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SPANGDAHLEM ROD & GUN CLUB, Spangdahlem-Custodian, APO 123, New York, N. Y.

J. Gafford, secretary, APO 800, New York. N. Y.
WIESBADEN ROD & GUN CLUB. S/Sgt. Charles V. Tippett, skeet chairman, 2063 Comm. Sq., Box 163, APO 633,


treasurer, Box 757, APO 872, New York, N. Y.

CRETAN SPORTSMAN'S CLUB-S/Sgt. Bert Jones, secretary, APO 291, New York, N. Y.


MID-PAC SKEET & TRAP CLUB-On Naval Station, Rt. 1 at Orote Point. Sat. and Sun. Jessie C. Harter, secretary,

18 Rota St., Apra Heights, Navy No. 926, Care FPO, San Francisco, Calif.

ITALY DARBY ROD & GUN CLUB. Leghorn-CWo David L. Lang, skeet chairman, APO 19, New York, N. Y. NATO ROD & GUN CLUB, Naples-Box 117 Allied Forces South Europe, Fleet P. 0. 510, New York, N. Y. VERONA ROD & GUN CLUB, Verona. Ellis D. Parker, skect chairman, 110th AVN Co., APO 168, New York, N. Y. VICENZA ROD & GUN CLUB-Manual S. Taloya, custodian, APO 221, New York, X, Y.

JAMAICA SKEET CLUB, Kingston-Tony Kelly, president, Box 206, Hagley Park Post Office, Kingston 11.


JAPAN ATSUGI OUTDOORSMEN CLUB, Atsugi. R. E. Herning, CEC, president; Navy 3835, Box 40, Care Fleet P. O., San

Francisco, Calil. CHIKUHO GUN CLUB--Tenta Aso, president, care Aso Sangyo Co. Ltd., 1900 Kayanomori, 11 Zuka-Shi. EASCOM ROD & GUN CLUB-Care Hq. Der. EASCOM, APO 301, San Francisco. Calif. 96401. HAKATA GUN CLUB. James R. Flynn, secretary, Box 7469, 14 USASAFS, APO San Francisco, Calif. 96502. O'MISAWA ROD & GUN CLUB, Mishawa Air Base. A/C Ronald L. Stockhoff, secretary, 21st OMS, Box 389, APO 919,

San Francisco, Calif. TACHIKAWA SKEET & TRAP CLUB, Tachikawa. James H. Alexander, secretary, CMR Box 3624, APO 328, San

Francisco, Calif. TOKYO SKEET & TRAP CLUB, Tokyo. S/Sgt. Clarke H. Converse, secretary, Box 567, 1956 Comm. Gp., APO 925,

San Francisco, Calif. 25 CLUB OF ITAZUKE, Itazuke Air Base. T/Sgt. Edward C. Johnson, secretary. Box 49, CMR #1, 348 CSG, APO 929.

San Francisco, Calif. YOKOHAMA ROD & GUN CLUB-Jim McGill, secretary, Navy 570, Bor 666, Care FPO. San Francisco, Calif. YOKOSUKA ROD & CUN CLUB. C. Fay, secretary. Box 72, Care Fleet P. O., San Francisco, Calif. YOKOTA ROD & GUN CLUB-Maj. Eldon D. Mortensen, secretary-treasurer, 6102 ABW, APO 328, San Francisco, Calif. ZAMA-SAGAMI ROD & CUN CLUB-Ted Takasumi, shoot chairman, APO 343, San Francisco, Calif.


SEOUL AREA COMMAND ROD & GUN CLUB-Hq. Det. USA SAC, APO 301, San Francisco, Calif.

MEXICO TIRO DE PICHON DE MEXICO, A. C.. Mexico City. Road Mexico-Toluca 13 kilometers. turn right. Club 500 yards

from main road. Daily except Monday, 10 &.m. till dark. Juan Moch, president, Sierra Vertiente #649, Mexico 10, D. F.


