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First Ward.
Second Ward.
Third Ward.
Fourth Ward.
Fifth Ward..
Sixth Ward
Seventh Ward.
Eighth Ward...
Ninth Ward.
Tenth Ward...

James McKenzie.
William H. Close
Thomas Fleming.
.John Gnau.
Frank Giddey.
James Love.
Alexander Smith,
.Bernard Sweeney.
August Eggers.
Honore Defer.

These officers are elected for the term of one year, at charter elections. Compensation is paid by the city only to Overseers of Highways, who receive annual salaries, to be fixed by the Council.



The Board of Health is established by an ordinance passed by virtue of the provision of the Charter giving the Common Council power “to establish a Board of Health, and prescribe and regulate its powers and duties." The senior Alderman of each ward, two of the City Physicians, and two other physicians to be designated by the Council, constitute the Board of Health, five members constituting a quorum. The City Clerk is Clerk of the Board. Meetings are held at the City Hall at such times as the Board deem proper.

The ordinance gives the Board of Health power to make inquiry in respect to nuisances; to stop and detain persons coming from infected places; to send away infected persons who are non-residents; to remove infected persons who are residents; to destroy infected furniture, clothing, etc.; to appoint Health Inspectors ; to rent pest houses ; to employ nurses, etc , to act in regard to small-pox; to keep from the harbor vessels with infected persons on board ; to exercise general supervision over the health of the city; to make sanitary recommendations to the Common Council; to take possession of or to close buildings when necessary to promote public health or abate nuisance; to have supervi-, sion and control of pesthouses and hospitals of the city.

" The members of the Board of Health shall be paid one dollar and fifty cents per diem for each session of the Board, and they may appoint a Committee on Com

plaints of Citizens, not to exceed three persons, who shall sit during the day and hear the complaints of citizens. Said committee shall be paid therefor in the discretion of the Board of Health, not to exceed three dollars per diem. Said Board shall have the authority to incur such indebtedness as shall be necessary for the proper execution of its powers granted in this ordinance; all of which, together with the pay of members and committees, shall be submitted to the Common Council for audit and allowance in the same manner as other demands against the city, and sball be paid out of the Contingent Fund, accordingly.”— Sec. 11 of Ordi

" nance.



...Philo Parsons.

Charles H. Borgman





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Ald. Smith R. Woolley. Ald. Philo Parsons.
Guy F. Kinchman.

Frederick Ruehle.
James Flower.

Dennis Dullea.
Wm. Lichtenberg.

James Daly.
David Preston.

Charles Stange.
Dr. Elisha H. Drake. Dr. Alonzo Harlow.
Dr. Henry 0. Walker. Dr. Henry F. Lyster.

Commissioner Lewis.

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The Charter provides that there shall be “ A Board of three Sewer Commissioners, who shall be appointed by the Common Council, on the nomination of the Mayor, and who shall appoint a competent Engineer, and with his aid it shall be their duty to propose a plan for constructing sewers and drains for the whole city, having reference, however, to the sewers and drains already constructed, or in process of construction ; and said Board shall have the control of all the public sewers and private drains already constructed, or in process of construction; and said Board shall have the control of all the public and private sewers within the city, and shall, in the month of March of each year, furnish to the Common Council a list of all the public sewers, together with the estimated cost of the same, which they recommend to be constructed or built within said city, for the fiscal year ending January thereafter, and the Common Council shall decide which of the sewers so recommended by the Board they will have built or constructed, under the supervision of the said Sewer Commissioners; and the Common Council shall not have power to build, or contract to build, any sewer or sewers within said city that the Board of Sewer Commissioners has not recommended in their report in the month of March, as provided for in this act; and said Board shall have such further powers and duties, in respect to the sewers and

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