Incidents of a Trip Through the Great Platte Valley, to the Rocky Mountains and Laramie Plains: In the Fall of 1866, with a Synoptical Statement of the Various Pacific Railroads, and an Account of the Great Union Pacific Railroad Excursion to the One Hundreth Meridian of Longitude

D. Van Nostrand, 1867 - 129 páginas
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Col. Silas Seymour's narrative of personal incidents of a trip on a special train on the Union Pacific Railroad with government inspectors in September, 1866 to Kearney, Nebraska and in December, 1866, to the end of track, about 12 miles from North Platte.

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Página 63 - ... every alternate section of public land, not mineral, designated by odd numbers, to the amount of twenty alternate sections per mile, on each side of said railroad line, as said Company may adopt, through the Territories of the United States, and ten alternate sections of land per mile on each side of said railroad whenever it passes through any State...
Página 63 - ... and whenever, prior to said time, any of said sections or parts of sections shall have been granted, sold, reserved, occupied by homestead settlers or preempted, or otherwise disposed of, other lands shall be selected by said company in lieu thereof, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, in alternate sections, and designated by odd numbers, not more than ten miles beyond the limits of said alternate sections: ProOpinion of the Court.
Página 60 - ... every alternate section of public land, designated by odd numbers, to the amount of five alternate sections per mile on each side of said railroad, on the line thereof, and within the limits of ten miles on each side of said road...
Página 60 - That within two years after the passage of this act said company shall designate the general route of said road, as near as may be, and shall file a map of the same...
Página 69 - ... not sold, reserved, or otherwise disposed of by the United States, and to which a preeruption or homestead claim may not have attached, at the time the line of said road is definitely fixed...
Página 114 - Resolved, That our thanks are due, and are hereby tendered, to the President and other officers of this Association, for the faithful labor by which the success of the Association in the year now closed has been secured.
Página 63 - States have full title, not reserved, sold, granted, or otherwise appropriated, and free from preemption or other claims or rights at the time the line of said road is designated by a plat thereof filed in the office of the Commissioner of the General Land Office...
Página 62 - City upon the most direct and practicable route to a point on, and so as to connect with, the branch railroad and telegraph in this section hereinbefore mentioned, or with the said Union Pacific Railroad, said point of junction to be fixed by the President of the United States, not further west than the one hundredth meridian of longitude aforesaid, and on the same terms and conditions as provided in this act...
Página 59 - Greenwich, between the south margin of the valley of the Republican river and the north margin of the valley of the Platte river, in the Territory of Nebraska, to the western boundary of Nevada Territory...
Página 59 - Kansas River, by the way of Leavenworth, or, if that be not deemed the best route, then the said company shall, within two years, build a railroad from the city of Leavenworth to unite with the main stem at or near the city of Lawrence ; but to aid in the construction of said branch the said company shall not be entitled to any bonds.

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