KEYSTONE GUN CLUB, Fort Buckner. APO 48, San Francisco, Calif.
THIRD MARINE DIVISION SKEET CLUB, Camp Courtney-Care FPO, San Francisco, Calif.

CLARK AIR BASE ROD & GUN CLUB. Col. Fred C. Dye, skeet chairman, Hdqrs. Ist Medical Service Wing. PACAF.
APO 74, San Francisco, Calif.

PORTUGAL TERCEIRA ROD & GUN CLUB, Lajes Field, Azore Islands. Skeet range located to right of inactive runway. Thurs.. 6 p.m. till dark; Sat., 1 till 5 p.m. M/Sgt. Robert A. Mannie, secretary, APO 406, New York, N. Y.

PUERTO RICO CLUB DE TIRO AL BLANCO DE LA POLICIA-Col, Salvador T. Roig, secretary, Box 938. Hato Rey. CLUB METROPOLITANO DE TIRO, Rio Piedras-At San Jose lagoon between Pennock Gardens and San Jose housing

development. Closed Monday. Tues.-Sat., 3 p.m. on; Sun., all day. J. M. Freiria, secretary, Apartado 11054-Parada 22,

Santurce. RAMEY GUN CLUB, Ramey Air Base. Maj. Paul Lacey, skeet chairman, P. O. Box 137, APO New York, N. Y. 09845. WESTERN FISHING & HUNTING CLUB, Mayaguez-Miguel R. Torres, secretary, P. O. Box 162, Mayaguez.

MADRID ROD & GUN CLUB, Madrid-21 mi. east of Madrid. Daily except Mon. 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. Bor 2502, APO 283,

New York, N. Y.
PIRMASENS ROD & GUN CLUB, ECN 1629. Care custodian, APO 189, New York, N. Y.

CIGLI ROD & GUN CLUB, Izmir. Daily, noon till 10 p.m. Care custodian, TUSLOG Det. 116, APO 16, New York, N. Y.
INCIRLIK ROD & GUN CLUB, Adana--Der. #10, TUSLOG, APO 289, New York. N. Y
IZMIR ROD & GUN CLUB, Izmir. US Armed Forces Rod & Gun Club, Det. 119. Box 26. APO 224. New York, N. Y.



TRAPHOUSE Calendar of Coming

Events --- Registered

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Display advertising rates upon request.


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ATTENTION RELOADERS AND SHOOTERS! 25 new Remintgon kuns at far less than dealer's cont. Two new Browning 0 Ukeet runs, special One complete set (4) Winchester Model 12 & 42 skeet una One Model 12, 28 kauge Winchester skert run. excellent Two Model 42, 410 Win. cbester skert guns, excellent. We job for Keming. ton. Do Pont, Smith & Wesson, Savage, Texan, Pacife and many more. Send for catalogue. Rernington shot $23.00 ewt Front Royal Supply Co., Front Royal, Virginia 22680. Phone 635-2164.

EMBROIDERED EMBLEM PATCHES AND club pins made to order for groups, clubs, Assoc. stions Send sample or aketch State quantity wanted Write: MH. Rogers, Box 779, Palm Springs, Calif.

KRIEGHOFF 32 SAN REMO GRADE AS NEW 12, 20. 28. 410 xkeet barrela, Atted case. SST. AE. V.R. $1200.00 fren Raymond Weber, 161 Clinton St, Watertown, New York.

WINCHESTER MODEL 12 SKEET 12 GA VENT rib. Cutts compensator spreader and full eboke tubes, carrying case Excellent. $139.98. R. M. Medcall. 309 Cloudmont, San Antonio, Texas OL 1-8009.

SKEET SHOOTERS SPECIALS New Discontinued Winchester Model 60 Standard 12 ka 26" WS #1 bored, with Simmons Deluxe vent rib Glow Worm Front Middle sight Deluxe skert forenim $134.95 or New Discontinued Wincbester Model 12 Skeet Gun with Walnut color Hydro-Coll W.S. #bored ... vent rib... Front & middle sight: all in original factory cartons... $252.50. Harry L. Mods & Sons, Inc. 418 Park Avenue South, New York 16, N.Y.

