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Jefferson (Thomas), Works, 9 v.
Lossing (Benson J.), Pictorial History of the Civil War.
McMaster (John B.), History of the People of the United States, 2 v.
Morse (J. T.), Thomas Jefferson. (American Statesmen.)
Neil (E. D.), English Colonization.

Virginia Company.
Palfrey (J. G.), History of New England, 4 v.
Paris (Comte de), History of the Civil War in America, 3 v.
Parton (James), Life of Andrew Jackson.
Pitkin (Timothy), Political and Civil History of the United States, 2 v.
Poole (W. F.), Dr. Cutter and the Ordinance of 1787, North American

Review, v. 122. Poore (B. P.), Federal and State Constitution. Prince (L. B.), The Articles of Confederation vs. The Constitution. Proud (Robert), History of Pennsylvania. Schouler (James), History of the United States under the Constitution, 3 v. Stevens (J. A.), Albert Gallatin. (American Statesmen.) Story (Joseph), Commentaries on the Constitution, 3 v. Sumner (W. G.), Andrew Jackson. (American Statesmen.) Towle (N. C.), History and Analysis of the Constitution of the United

Webster (Daniel), Works, 6 v.
Wilson (Henry), History of the Rise and Fall of the Slave Power in

America, 3 v.
Wenser (Justin), and others, Memorial History of Boston, 4 v.


Alien Law, 277.
Articles of Confederation, 218.
Association of 1774, 199.
Bill of Rights of Va., 206.
Charter of Conn., 96; Ga., 148; Md., 62; Mass., 36; Penn., 130; R. I., 110;

Va. Ist, 1; Va. 2d, 14; Va. 3d, 22.
Confederation, Articles of, 218.

New England, 85.
Connecticut, Fundamental Order of, 78.

Charter of, 96.
Constitution of U. S. and Amendments, 251.

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Peace, Treaty of, 232.
Penn's Plan of Union, 146.
Pennsylvania Charter, 130.
Plan of Union, Franklin's, 170; Penn's, 146.
Resolution, Kentucky, 1798, 287; 1799, 295; Virginia, 283.
Rhode Island Charter, 110.
Rights, Bill of, Virginia, 206; Declaration of 1765, 188; 1774, 192.
Secession, Ordinance of, 304.
Sedition Law, 280.
South Carolina, Declaration of Independence, 305.
Treaty of Peace, 232.
Union, Franklin's Plan of, 170; Penn's Plan of, 146.
Virginia, First Charter, 1 ; Second, 14; Third, 22 ; Ordinance for, 32 ; Bill

of Rights of, 206; Resolution of, 283.

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