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EXPENSES. The total expenses of the department were as follows:Running expenses..

$56,958 45 Cost of new hose...

4,442 35 Paid on new Fire Alarm Telegraph in full... 4,479 25 New Hook and Ladder house and interest... 3,392 12 Paving tax.......

211 92 New hydrants, reservoir & hydrant repairs.. 2,088 09 Balance on lot on St. Antoine st. and interest 535 00 New Engine House for No. 4...

9,406 18 Barn for Engine House No. 1..

832 23 Automatic Bell Striker for City Hall.

1,800 00 Lot in Tenth Ward....

1,700 00 Total...

$85,845 59 These expenditures as well as all others, are provided for from the general taxes levied every year in adition to which the department also receives a tax of 1 per cent upon the premiums paid to insurance companies, which latter tax last year yielded a sum of 98 052 01.

FIRE ALARM STATIONS. There are 60 Fire Alarm Stations in the city, which are located as follows:

3-Engine House No. 1, Wayne street. 4-Corner Woodward avenue and Larned street. 5-Corner Shelby and Woodbridge streets (Board of

Trade building.) 6-Corner Second and Woodbridge streets. 7-Engine House No. 3, Clifford street. 12-City Hall. 13-Corner Randolph and Gratiot streets. 14–Engine House No. 2, cor. Antoine and Larned sts. 15—Corner Brush street and Jefferson avenue. 16-Police Station, Woodbridge street. 21-Corner Hastings and Atwater streets. 23—Corner Riopelle and Atwater streets. 24-Corner St. Aubin avenue and Atwater streets. 27-Frost's Wooden Ware Works, Wight street. 32—Corner Elmwood and Jefferson avenues. 35-Corner Dubois street and Jefferson avenue. 36 – Engine House No. 5, cor. Riopelle and Larned sts. 37-Corner St Antoine and Croghan streets. 41–Corner Russell and Croghan streets. 42-Corner Dequindre and Croghan sts. (Car Works.) 43-Corner Elmwood avenue and Clinton street. 45-Corner Chene and Clinton streets. 46-Corner St. Aubin avenue and Sherman street. 51-Corner Russell and Catharine streets. 52–Corner Hastings and Gratiot streets. 53—Engine House No. 6, corner Russell and High sts. 54 -Corner Dequindre and Gratiot streets. 61-House of Correction. 64-Corner St. Antoine and Watson streets. 71-Corner Beaubien and Marion streets. 72-Corner Beaubien street and Adams avenue. 121-Corner Woodward avenue and George street. 124—Corner Woodward avenue and Peterboro' street. 126-Corner Woodward and Willis avenues. 134-Corner Second and Brainard streets. 135-Corner Cass avenue and Sibley street. 136-Corner Grand River avenue and Midále street. 141-Corner Third street and Grand River avenue. 142-Corner Sixth street and Grand River avenue. 143-Corner Ninth and Grand River avenue. 152-Corner National avenue and Canfield street. 153—Corner Seventh and Locust streets. 154 --Engine House No. 4, Orchard street. 161-Corner First street and Michigan avenue. 162—Corner Fourth and Porter streets, (Chair Factory.) 163-Corner Sixth street and Michigan avenue. 171-Corner Tenth street and Michigan avenue. 172-Corner Thirteenth-and-a-half st. and Michigan ave. 212–Corner Eighteenth street and Michigan avenue. 214-Corner Seventeenth and Baker streets. 216-Corner Twelfth and Abbott streets. 217-Corner Tenth and Porter streets. 231-Corner Seventh and Abbott streets. 232—Corner Third street and Lafayette avenue. 234--Corner Fifth and Woodbridge streets. 233—Corner Eighth and Woodbridge streets. 241-Corner Eleventh and Fort streets. 242-Corner Thirteenth and Woodbridge streets. 251–Cor. Seventeenth-and-a-half and Woodbridge sts, 252—Gas Works, Twenty-Second street.


RECORDER'S COURT. The Recorder's Court has original and exclusive jurisdiction of all prosecutions and proceedings, in behalf of the people of this State, for crimes, misdemeanors, and offenses arising under the laws of this State, and committed within the corporate limits of the city of Detroit, except in cases cognizable by the Police Court. It also has jurisdiction over violations of city ordinances, all offenses against the city charter, all matters pertaining to the opening of streets and alleys, and also power to grant writs of habeas corpus and certiorari in criminal cases in the county of Wayne, and to hear and try cases of forcible or unlawful entry and detainer.

The Recorder is elected at charter election, holds his office for six years, and receives per annum $1,500 from the State and $500 from the city.* The Clerk is appointed by the Council for one year, and receives a salary of $1,500. Recorder...

George S. Swift.
.John T. Meldrum.



The Police Court is held by the Police Justice of the city, who has exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine charges for all such offenses committed within the limits of the city as are by the laws of the State established within the jurisdiction of justices of the peace.

In all other cases for offences against the laws of the State, committed within the limits of the city, the Police Justice has jurisdiction to conduct the examination

* Salary has been increased by act of the Legislature April, 1873, to $1,500 from the city, making present salary $3,000.

thereof, and to discharge the accused or bind him over to the Recorder's Court, except in the case wherein a person is charged with being a common prostitute. In such cases. by the act of the Legislature of 1869, it is made his duty to sentence the offender, upon conviction, to a term of three years in the Detroit House of Correction.

This coart has also jurisdiction to try and determine such offences for violation of the city ordinances as the Common Council shall by ordinance prescribe.

Sessions of the court are held daily (Sundays excepted) at 2 P, M.; and—for arraignments only-at 10 A, M. It is further the duty of the Police Justice to attend the City Hall, or any other Police Station House where the lock-up shall be, on every day of the week (Sundays excepted) at 7 A. M., from April 1st to November 1st, and at 8 A. M., from November 1st to April 1st, to examine into the case of every person confined in such station, and to hear and determine the cases of all persons therein confined upon charges of vagrancy, disorderly conduct, or any violation of the city ordinances relative to breaches of the peace,drunken persons or mendicants.

The Police Justice is elected at charter election, for four years ; receives per annum $1,800 from the county of Wayne and $600 from the city. An Assistant Police Justice is appointed annually by the Council, to act in case of absence or inability of the Police Justice. His salary has been fixed at $5 per diem when on duty. The Clerk is appointed by the Council for one year, and receives per annum $1,200 from the county and $200 from the city. Police Justice..

David E. Harbaugh. Assistant Police Justice.

Fred. J. Barbier. Clerk.....

Frank A. Noah.

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