BROWNING 20 WITH 410 MULTIGAUGE tubes, 5375.00 Browning 12 with 410-28-20 tubes, $550.00. Hemington 11. 49. V. R. Cotts .410 And 28 - $120.00 each. Amite Supply. Box 217. Amite, Lolusione.


REMINGTIN MODEL 32 OVER UNDER, Four sets of 26" bols: 12. 20, 28, 410 KR., vent ribs, S.S.T. AE, BT Small Gabble made by Simmons in early 1940 from original Model 32 12 Gø. bbls, Gun weighs the same with any of the bols. Very kood condition. Leather carrying case for complete set Clyde Graeber, 1520 Holly. woodl. Norman, Oklaboma.

SKOOKUM FINEST QUALITY 100% WOOL shooting sweaters. Five different weights, 33 colors wool, 11 colors smowyth or suede leather Vest. type yoke around shoulders prevents pocket ang Large pockets will hold full box sbolshells. Use your suit size or send me your custom measure mento at no additional charge Extra charge for 48 and over

name on leather or puede, small additional charge Harold Kaufman, 321 Elmora Ave., Elizabeth, NJ or Centralia Knitting Mills, Inc., Box 269, SSRHK, Centralia, Washington. NEW AND USED SKEET GUNS. WANT trades Stamp for list. Wil Shaver, 1977 Hillcrest Road, Schenectady. New York

FREE RELOADING TOOL AND COMPONENT price list. Compare before you buy. We can save you money. GHI Hebard, Knoxville, Ilinois.


BEAVERKILL SPORTS DISTRIBUTORS, INC., Shooting Club Specialists for Remington, Peters, Dupont: Shells, targeln, traps. components, reload. inx equipment WHOLESALE: 117 Cary Place, Freeport, Long Island, NY

REMINGTON SHOT 826.00 / 100 FOB Remington and Alcan Components MEC and Pacific Machines Hercules. Du Pont and Alean Powders. 10-X Refrigiwear and Straightshooter Accessorie. Northeast Outfitters, Route 69A. West Nyack, New York

BROWNING O/U LIGHTNING 12 GA. SKEET bores also matching trap barrels : Browning O U 20 ka, skeet with matching 28 and .410 ka, skeet boree Buck Lyon, 6100 N. Brookline, Apt. N-29, Oklahoma City. Okla, 73112.

BROWNING SUPERPOSED SKEET BORED 12 gauxe Listing and 2 kauge. Both guns must have 28 inch barrels. John Hill, 23 E. College St. Oberlin, Ohio.

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Camp Borne.


81--LOUISIANA- Shreveport Skeet Clab (Open

Trophy Shoot & Club 12 en championship:

100 targets, 12 gu). Shreveport. 31 - MISSOURI J Bar H Gun Club J Bar

H Open; 100 targets, .410 gs.), Candes ton.

NOVEMBER 6-7 ILLINOIS - Chanute Sportamen Club Club

Shoot 4 ruos. 300 targe, Raptool. 6-7-TEXAS-Big Steck Skeet Club e Bluft

Open 4 guns, 400 targets. Ser Angela 7-GEORGIA - River Bend Gun Club Cloed

Club Championships : 100 targeta, 12 a.). 7. JAMAICA Jamaica Skeet Club Harry

Chen Shoot: 109 targets. 20 a.), Kingston 1-KENTUCKY Ashland Gan Club Club

+ xuos, 460 targrta), Ashland. 7--MISSOURI St. Louis Skeet & Trap Club

Closed Monthly 100 largets each, 12 &

410 a.). St. Louis. 7-NEBRASKA Lincoln County Wildlife

Gon Club (Club Open : 200 targeta, 12 a.).

