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DECEMBER 4, 1905-JUNE 30, 1906


VOL. 48





507. Exam. and survey of Grays Harbor and Chehalis River, Wash.

508. Admission of employees of Medical Dept. to Govt. Hospital for Insane.

509. Estimate for relief of George W. Evans.

510. Delay in delivery of materials for U. S. S. Connecticut, etc.

511. Examination and survey of Manistee Harbor, Mich.

512. Findings of Court of Claims in case of John J. Vincent.

525. Estimate for additional copyist in Bureau of Immigration.

526. Exchange of fish eggs with foreign governments.

527. Survey of Bayou Teche, La.

528. Findings of Court of Claims in case of schooner Huldah.

529. Modified estimate for clerks in office of Solicitor of the Treasury.

530. Estimate for care and custody of insane, Alaska.

531. Additional modified estimate for clerks in office of Solicitor of Treas.

532. Sale of old custom-house in New York to National City Bank.

533. Estimate for military hospital at San Juan, P. R.

534. Deficiency estimate for tender for 6th lighthouse district.

535. Destruction of useless papers in War Department.

536. Anchorage and movements of vessels in Hampton Roads, etc.

537. Exam., plan, and estimate of improvement of Cheboygan Harbor, Mich.

538. Bridges across waterway between Chincoteague Bay and Delaware Bay.

539. Alterations in plans for U. S. S. Connecticut and U. S. S. Louisiana.

540. Estimate for continuing work of International Waterways Commission.

541. Statements regarding permanent, specific, and indefinite appropriations.

542. Draft of bill for relief of Albert R. Heilig.

543. Estimate for relief of officers and crew of light vessel no. 58.

544. Estimate for deportation of nonresident insane and paupers in D. C.

545. Examination of Cape Fear River at and below Wilmington, N. C.

546. Estimate for pumping plant at Industrial Home School, D. C.

547. Examination of North Haven Harbor, Me.

548. Sale of old custom-house in New York to National City Bank.

549. Draft of bill relating to management of Freedmen's Hospital.

550. Expenditures under contingent appropriations for Navy Dept., 1905.

557. Examination and survey of Monterey Harbor, Cal.

558. Estimate for National Soldiers' Home, Danville Branch.

559. Estimate for Board of Children's Guardians, D. C.

560. Clerk hire for post-offices at Goldfield and Tonopah, Nev.

561. Compensation of superintendent of national cemetery at Arlington, Va.

562. Estimate for salaries for collectors of internal revenue, etc.

563. Report of Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company, calendar year 1905.

564. Development of American merchant marine and American commerce.

568. Additional estimate for Official gazette, 1906.

569. Estimate for Staten Island lighthouse depot.

570. Findings of Court of Claims in case of brig Pamela.

571. Estimate for improvement of Mill Creek, in Round Valley Reservation, Cal.

572. Bridge over Manati River, P. R.

573. Additional estimate for clerks in War Department, 1907.

574. Deficiency estimate for coal and transportation, Bureau of Equipment, 1906.

575. Report as to conduct of land office at Kingfisher, Okla.

576. Amdts. to customs administrative act as to value given in invoice of mdse.

577. Examination and survey of Mississippi River at Hamburg Bay, Ill.

578. Estimate for repair of patrol and harbor boat Vigilant.

579. Supplemental estimate for streets and playgrounds, D. C., 1907.

580. 3d report of commissioner of labor on Hawaii, 1905.

581. Estimate for defense of Midway Islands.

582. To simplify issue of enrollments and licenses of vessels of U. S.

583. Report of Excise Board, D. C., Oct. 31, 1905.

584. Two ordinances of Executive Council, P. R., granting water rights.

585. Deficiency estimate for printing and binding, Interior Dept., 1906.

586. War Department to sell coal to avert coal famine at Nome, Alaska.

587. Prosecutions for combining in restraint of interstate commerce.

588. Estimate for light and fog-signal station on Otter Island, Me.

589. Increased estimate for pay of regular assistant attorneys, U. S. courts.

590. Examination and survey of Duwamish River, Wash.

591. Examination of Arthur Kill and Piles Creek, N. Y. and N. J.

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