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4. Æsop's Fables, with New Applications and Morals.

By Rev. G. F. Townsend. 1866.

5. Fables of Æsop and others, with Instructive Applica-

tions. By S. Croxall, D.D.

6. Uncle Jack, the Fault-killer. London, 1857.

7. The Fairchild Family. By Mrs. Sherwood. 1856.

8. Line upon Line, and Peep of Day. 1854.

9. Barefooted Birdie. By T. O'T. 1865.

10. Aunt Judy's Letters. 1865.

11. Parables from Nature. By Mrs. Gatty. 1860.

12. The Fairy Ring, Stories from the German. Trans-

lated by J. E. Taylor. 1846.

13. Nursery Tales from Fairy-land. 1854.

14. Rhymes from Dream-land. London, 1865.

15. Norse Tales. Translated by G. Webbe Dasent. 1859.

16. Andersen's Fairy Tales. 1852.

17. Fairy-land and Fairies, from Sketches by ESA, and

other good Authorities. London, 1867 - -

IV.-Twenty-first Annual Report of the Prison Association of

New York. Part I. Transmitted to the Legislature,

January 22, 1866 - - - - - - - 89

V.-1. Relazione intorno alle Condizioni della Provincia di

Palermo, e proposte fatte al Consiglio Provinciale

nella tornata del 3 Settembre, 1866, dal Prefetto della

Provincia (Luigi Torelli). Palermo, 1866.

2. I Casi di Palermo. Cenni Storici sugli Avvenimenti

di Settembre, 1866. Per Giuseppe Ciotti. Palermo,


3. Official Reports on the Insurrection at Palermo (Sep.

16-22, 1866). By General Cadorna; the ex-Prefect

Torelli; Marquis Rudini the Sindaco; Pinna the

Questor; and other officials, in the ‘Gazzetta Uffiziale'

of Florence, for October and November, 1866.

4. Anarchia di Palermo e Governo d'Italia. (Unpub-

lished MS.) - - - - - -

- - 100

VI.--1. Nouveau Code des Chasses. Paris, 1851.

2. Report from the Committee of the House of Commons

on the Game Laws. 1846.

3. Okes' Game Laws. London, 1863.

4. Law Journal Reports. 1865 - - - - - 136

VII.-1. The Directorium Anglicanum. Third Edition. Edited

by the Rev. Frederick George Lee, D.C.L. London,


2. Lawful Church Ornaments. By the Rev. Thomas

Walter Perry. London, 1857.

3. The Church and the World; Essays on Questions of

the Day. By various writers. Edited by the Rev.

Orby Shipley, M.A. London, 1866.



4. The cases of Westerton against Liddell, Clerk, and

others (St. Paul's, Knightsbridge), and Beal against

Liddell, Clerk, and others (St. Barnabas, Pimlico),

as heard and determined by the Consistory Court of

London, the Arches Court of Canterbury, and the

Judicial Committee of Her Majesty's Most Hon. Privy

Council. By E. F. Moore. London, 1857.

5. The Ornaments of the Minister. Case submitted to

Counsel, with the Joint Opinion thereon of the Attor-

ney-General (Sir Roundell Palmer), Sir Hugh M.

Cairns, Q.C., Mr. Mellish, Q.C., and Mr. Barrow.

London, 1866.

6. Disputed Ritual Ornaments and Usages. A Case,

with the Opinions thereon of Her Majesty's Advocate

(Sir R. Phillimore, Q.C.), Sir Fitzroy Kelly, Q.C.,

Sir W. Bovill, Q.C., Mr. W. M. James, Q.C., Dr.

Deane, Q.C., Mr. J. D. Coleridge, Q.C., M.P., Mr.

C. G. Prideaux, Mr. J. Hannen, and Mr. J. Cutler.

London, 1866.

7-11. The Mixed Chalice. The Elevation of the Host.

The North-Side of the Altar. Incense. Catholic

Ritual in the Church of England. By Richard Fre-

derick Littledale, M.A., LL.D., Priest of the Church

of England. London, 1865-6.

12. A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of St. David's,

October, 1866. By Connop Thirlwall, D.D., Bishop

of St. David's. London, 1866 - - - - 162

VIII.-1. Josh Billings : His Book of Sayings. London, 1866.

2. Wit and Humour. Poems by Oliver Wendell Holmes.

London, 1866.

3. The Potiphar Papers. By George William Curtis.

London, 1866.

4. The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. London, 1866.

5. Poems. By J. G. Saxe. London, 1866.

6. Artemus Ward: His Book. London, 1865.

7. The Biglow Papers. London, 1865.

8. Letters of Major Downing, Major Downingville Militia,

2nd Brigade, to his old friend Mr. Dwight, &c. New

York, 1834.

9. The Naseby Papers. London, 1865.

10. Phænixiana. London, 1865.

11. Orpheus C. Kerr Papers. London, 1865.

12. The Conduct of Life. By R. W. Emerson. London,


13. The Professor at the Breakfast Table. Boston, 1860.

14. American Wit and Humour. New York, 1859.

15. Dred. By Mrs. H. B. Stowe. London, 1856.


Fünfzigjährigen Doctor-Jubiläums am 29. August,

1864, von der Ritterschaft Esthlands. (A Sketch of

the Life and Writings of Dr. Charles Ernest von

Baer, contributed by himself. Published on the

occasion of the Jubilee of his Doctorate on the 29th

of August, 1864, by the “Ritterschaft' of Esthonia.)

St. Petersburg. 1865. (For private circulation

only.) - - - - - - -

- 335

IV.-1. The History and Antiquities of the Counties of

Westmorland and Cumberland. By J. N. Nichol-

son, Esq., and Richard Burn, LL.D. 2 vols. 4to.

London, 1777.

2. Observations on several Parts of England, particu-

larly the Mountains and Lakes of Cumberland and

Westmoreland, relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty,

made in the year 1772. By William Gilpin, A.M.

3rd edition. 2 vols. London, 1808.

3. The Westmorland Dialect, with the adjacency of Lan-

cashire and Yorkshire, in four familiar Dialogues.

By A. Wheeler. 3rd edition. Kendal, 1821.

{'4. History of Richmondshire, with the Wapentakes of

Lonsdale, Ewecross, and Amunderness. By T. D.

Whitaker, LL.D., F.S.A. 2 vols. fol. London, 1823.

-5. The Worthies of Westmorland. By G. Atkinson,

Esq., Barrister-at-Law. London, 1849.

; 6. The Northmen in Cumberland and Westmoreland.

By Robert Ferguson. London and Carlisle, 1856.

7. The Annals of Kendal. By Cornelius Nicholson,

F.G.S. 2nd edition. London and Kendal, 1861.

8. The Lake Country By E. Lynn Linton. London,


9. Local Chronology; being Notes of the principal

Events published in the Kendal Newspapers. London

and Kendal. 1865.

10. Handbook for Westmoreland and Cumberland. 1866 347

V.-1. The Nightingale in the East. Price One Half-

penny. 1854. - - . - - - - - - 382

VI.- A Journey to Ashango-Land and further Penetration

into Equatorial Africa. By Paul B. Du Chaillu.

i London, 1867 - - - - - - 406

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