North Platte 7- NORTH CAROLINA Randleman Gan

Club Fall Invitational Opes : 50 targets,

12 ka). Randleman. 1-OKINAWA Keystone Kod & Gun Club

Chukar Shoot Open: 4 runs, 406 targets). 7- OKLAHOMA Skiatook Sportsman's Club

Quail Shooters Open: 109 targets, 12 go.). 1-PENNSYLVANIA -- Rural Spartemen Ar

poc. (Cottontail Open: 100 targets, 12 a.),

Treilertown 7-PENNSYLVANIA-Tarentum Dist. Sport

mar Club Club Open: 100 targets, 12 ,

Sarver 7 TEXAS Lancaster Gun Club Closed Club;

100 targeta, 12 x&.. Lancaster 13-14- NEW YORK Corning Fish & Game Club

(4th Annual ME Snyder Testimonial, .

guns, 800 targets), Corning 14-CALIFORNIA Travis Skeet & Trap Club

(Club Open 100 targeta, 12 .). Travis

AFB 14 LOUISIANA South Louisians Gun Club

Monthly Open & Club Championsbigas: 100

targets. 12 ta), New Orleans 14-NORTH CAROLINA Catarrus-low as

Skeet Club (Club Open: 12 ga.. 50 targeta).

Kannapolis 20 SOUTH CAROLINA - Greenville Gun Clab

Club Shoot: 4 guns, 200 targets). Green

ville 20 TEXAS - West Texas Sportsman's Club

Club Shoot : 100 targets, 12 a., 59 each,

20 & 28 a.), Abilene. 21 - LOUISIANA Baton Rouge Gun Club

(8th Monthly Shoot & Club Championships 100

targeta, 12 ga.). Baton Rouge 21-NEW JERSEY Winchester Grouse Ridge

Gun Club (Club Open: 12 ga, 100 targeta).

Clintos. 21- PENNSYLVANIA Lawrence County

Sportsmen's Assoc. Class & Lewis Class; 100

targets, 12 A, 50, 410a). Now Castle 28 VIRGINIA Langley Rod & Gun Club

(Club Shoot; 100 targets, 19 g.). Langley AFB.

DECEMBER 5. GEORGIA Flint Skeet & Trap Club Club

Open: 4 guns, 400 targets, Albany $ ILLINOIS Chanute Sportsmen Club Club

Shoot 100 targets, 1 k. Pastool 5. KENTUCKY Ashland Gun Club (Cheb

Oper 4 guns, 400 targets). Asbland. 5-MISSOURI St. Louis Skeet & Trap Club

(Closed Monthly : 100 cach, 12 & 20 go.).
St. Louis,
NEBRASKA Lincoln County Wildlife
Gun Club Club Open 100 targets each.

12 & 20 KM), North Platte. 5-OKINAWA Keystone Kod & Gun Club

Honker Open: 4 gun 400 targets), Camp Boone. - TEXAS - Lancaster Gun Dub Close Club

Sboot: 100 targets, 12 Lancaster. 12--TEXAS Big Stack Skeet Oub (Club Open;

4 guns, 250 targets, San Angelo 13-NEW YORK Hendrick dson Fish and

Game Club (December 0 : 80 targets

each, 12 & 20 g.). Troy. 18 SOUTH CAROLINA Greenville Gun

Club Club Shoot: 4 guns, 200 targets),

Greenville. 19TEXAS West Texas Sportsman's Clu

Club Shoot: 100 targeta, 12 ga, 50 each. 20 & 410 Ka.). Abilene.

LIKE SWEET ONIONS! NEW BLUE RIBBON ASSORTMENT 600 sweet onion plants with free planting guide 33 Postpaid fresh from Texas Onion Plant Company. "home of the sweet onion," Farmersville, Texas 75031.

