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as was said in the speech of the senator from California. They did it. They wanted no compromise. They accomplished their object by withholding their votes; and hence the country has been involved in the present difficulty. Let me read another extract from the speech of the senator from California, Mr. Latham :

66. I recollect full well the joy that pervaded the faces of some of those gentlemen at the result, and the sorrow manifested by the venerable senator from Kentucky (Mr. Crittenden). The record shows that Mr. Pugli, from Ohio, despairing of any compromise between the extremes of ultra Republicanism and disunionists, working manifestly for the same end, moved, immediately after the vote was announced, to lay the whole subject on the table. If you will turn to page 433, same volume, you will find, when at a late period Mr. Cameron, from Pennsylvania, moved to reconsider the vote, appeals having been made to sustain those who were struggling to preserve the peace of the country, that vote was reconsidered ; and when, at last, the Crittenden propositions were submitted on the 2d day of March, these Southern States having nearly all seceded, they were then lost by but one vote.' Here is the vote:

“Yeas-Messrs. Bayard, Bigler, Bright, Crittenden, Douglas, Gwin, Hunter, Johnson, of Tennessee, Kennedy, Lane, Latham, Mason, Nicholson, Polk, Pugh, Rice, Sebastian, Thompson, and Wigfall-19.

Nays-Messrs. Anthony, Bingham, Chandler, Clark, Dixon, Doolittle, Durkee, Fessenden, Foot, Foster, Grimes, Harlan, King, Morrill, Sumner, Ten Eyck, Trumbull, Wade, Wilkinson, and Wilson–20.

“If these seceded Southern States had remained, there would have passed, by a large vote (as it did without them), an amendment, by a two-third vote, forbidding Congress ever interfering with slavery in the

The Crittenden proposition would have been indorsed by a majority vote, the subject finally going before the people, who have never yet, after consideration, refused justice for any length of time to any portion of the country.

“I believe more, Mr. President, that these gentlemen were acting in pursuance of a settled and fixed plan to break up and destroy the government.

"When we had it in our power to vote down the amendment of the senator from New Hampshire, and adopt the Crittenden resolutions, certain Southern senators prevented it; and yet, even at a late day of the session, after they had seceded, the Crittenden proposition was only lost by one vote. If rebellion, and bloodshed, and murder have followed, to


whose skirts does the responsibility attach?. I summed up all these facts myself in a speech during the last session, but I have preferred to read from the speech of the senator from California, he being better authority, and having presented the facts better than I could.”


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Mr. Motley is a sturdy Republican and a hearty Protestant. His style is lively and picturesque, and his work is an honor and an important accession to our national literature. Church Review.

Mr. Motley's work is an important one, the result of profound research, sincere convictions, sound principles, and manly sentiments; and even those who are most familiar with the history of the period will find in it a fresh and vivid ad. dition to their previous knowledge. It does honor to American literature, and would do honor to the literature of any country in the world.-Edinburgh Re. view.

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