Lachesis Lapponica: Or, A Tour in Lapland, Volumen1

Account of travels of Carl von Linne in Lapland in 1732; includes descriptions of Lapps and of flora.

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Página 113 - The fire was nearly extinguished in most of the spots \ve visited, except in ant-hills, and dry trunks of trees. After we had travelled about half a quarter of a mile across one of these scenes of desolation, the wind began to blow with rather more force...
Página 144 - Lapland fair-one excited. It might well be imagined that she was truly of Stygian origin. Her stature was very diminutive. Her face of the darkest brown from the effects of smoke. Her eyes dark and sparkling. Her eyebrows black. Her pitchy-coloured hair hung loose about her head, and on it she wore a flat red cap. She had a grey petticoat; and from her neck, which resembled the skin of a frog, were suspended a pair of large loose breasts of the same brown complexion, but encompassed, by way of ornament,...
Página 189 - This plant is always fixed on some little turfy hillock in the midst of the swamps, as Andromeda herself was chained to a rock in the sea, which bathed her feet, as the fresh water does the roots of the plant.
Página 113 - ... done, upon which a sudden noise arose in the half-burnt forest, such as I can only compare to what may be imagined among a large army attacked by an enemy. We knew not whither to turn our steps. The smoke would not suffer us to remain where we were, nor durst we turn back.
Página 2 - ... a gauze cap to protect me occasionally from the gnats; a comb; my journal, and a parcel of paper stitched together for drying plants, both in folio; my manuscript Ornithology, Flora Uplandica, and Characteres generici.
Página 2 - I carried a small leather bag, half an ell in length, but somewhat less in breadth furnished on one side with hooks and eyes, so that it could be opened and shut at pleasure. This bag contained one shirt; two pair of false sleeves; two...
Página 147 - Nothing but fish." I looked at the fresh fish, as it was called, but perceiving its mouth to be full of maggots, I had no appetite to touch it ; but though it thus abated my hunger, it did not recruit my strength. I asked if I could have any reindeer tongues, which are commonly dried for sale, and served Up even at the tables of the great ; but was answered in the negative. " Have you no cheese made of reindeer's milk?" said I. " Yes," replied she, " but it is a mile off." " If it were here, would...
Página 145 - O thou poor man ! what hard destiny can have brought thee hither, to a place never visited by any one before ? This is the first time I ever beheld a stranger. Thou miserable creature ! how didst thou come, and wbither wilt thou go ? Dost thou not perceive what houses and habitations we have, and with how much difficulty we go to church...
Página v - ... for his own use, not delivering them forth for the instruction of others ; and while we admire his perseverance and acuteness, we can sympathize with his embarrassments, and readily pardon his very inconsiderable mistakes.
Página 3 - grand nonsense ' that is insupportable. ' Now the winter-corn was half a foot high, and the barley had just shot out its blade. The birch, the elm, and the aspen tree began to put forth their leaves.

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