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Lectures in Systematic Theology by Henry Clarence Thiessen is a very inspiring and helpful book. This book helps educate people. Although you might need a dictionary to read this book it
helps you understand God more. God is such a powerful and awesome being that we can´t understand with our finite minds but this book, though not perfect, helps you understand how people view him. When you read this book make sure to have an open mind.
Make sure you are ready to read a college level book about God before you open this book. It is a bit tedious. I completely recommend this book.
Lectures in Systematic Theology de Henry Clarence Thiessen es un libro muy inspirador y útil. Este libro ayuda a educar a las personas. Aunque tal vez necesites un diccionario para leer este libro, te ayuda a entender más a Dios. Dios es un ser tan poderoso y
incomprensible que no podemos comprender con nuestras mentes finitas, pero este libro, aunque no es perfecto, te ayuda a comprender cómo las personas ven a Dios. Cuando leas este libro, asegúrate de tener una mente abierta.
Asegúrese de estar listo para leer un libro de nivel universitario sobre Dios antes de abrir este libro. Es un poco tedioso pero lo recomiendo completamente.\

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Be aware that in 1979 this book underwent a significant revision in which quite a lot of the original material on predestination, election & foreknowledge was omitted - giving the book a decidedly Calvinistic bent that was never Thiessen's original intent.

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