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Página 3 - C, etc. (stating the names), have filed in the office of the clerk of the circuit court their articles of association. In compliance with the provisions of an Act entitled, "An Act authorizing the formation of union depots and stations for railroads in this State.
Página 16 - ... before the Committee on Membership, at a certain place and time therein specified, to show cause why he should not be dismissed from membership of the Society. The decision of the Committee on Membership shall be sent to the defendant by the Secretary. ALTERATION IN THE CONSTITUTION. This Constitution may be altered by the vote of a majority of the members present at any regular meeting, provided that ten of the members shall be present ; and provided further, that any proposed alteration or...
Página 5 - The collection into a safe and permanent depository of manuscripts, documents, papers arid tracts possessing a historical value and worthy of preservation. Third. — To encourage investigation of aboriginal remains, and more particularly to provide for the complete and scientific exploration and survey of such aboriginal monuments as exist within the limits of this State and the Mississippi Valley.
Página 8 - An annual meeting for the election of officers shall be held on the third Tuesday of...
Página 6 - Secretary and Treasurer for a term of one year ; the fifteen elective Trustees in three ranks of five each, to hold office respectively for three years, two years, and one year from the next election, (1882...
Página 3 - Incorporation, under the name and style of ; they are therefore hereby declared a body politic and corporate, by the name and style aforesaid, with all the powers, privileges and immunities granted in the Act above named. By order of the circuit court (or judge thereof) Attest.
Página 6 - The officers of this Society shall consist of a President, two Vice-Presidents, a...
Página 5 - The particular objects of this Society shall be : First, The establishment of a library of books and publications, appropriate to such an institution, with convenient works of reference, and also a cabinet of antiquities, relics, etc.; Second, The collection, into a safe and permanent depository, of manuscripts, documents, papers and tracts, possessing a historical value and worthy of preservation; Third, To encourage investigation of...
Página 9 - ... such members shall constitute a quorum. SEC. 4. Special meetings and special business meetings may be called by the President, or, in case of his absence, by one of the Vice-Presidents, of which due notice shall be given at least two days beforehand.
Página 5 - The general object of this society shall be to encourage historical research and enquiry, spread historical information, especially within the state of Nebraska, and to embrace alike aboriginal and modern history. 2. The particular objects of this society shall be: First, The establishment of a library of books and publications appropriate to such an institution, with convenient works of reference...

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