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Feb. 28. A. P. Upsher, Sec. of State, and T. W

Gilmer, Sec. of Navy, killed by the bursting of a gun on the excursion steamer Princeton, on the

Potomac. 1844 First telegraph, from Washington to Baltimore. 1845 March 1. President Tyler signs the bill for the ad

nexation of Texas.
March 3. Florida admitted into the Union,


Secretaries of StateDaniel Webster, Mass.; Hugh S. Legare, S. C. ; Abel P. Upshur, Va.; John Nelson, Md John C. Calhoun, S. C.

Secretaries of the TreasuryThomas Ewing, Ohio ; Walter Forward, Pa.; John C. Spencer, N. Y.; George N. Bibb, Ky.

Secretaries of War-John Bell, Tenn.; John C. Spencer, N. Y.; James M. Porter, Pa.; William Wilkins, Pa.

Secretaries of the Nary-George E. Badger, N. C.; Abel B. Upshur, Va.; David Henshaw, Mass. ; Thomas W. Gilmer, Va.; John Y. Mason, Va.

Postmasters-General_Francis Granger, N. Y.; Charles A Wickliffe, Ky.

Attorneys-General—John J. Crittenden, Ky.; Hugh S Legare, S. C.; John Nelson, Md.

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Imports. Exports. 1841

$127,946,117 $121,851,803 1842

· 100,152,087 104,691,531 1843

64,753,799 84,346,480 1844

108,435,035 111,200,046

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JAJES kxox Polk, Eleventh President of the United States, was of Scotch-Irish ancestry, and was born November 2d, 1795, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Polk and Jackson are as yet the only two Presidents born of similar ancestral blood, and in the same County. His kindjed had taken part in the struggle for Independence. His father was a farmer and a staunch Jeffersonian Democrat. In 1806. his family removed to Nashville, Tennessee. James was averse to mercantile pursuits, and after preliminary studies under Mr. Black, he, in 1815, entered the University of North Carolina, where he graduated with highest honors three years later. After graduating he returned to) Nashville, where he studied law, and was admitted to the bar. Ile was elected to the Legislature of Tennessee in 1823, and two years later was elected a Representative in Congress, where he continued for fourteen years, and served during five sessions us Speaker of the House of Representatives, presiding with a dignity and impartiality that gave him great popularity. He was elected Governor of Tennessee in 1839, but was defeated in a struggle for the same honors in 1811, and also in 1843. He was brought forward by the Democrats at their Baltimore Convention in May, 1844, as a candidate for the Presidency in opposition to that well-known statesman, Henry Clay. Mr. Polk favored the annexation of Texas, and was elected by a large majority. His inauguration was followed by trouble with the Government of Mexico, which non developed into open war. General Taylor, with a small army, was sent to the bank of the Rio Grande to defend the claims of Texas. At a later period General Scott was sent with a large army, which cut its way through the country and captured the City of Mexico, and terminated the war.

Mr. Polk retired to private life at the close of his term, and died three months later, at Nashville, June 15th, 1839, at the age of fifty-four.

Gev. M. LALiAs, Vice-President, a statesman of rare ability, was born at Philadelphia, July 10, 1792. Graduated at Princeton in 1810. He filled many positions of honor and responsibility at home and abroad


For President. ! From. For Vice-Pres. From. | Politics.
James K. Polk, Tenn. Geo. M. Dallas. Pa. Democrat.
Henry Clay, Ky. T. Frelinghuysen, N. J. Whig.
J. G. Binney, N. Y.


Twenty-six States voting. Whole number of electors, 275. For President,

James K. Polk, 1,335,834 votes. Electoral votes 170.
Henry Clay, 1,297,033"

J. G. Binney,

0. For Vice-President.

Geo. M. Dallas, 170 Electoral votes.

T. Frelinghuysen, 105 Important Events of the 10th Administration. 1845 March 4. James K. Polk inaugurated President.

Mexico declares war against the United Statts, caused by the admission into the Union of the Mexi

can State, Texas. See Contents for list of battles.

Dec. 29. Texas admitted into the Union. 1846 April 26. Thornton's party, by order of Gen. Tay.

lor, cross the Rio Grande, and are captured by the

Mexicans. First blood of the Mexican War. 1846 May 11. Congress declares, “War existed by the

act of Mexico.”
Mexican War.-See Contents for battles.
Dec. 28. Iowa admitted into the Union.

Elias Howe Sewing Machine patented. 1847 Sept. 14. The American army, urder Gen. Scott,

enters the City o' "arico without opposition.

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