WINCHESTERS, TWO MODEL 12'S ONE Model 42. These are matched 20. 2$, .410 gauge. All have Cutts compensators, wide ribe and wlos worm front sights installed by Simmons Standard stock dimensions WU sell as a set for $600.00 Contact Gus McFaddin, P. O. Box 2612. Beaumont. Texas

Fordham Valentine Champ

Ernest W. Fordham dropped one target in winning the Valentine Day 12 gauge open at Chanute Sportsman Club, Rantoul, M., on Feb. 14. Fordham's 99 x 100 gave him a x-target edge in the 35shooter field.

[blocks in formation]

TRAPHOUSE In Sadie Hawkins

Col. Leer Stars
In Sadie Hawkins


An inexpensive, effective sales medium for reaching directly every
registered skeet shooter currently more than 12,000!
15€ per word, including name and address — minimum $3.00. Pay-
able in advance to "Skeet Shooting Review”, 3409 Oak Lawn Ave-
nue, Dallas, Texas 75219.
Ads must be received by no later than 10th of month preceding
issue date. (Example, May 10th for June.)

Display advertising rates upon request.

Lt. Col. James M. Leer of Ft. Leavenworth, Kans., warmed by a "chinook" right off the western plains that rolled back a five-inch blanket of snow at the Springfield Rod and Gun Club in the Ozark mountains, grabbed off two of the three major trophies in the annual Sadie Hawkins Open on Feb. 27-29, including the all-around championship.

Colonel Leer posted an aggregate of 196 x 200 for the all-around a fourtarget edge over C. H. Young of Ft. Smith. Ark. Mrs. William Muchnic of Atchison, Kans., swept ladies' honors, winning the all-around with 189 x 200, the 12 gauge with 95, and the 20 gauge with a 94.

In the big gun event, Colonel Leer and Young deadlocked with 100 x 100 but when Young was unable to stay over for a shoot-off, the Leavenworth Staff School officer was declared champion. Colonel Leer and Winn Thurman won the twoman team with 195 x 200.

Carl Cantwell of Springfield and John Durbin of St. Louis tied at 97 in the 20 gauge with the former winning the shootoff.

[blocks in formation]

Winchester pumpa, Model 12. 12 kauke. 20 gauge
and 2N gauge ventilated rib And Model 42.
bore with matted rib, all Cutts, all beautifully
checkered straight grips, 12 gauge is pigeon grade,
for three equally fine Browning Superponed skeet
1! kouge, 28 gauge and 410 or will sell for
$900.00. J. E. Bellinger, 2010 Berchwood Avenue.
Muncie, Indiana.

Rabon, Dickey Equal
World 200 x 200 Mark


ATTENTION RELOADERS AND SHOOTERS! 25 new Remington kuns at far less than dealer's cont. Two new Browning 0 Usket kuns, special. One complete ret (4) Winchester Model 12 & 42 skeet kuns One Model 12. 2.kauke Winchester skeet kun, excellent. Two Model 42, 410 Win. chester skeet runs, exeellent. We job for Remington. DuPont, Smith & Wesson, Texan. Pacific and many more. Send for catalogue Mod. 11-48 Rem. ington weight

$6.00 Front Royal Supply Co.. Front Royal, Virginia 22630. Phone 635-2114 KRIEGHOFF 32 SAN REMO GRADE AS NEW 12. 20, 28, 410 skeet barrels. fitted case SST AE VR $1200.00 firm Raymond Weber, 161 Clinton St, Watertown, New York, FREE RELOADING TOOL AND COMPONENT price liat. Com are before you buy. We can save you money. Gil Hebard, Knoxville, Illinois. BEAVERKILL SPORTS DISTRIBUTORS, INC.. Shooting Club Specialiste for Remington, Peters, Dupont: Shells, targeta, trape, components, reloading equipment WHOLESALE 117 Cary Place, Freeport, Long Island, N. Y. REMINGTON SHOT $26.00/100 FOB Remington and Alean Components.

