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NO. 1.-JULY, 1922. Special articles:

Page. Efficiency of American labor, by Ethelbert Stewart, United States Commissioner of Labor Statistics..

1-12 Problems and importance of factory inspection, by John P. Meade.. 13-23 Industrial relations and labor conditions: Germany: Recent changes in the distribution of wealth..-

24-30 Representation of works councils on boards of directors of corporations...

30-32 Prices and cost of living : Retail prices of food in the United States...

33-53 Retail prices of coal in the United States..

54-57 Comparison of retail price changes in the United States and foreign countries.--

57-59 Revised index numbers of wholesale prices.

59-62 Great Britain. Retail prices of clothing, 1914 and 1922.

62, 63 Wages and hours of labor:

New York. Average weekly earnings of State factory workers in
April, 1922.

64 China. Wages in a cotton mill.

65 France:

Wages in beet sugar and coal mining industries and in domestic

65-68 Wages in the territory of the Saar.

69, 70 Eight-hour day in the merchant marine --

70, 71 Great Britain. Wages of farm labor in England and Wales, by Mrs. V. B. Turner...

71-86 Manchuria. Wages of Chinese and Japanese workers.-

86, 87 Netherlands. The 48-hour week..

87 Peru. Wages and working conditions of agricultural laborers. 87, 88

Switzerland. Extension of the working week in certain industries. Production and efficiency of labor : “Idle-day" costs in the coal mining industry.--

89, 90 France. Production per worker in iron mines of Lorraine

90, 91 Great Britain. Operations of British coal mines, January 1 to April 1, 1922.

91, 92 Labor agreements, awards and decisions : Railroads-Decisions of the Railroad Labor Board.

93-101 Ladies' garment industry-Cleveland..

101-109 Printing industryPressmen..

109 Web pressmen—Washington, D. C...

109-113 Stereotypers-New York..



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