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1848 Feb. 2. Treaty of Peace with Mexico, signed at

Gaudaloupe, which confirmed the annexation of Texas, and ceded to the United States California and New Mexico, an area of 500,000 square

miles. by payment of $15,000,000 and assuming $3:

500,000 debts due citizens of the United States. . May 29. Wisconsin admitted into the Union. July. Gold first discovered in California.


Secretary of State-James Buchanan, Pa.
Secretary of the TreasuryRobert J. Walker, Mississippi.
Secretary of War— William L. Marcy, N. Y.

Secretaries of the Navy-George Bancroft, Mass.; John
Y. Mason, Va.
Postmaster-General-Cave Johnson, Tenn.

Attorneys- GeneralJohn Y. Mason, Va.; Nathan Clifford, Me. ; Isaac Toucey, Conn.




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Debt. 1840

$30,490,408 $17,093,795 27,632,282

16,750.926 1847.

60,520,851 38,926,623

60,655,143 48,526,879 IMPORTS AND EXPORTS, 10TH ADMINISTRATION. Year. .

Imports. Exports. 1845.

$117,254,564 $114,646,606 1846 .

121,591,797 113,488,516 1847 .


158,648,622 1848.

154,998,928 154,032,131





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1846—May 8, Palo Alto.. .Taylor ... Arista

2,300 4 k. & 40 w. 6,000 May 9, Resaca de la Palma Taylor . Arista

2,000 120 k, & w.

5,000 500 k, & w. Sep. 24, Monterey . Taylor . . Ampudia


120 k. & 368 w. 10,000
Dec. 25,
.Doniphan .Ponce de Leon. 500

847-Feb. 23, Buena Vista. . Taylor . . Santa Anna

4,700 723 k. & w. 17,000 2,000 k. & W.
Feb. 28, Sacramento .Doniphan


Mar. 27, Vera Cruz. . Scott

. Morales
12,000 19 k. & w.

6.000 2,000 k. & w.
Apr. 18, Cerro Gordo. . Scott

. Santa Anna


500 k. & w. 12,000 500 k. & w.
Aug. 11, Puente Nacional...

.. Scott
.. Valencia
4,000 Slight.


2,500 k. & W. .. Scott .. Santa Anna 8,000 700 k. &

25,000 700 k. & w. Sep. 8, Moline del Rey Worth

Alvarez 3,500 787 k. & w. 14,000

230 k. & w. Sep. 13, Chapultepec Scott

. Bravo 7,200 Slight.

25,000 Heavy. Sep. 14, Merico

.. Scott
. Santa Anna

Oct. 9,
Huamantha . Lane

. Santa Anna
500 24 k. & w.

1,000 Unknown.
The only naval engagements of importance during the war with Mexico was the bombardment of Vera Cruz, Commo-
dore Connor, which lasted four days, and the city compelled to surrender, and the bombardment of Monterey by Commodore

Aug. 20, { Churubusco

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ZACHARY Taylor, Twelfth President of the United States, was born in Orange County, Virginia, November 24th, 1784. His father was a gallant officer in the Continental Army, associated with Washington; and his mother was a koman of liberal ideas and of sterling worth. Soon after thi birth of Zachary, his parents removed to Kentucky, and settlea in a wilderness near the present site of Louisville. The subjec of this sketch, therefore, had few educational advantages He toiled on the farm during his minority, and took part

in the rude border excitements of the period. In 1808, President Jefferson gave him a lieutenant's commission in the Seventh U. S. Jnfantry. Nothing of much importance, how.


ever, occurred in his army life for many years. The war with Mexico afforded scope for the display of ms abilities. Gen. Taylor's extraordinary success at Monterey, and his stubborn resistance at Buena Vista, against a force four times as strong, led by the ablest general of Mexico, could not escape public attention. He became unboundedly popular, and was elected President of the United States in November, 1818. He died suddenly of bilious fever July 9th, 1850, exclaiming : I have tried to do my duty !

MILLARD FILLMORE, Vice-President, succeeded Mr. Taylor, and thus became the Thirteenth President of the United States. He was born at Summer Hill, Cayuga County, New York, January 7th, 1800. His father, a plain man, removed in 1819 to Erie County, where he purchased and cultivated a small farm. Young Fillmore had only the most meager literary opportunities, being apprenticed at fourteen to a clothier. He early found a friend in Judge Wood, who received him into his office, and furnished him means until he was admitted to legal practice. He was elected to the Legislature of New York in 1829, and in 1832 was chosen as a Representative in Congress. In 1847, he was Comptroller of the State of New York ; and in 1848 he was elected to the Vice-Presidency, on the ticket with Mr. Taylor. On the decease of President Taylor, Dir. Fillmore was duly inaugurated and presided over the nation with the coolness and ability that had characterized him in humble spheres. He died at Buffalo, N. Y., March 8th, 1874.




CANDIDATES For PRESIDENT AND VICE-Pres., 11th ADJ. For President. From | For Vice-Pres. From. | Politics. Zachary Taylor, La. Millard Fillmore, N. Y. Whiy. Lewis Cass, Mich. Wm. O. Butler, Ky. Democrat. Martin Van Buren, N. Y.


Thirty States voting. - Florida, Texas, Iowa and Wisconsin having been admitted during previous term. Whole number of Electors, 290. For President.

Zachary Taylor, 1,362,031 votes. Electoral votes, 163. Lewis Cass, 1,122,445

127. Martin Van Buren, 291,455

0. For Vice-President,

Millard Fillmore, 163 Electoral votes.
Wm. O. Butler, 127

President Taylor died July 9th, 1850, and Vice-President
Fillmore became President.
Important Events of the 11th Administration.

1849 March 5. Zachary Taylor inaugurated President. 1850 July 9. Death of President Taylor.

July 10. Millard Fillmore inaugurated President
Sept. 9. California admitted into the Union.
Fugitive Slave Act passed. It imposed a fine of

$1000, and six months' imprisonment, for harbor.
ing or aiding tho escape of fugitive slaves. Le

pealed, 1864. 1851 Kossuth, a Hungarian patriot, arrives in New York. 1852 Death of Daniel Webster, and Henry Clay.

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