for Hercules powders. Alcan, C.I.L.. Jutie.
T-Wads and Italian primers. Wholesale and retail.
Gordon Emmett. R.R #1. Thorold, Ontario
Skeet guns. All excellent. $750.00 set or consider
offers on individual guns. Col William Brown,

A world record-equalling 200 x 200 by
Base Commander. Orlando AFB. Florida

R. D. Rabon and Roland Dickey highWINCHESTER MODEL 12'S, SKEET GUNS. 12

lighted the Space City Open that brought and 20 gauge. Excellent condition $1$5.00 each

a turnout of 16 shooters to the Houston Remington 42 x uge, $100.00. Remington 1109 Trap and Skeet Range at Houston, Texas skeet 12 kauke, $160.00. One box of shells shot

on March 28.
through the 1100, E. E. Langwith, 2402 Western
Ave, Davenport, Iowa.

Despite dreary, wet weather Rabon

and Dickey each blasted 100 x 100 in the POINTER GRADE BROWNING 28" Skeet/Skeet 12 gauge with SIMMONS 20. I and 410 barrels.

morning hours while a heavy fog shroudCustom hard case for 4 barrels Replacement value

ed the field. Their tie for the champion. 81370.00. Immaculate, as new, $1200.00 Charles ship was broken in one round with Rabon Sullivan, 5204

East 25th Street, Indianapolis 46218: Liberty 7-9526

turning in a 25 as Dickey dropped to

22 x 25. REMINGTON MODEL 32. 12 GA. SKEET 26" Linda Lee Brown hit 62 for the ladies barrels and 32" Trap barrels. Serial #3398 Spe

and Pacific Machines. Hereules, DuPont and Alean Powders, 10-X Refrigiwear and Straightshooter Accessories. Northeast Outfitters, Route 59A, West Nyack, New York, EMBROIDERED EMBLEM PATCHES AND club pins made to order for kroups, club, sciations Send sample or sketch State quantity wanted. Write: M. H. Rogers, Box 779, Palm Springs, Calif. SKEET SHOOTERS SPECIALS New

Discontinued Winchester Model 80 Standard 12 ga. 26 WS. #1 bored with Simmons Deluxe vent rib: . Glow Worm Front Middle sight Deluxe skeet forearm $184.95 or New Discontinued Winchester Model 12 Skeet Gun with w nut color Hydro-Coul W.S. #1 bored

.. vent rib Front & midále sight: all in original factory cartona 3262.50 Harry L. Mons & Sons, Ine.. 418 Park Avenue South, New York 16, N.Y. SKOOKUM FINEST QUALITY 100% WOOL sbooting sweaters. Five different weighta, 33 color wool. 11 colors smooth or suede lether. Vettype yoke around shoulders prevents pocket was Large pockets will hold full box shotabells. Une your suit size or send me your custom measurements at no additional charge. Extra charge for 48 and over Your name on leather or suede small additional charge. Harold Kaufman, 321 Elmora Ave., Elizabetb, NJ or Centralia Knit ting Mills, Inc., Box 269, SSRHK, Centralia, Washington

trophy. T. C. Burton II broke 92 x 100 cially fine custom stock and semi-bea vertail foreend. NRA excellent. Front and center ivories

for junior honors. His father, T. C. Bur. Recoil pad $800.00. M Q-Petersen, 836 Olive ton, won the sub-senior crown with a Street, Shreveport, Louisiana.

98, posted in the afternoon when the WINCHESTER MODEL 12 SKEET WITH wind was blowing strong. The Burtons Lyman Cutte. In very kood condition Need to sell. won two-man team runner-up with 190 $120.00 Billy Ross, Route 3, Tahoka, Texas 79372.

x 200.
29-28.410 Cutts or plain Southeastern Distribu-
tors, Monowada, Polyvads, Shot Price on request.

