Public Health Papers and Reports, Volumen15

American Public Health Association., 1890
Vol. 33, pt. 2, vols. 34-36 are reprints from the American journal of public hygiene; vol. 37 from American journal of public health.

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Página 17 - It is a partnership in all science, a partnership in all art, a partnership in every virtue, and in all perfection. As the ends of such a partnership cannot be obtained in many generations, it becomes a partnership not only between those who are living, but between those who are living, those who are dead, and those who are to be born.
Página 113 - ... oleomargarine,' namely: All substances heretofore known as oleomargarine, oleo, oleomargarine oil, butterine, lardine, suine, and neutral; all mixtures and compounds of oleomargarine, oleo, oleomargarine oil, butterine, lardine, suine, and neutral; all lard extracts and tallow extracts; and all mixtures and compounds of tallow, beef fat, suet, lard, lard oil...
Página 320 - The members of this Association shall be known as Active and Associate. The Executive Committee shall determine for which class a candidate shall be proposed. The Active members shall constitute the permanent body of the Association, subject to the provisions of the Constitution as to continuance in membership. They shall be selected with special reference to their acknowledged interest in or devotion to sanitary studies and allied sciences, and to the practical application of the same.
Página 101 - Section 3. That special taxes are imposed as follows: Manufacturers of oleomargarine shall pay six hundred dollars. Every person who manufactures oleomargarine for sale shall be deemed a manufacturer of oleomargarine. "And any person that sells, vends, or furnishes oleomargarine for the use and consumption of others, except to his own family table without compensation, who shall add to or mix with such oleomargarine...
Página 322 - Association ; to authorize the disbursement and expenditure of unappropriated moneys in the treasury for the payment of current expenses ; to consider all applications for membership, and, at the regular meetings, report the names of such candidates as a majority shall approve ; and, generally, to superintend the interests of the Association, and execute all such duties as may, from time to time, be committed to them by the Association. At least one month preceding the annual meeting of the Association,...
Página 113 - ... made in imitation or semblance of butter, or, when so made, calculated or intended to be sold as butter or for butter.
Página 101 - ... per pound, to be paid by the manufacturer thereof ; and any fractional part of a pound in a package shall be taxed as a pound. The tax levied by this section shall be represented by coupon stamps ; and the provisions of existing laws governing the engraving, issue, sale, accountability, effacement, and destruction of stamps relating to tobacco and snuff, as far as applicable, are hereby made to apply to stamps provided for by this section.
Página 214 - Is consumed as fuel, its potential energy being transformed into heat or muscular energy, or other forms of energy required by the body; or.
Página 207 - I have come to the conclusion that more than half of the disease which embitters the middle and latter part of life is due to avoidable errors of diet; and that more mischief, in the form of actual disease, of impaired vigor, and of shortened life, accrues to civilized man from erroneous habits of eating than from the habitual use of alcoholic drink, considerable as I know that evil to be.
Página 321 - Society, and attend the same. He shall keep fair and accurate records of all the proceedings and orders of the Society; and...

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