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Names and Places of Battles, En

gagements, and Skirmishes.



1864. Nov. 12 Near Nineveh, Va..

Powell.... Gen. Lomax.. Nov 29 Grahamsville and Pocotaligo, to Dec. 7 S. C....

Gen. Foster. Nov. 30 Franklin, Tenn..

Gen. Schofield.. Gen. Hood.

Dec. 1 Nashville, Tenn

7 Near Murfreesboro.
13 Kingsport, E. Tenn...

14 Bristol, Tenn.. 16-21 Savannah, Ga.. Dec. 15 Near Murfreesboro. D. 15-16 Nashville...

Gen, Thomas... Gen. Hood...
Rosseau.. Forrest..
Gen. Burbridge. Basil Duke
Gen. Burbridge.
Gen. Sherman.. Gen. Hardee.

Gen. Thomas Hood

17 Ashbyville, Ky...

Gen. McCook... Gen. Lyon..... 23-25 Fort Fisher, N. C.

Gen. Butler and

Rear Ad. Porter Gen, Whiting... 1866. Jan. 15 Fort Fisher, N. C...

Gen. Terry.. Feb. 5-7 Dabney Mills and Hatcher's Gen. Grant and Run, Va.

Meade.. Gen. Lee 11 Near Wilmington, N. C. Gen. Terry. 17-19 Fort Anderson, N. C.. Gen. Schofield &

Rear Ad. Porter Gen. Hoke..... 20-22 Wilmington, N. C. ...... Gen. Schofield &

Rear Ad. Porter Gen. Bragg.... Feb. 27 Waynesboro, James River. and toMh. 10 Virginia Central Railroad.. Gen. Sheridan.. Gen. Early..... March 2 Between Charlottesville and Staunton..

Sheridan.... Early. 10 Kingston, N. C..

Gen. Schofield.. Bragg.

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11 Kingston, N. C..
16 Averasboro, N. C..
19 Bentonville, N. C..
29 Quake- Road...

Cox and Couch. Hill and Hoke..
Gen. Sherman.. Gen. Johnson...
Gen. Sherman.. Gen. Johnson...

Bushrod Johnson

27-25 Petersburg, Va..

April 1 Five Forks....

Gens. Grant and

Meade....... Gen. Lee...... Sheridan and

Warren...... Gen. Lee......

[blocks in formation]

From 1200 to 1500

Confed. loss not reported. 189 k. 1033 w.1750 k. 3800 w. 1104 m...

Confederates defeated. Loss about 6500.. Loss over 23,000..

Forrest routed, losing 14 cannon 150..

Confederates routed.

702 p.

207 p.

300 p.


6600 loss.

600 k. & w. 1000 p
1500 k. and w.. Forrest defeated.
23,000 loss..

Ed. Johnson captured, aloo 47

guns and 7000 small arms. Lyon defeated.


110 k. 536 w. 147 k. 1038

100 k. & W., 280 p.
440 k. & w. 2500 p.

The fort and 72 guns captured.
1500 k., w., and m

800 W....


[blocks in formation]

1800 p..

1000 loss.

74 K. 477 w

1200 k. & w., 400 p. 2000 Confeds, captured from the

8th to the 10th. 2000..

Confederates repulsed.
527 k. 373

167 k. 1625 p. Confederates repulsed.
Confederates retire.

Loss on

each side 500.
W.2200 k. & w. 2800)

All the Confederate artillery cap

tured. Davis Alies by night from Richmond.

180 k. 1240

990 m.....


6000 p.

[blocks in formation]

“ 2-3 Petersburg and Richmond.... Gen. Grant..... Gen. Leo.....

3 Richmond entered by General Weitzel's colored troops.
6 Near Farmville and Sailors'


Sheridan ......


9 Surrender of Lee's army to General Grant at Appomattor 11 Fort Blakly, Mobile.... Gen. Canby and

Adm. Thatcher Gen. Taylor.... 12 Surrender of Montgomery, Ala., to Gen. Wilson Gen Forrest... 12 Near Salisbury, N. C.. Gon. Stoneman. Gardner..... 14 Assassination of President Lincoln, Ford's The atre, by J. Wilkes 16 Columbus & West Point, Ala.. Gen. Wilson....

26 Surrender of Gen. Johnson and his army, num bering 27,500 May 1 Surrender of Morgan's oid command to General Hobson, 1200

4 Surrender of Gen. Dick Taylor of all the forces of W. Mississippi 10 Tallahassee, Fla...

Gen. McCook... Gen. Sam. Jones 10 Near Boco Chico, Texas..... Col. Barrett.... Gen. Slaughter

10 Capture of Jeff Davis, Irwinsville, Ga
26 Surrender of General Kirby Smith and his army of about

Killed, Wounded, and Prisoners.




300 p..

3 Confederate guns captured. 3000

Forrest and Rhoddy taken pris.

Selma captured and

all stores, 9000 k., W., and m.



6000 p.

Confed. Gens. Ewell, Kershaw,

Corse, & Curtis Lee captured,

also 16 guns and 400 wagons. C. H., Va........ 26,115 p......... All were paroled. 2000..... 500 k. & w., 300 p. 32 Conf'd cannon captured, 4000 p

100 Confed. guns captured.

14 Confed. cannon captured. Booth.

100,000 bales of cotton taken.

2700 p. 1800 p.

1500 p.


men, at Mt. Sterling, Ky. to Gen. Canby.


8000 p.


None killed.
This was the last engagement of

the war.


THE IIOMESTEAD LAW. By act of Congress of May 20, 1862, any person who is the head of a family, or who has arrived at the age of twenty-one years, or has performed service in the ariny or navy, and is a citizen of the United States, or shall have tiled his declaration of intention to be come such, and has never borne arins against the Gov. ernment of the United States, or given aid and comfort to its enemies shall, from and after the 1st of Jannary, 1863, be entitled to enter a quarter section (160 acres) of unappropriated public land, upon which he or she may have already filed a pre-emption claim, or which is subject to pre-emption, at $1.25 per acre; or 80 acres of unappropriated lands at $2.50 per acre. In order to make his or her title good to snch lands, however, such person must make affidavit that such application is made for his or her exclusive use and benefit, and that said entry is made for the purpose of actual settlement and cultivation, and not, either directly or indirectly, for the use or benefit of any other person or persons whomsoever; and upon filing the affidavit, and paying the sum of ten dollars to the register or receiver, such person shall be allowed to enter the land specified, but no certificate or patent is issued for the land until five years from the date of such entry, and the land must, during that time be improved and nor alienated, (it can not be taken for debt). At any time within two years after the expiration of said five years the person making the entry, or, in case of his or her death, his widow or heirs, may, on proof by witnesses that he or she lias cultivated or improved said land, has not allenated any part of it, and has borne true allegiance to the United States, be entitled to a patent, if at that time a citizen of the United States. In case of the abandonment of the lands by the per son making the entry, for a period of more than six months at one time, they revert to the Uhited States.

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