Richard Gordon Captures
Tennessee Shooters Supply. 1990 Main, Nashville,

Grouse Ridge Open Title BROWNING O/U 20 GA SKEET STANDARD Richard Gordon of Englewood, N. J. weight. 28" bola. Extra fancy wood. Very good

won a three-way shoot-off for the condition. $276.00. William H. Evana, 709 N. Har.

Grouse Ridge Gun Club Open title at rison St, Arlington, Va

Clinton, N. J. on March 28 that attracted
ATTENTION RE-LOADERS! ONCE-FIRED a field of 55 contestants for the 12 gauge
shells all Kauxer-picked up daily. Winchester
Remington plastic and paper 18 each plus ship-

ping charge. extra for sorting plastic and Gordon, Dick Peck of Greenbrook, and
paper Mixaildine Shooting School, Sea Island, Stuart Slump of Fairlawn each posted

99 x 100 in regulation targets. Judy Moss Leo DeMoss Takes Title

of Whitestone, N. Y. hit 90 as the ladies'

champion Domonick Argentina and In Lake Charles Open

Stuart Slump won the two-man team
Leo M. DeMoss annexed the Lake

trophy with 193 x 200.
Charles Open at the Southwest Louisiana
Skeet and

Trap Club on March 14 by Speak Up Now!
shattering 99 x 100 to better his nearest
pursuer in the 16-shooter field by two

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& Means Committee asking for a public Ladies' honors went to Charmaine De- hearing on House Bill HR-6628. Write Moss, who hit 84. Gary Elam broke 71 x President Lyndon B. Johnson, your own 100 for the junior award as Leland senators and congressmen. Be courteous; Doolan won the veteran title with 94. not abusive. Keep your letters short and Leo De Moss and Ronald Brewer posted to the point but voice your views. Write 193 x 200 for the two-man team trophy. now!

.. 26

Donnelly's 100 x 100 tops

Dr. Eugene Donnelly of Binghampton, N.Y., blasted 100 straight to win the 12 gauge shoot at the Harrisburg Hunters and Anglers club at Harrisburg, Pa., on April 4 Thirteen shooters entered the event.

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than the Erie, Pa. Skeet Club, a new affiliate. Along with its club affiliation, it enrolled 11 new annual and two associate members. Previously, Murray C. Sheridan was the only N.S.S.A. member in the club.

Records of five shooters, as they appeared in the February REVIEW are altered by the discovery that their 12 gauge scores shot in the California State championships were duplicated in the International Five-Man team telegraphic championship, in which they were reported from Bridgeport as not shot at another registered shoot. The most important changes are that William Hay Rogers now qualifies for fifth place in the 2400 to 3600 targets bracket of the all-around ratings with .9709: Andy Laird's all-around rating is now .9613 and Marvin Hambrick's is .9662. And, without this duplication, Charles N. Evans had only 900 targets 12 gauge and did not qualify for the high averages.


To the following newly enrolled life members since publicat'on of the Febru. ary REVIEW, the N.S.S.A. extends a warm welcome:

Richard S. Barnes, 49 Brayton Str Englewood, N. J.

Marshall F. Clark, 1465 Woodland Trail, Abilene, Texas 79605.

Harley P. Graves, Middlebrook Drive, Clemons, N. C.

Pat H. McIngvale, 1914 Colice Road, Huntsville, Ala.

Donald G. McPherson, 527 Main Street, Acton, Mass. 01720.

Carl F. Thomsen, Box 72, Dolton, Ill.

Wilbert S. Yoshimi, 336-A No. Kuakini Street, Honolulu 96817.

Mr. Graves' life membership was a gift to him by the Winston-Salem Gun Club in appreciation of his fine work as president of the club for the last two years.

Another error of importance was the recording of Robert J. Poulin's scores at the Minute Man Sportsman Club shoot Sept. 18-20 on the card of another Robert Poulin. Both reside in New Hampshire. With these scores Robert J. Poulin qualified for the high averages in 20 gauge with 589 x 600 for 9816. in 28 gauge with 378 x 400 for .945 and in .410 gauge with 348 x 400 for .870.

