Officers failtia, who have been reinstated in their commissions un- ing to qualify der the act of the last session of assembly and shall fail considered as or neglect to qualify to the same on or before the first resigned. day of May next, shall be considered as having resigned the same, and the respective county courts shall forthwith proceed to recommend other proper persons to be commissioned in their room. Any field officer Fines on offi. or commanding officer of a company failing to per- cero. form any duty herein prescribed to him, for which no penalty is imposed, shall be fined at the discretion of à court martial or court of enquiry, not exceeding to a field officer the sum of thirty pounds, and to a commanding officer of a company not exceeding fifteen pounds.

And whereas, it is expedient, that upon a deficiency of the contingent fund, the power of impressmeni should be exercised in case of invasion or insurrection.

. Impressment Be it therefore enacted, That upon any invasion or of supplies insurrection, it shall be lawful for the governor, with authorised, in

procure hu imprecémone case of inva

procure by pressin sion or inguswhatsoever supplies may be necessary, and may be rection.

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