Morgan's Cavalry

Neale Publishing Company, 1906 - 441 páginas

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Página 246 - Resolved by the Congress of the Confederate States of America, That the thanks of Congress are due, and are hereby tendered, to Brig.
Página 320 - Although the weather was intensely warm, another slung seven pairs of skates around his neck, and chuckled over the acquisition. I saw very few articles of real value taken ; they pillaged like boys robbing an orchard. I would not have believed that such a passion could have been developed so ludicrously among any body of civilized men.
Página 134 - Lexington on the 28th inst., with nearly twelve hundred, having been absent just twentyfour days, during which time I travelled over a thousand miles, captured seventeen towns, destroyed all the Government supplies and arms in them, dispersed about fifteeen hundred home guard, and parolled nearly twelve hundred regular troops. I lost in killed, wounded, and missing, of the number that I carried into Kentucky, about ninety.
Página 316 - she tossed her snub nose defiantly, like an angry beauty of the coal pits, sidled a little toward the town, and commenced to scold. A bluish-white funnel-shaped cloud spouted out from her left-hand bow, and a shot flew at the town ; then changing front forward she snapped a shell at the men on the other side.
Página 122 - FINNELL, Frankfort: I wish you to move the forces at Frankfort on the line of the Lexington Railroad immediately, and have the cars follow and take them up as soon as possible. Further orders will await them at Midway. I will, in three or four hours, move forward on the Georgetown pike ; will have most of my men mounted. Morgan left Versailles this morning, at eight o'clock, with 850 men, on the Midway road, moving in the direction of Georgetown.
Página 320 - The men seemed actuated by a desire to "pay off" in the "enemy's country" all scores that the Federal army had chalked up in the South. The great cause for apprehension, which our situation might have inspired, seemed MANIA FOR PILLAGING.
Página 150 - Nashville, a body of 300 infantry totally cut up or taken prisoners, the liberation of those kind friends arrested by our revengeful foes for no other reason than their compassionate care of our sick and wounded, would have been laurels sufficient for your brows ; but soldiers...
Página 400 - His slayers broke down the paling around the garden, dragged him through, and, while he was tossing his arms in his dying agonies, threw him across a mule, and paraded his body about the town, shouting and screaming in savage exultation. No effort was made by any one except Lieutenant Hawkins to accomplish his rescue.
Página 391 - Gardner, had been fighting hard on his left, while the other two were acting with the first battalion. Captain Kirkpatrick, severely wounded, was forced to quit the field. About the same time, gallant Bowles was driven from his second position, strong as it was, by overpowering numbers. Colonel Smith now retreated through Cynthiana, seeking to rejoin General Morgan on the Augusta road. He suddenly found himself intercepted and surrounded on three sides by the enemy, while upon the other side was...

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