Oficers elected for 1965 by the lowa State Skeet Shooting Association are: Darrell Kiddie, president, and M. H. Lewis, secretary-treasurer. Both reside in Des Moines,



3409 Oak Lawn Ave., Suite 219

Dallas, Teres 15219
Telephone: LAkeside 6-3568, Area Code 314.

President :

Edward Docherty

Joe G. Harris Helyeke. Mass.

Little Rock, Ark. Secretary-Treasurer: Executive Director Ray E. Boller, Jr.

George W. White
Sidney, Ohio

Dallas, Texas
Asst. Mgr.: Harry C. Cage, Dallas, Texas

Col. D. L. Cool, USMC *Porter Loring. Jr.
Parris Island, S.C. San Antonio, Texas
Chesley J. Crites

w Areh MacIntyre Detroit, Mich.

Dansville, N.Y Hugh S. Garland

M. Marehand Montreal, Quebec

Also omitted from the top wins for the year for William Hay Rogers were his 20 gauge runner-up accomplishment in the N.S.S.A. world championships; his all-around championship (not ported) in the Lake Merced Open, his all-around and .410 gauge championships in the Pacific Coast Open and his allaround championship (not reported) in the Schenley Sportsmen's California Open.

The very active Flint Skeet & Trap Club at Albanv, Ga. has purchased a new site on Lily Pond Road and is in the process of moving.

Louis E. Solomon, Jr. of Richmond, Va, also qualified for the high averages with 1079 x 1100 for .980 in 12 gauge and 767 x 800 for .958 in 20 gauge. The scores for one of his best shoots were credited to his son, Louis III, in error.

New officers of the Chain O'Lakes G Club at South Bend, Ind. are How: Vance, president; Ernest L. Brynt, treasurer, and Dr. T. Elliott, secretary.

Still beaming over his world record Gerenuk kill on his African safari a month earlier, Sports Afield's Jimmy Robinson spent Feb. 9-11 at N.S.S.A. headquarters poring over records of shooters preparatory to making his annual selections of All-America teams.

Few groups

have come into the N.S.S.A. family with more enthusiasm

Senturee, P.R. *w. Franklin Bollinger K. L. Pendergras Harrisbury. Pa.

Jacksonville, Fla.
Ales H. Kerr

•EIC. Scherer
Beverly Hills, Calif. Waukesha, Wis.

Witham T. Sesnon, Jr.

Los Angeles, Calif.

STATE DIRECTORS ALADAMA-"Tom Jones. ARIZONA- James A. Kelly. ARKANSAS Joe G. Harris CALIFORNIA- Clifford D. Allen, Alex 11. Kerr,

•Dr. George L. Pelkey. William T. Sesnon, Jr..

Multon W Terrill. COLORADO - Michael S. Andan. CONNECTICUT- Lawrence w Behn, "R. H.

Burkhart. DELAWARE -Robert Bee Lewis. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA--James L Karrick, Jr. FLORIDA- Robert O. Heesch, K. L. Pendereras. GEORGIA-Ogden Doremus, R. E. Warbingtos.

-James W. Austin,
ILLINOIS-Fred Brunner, Edmund L. Mable, .Al
INDIANA Eurene W. Dodd, John J. Kujawa.
IOWA-Duward D. Staples.
JAMAICA - Tony Kelly

Robert A. Gaches, 0. A. Sutton.
KENTUCKY-Paul L. Jordan.
LOUISIANA - Henry Alcus, L. B. Ponder, Jr.
MAINE-Lawrence D. Clark.
MARYLAND-Ed C. L. Calhoun.

USETTS-Edward Docherty, Joseph F.
MICHIGAN--Howard F. Confer. Chealey J. Crites.
MINNESOTA-Wallace R Walters.
MISSISSIPPI-.William H. Smith.
MISSOURI-Claude G. King. William H. Mans-

feld. NEBRASKA-Quentin H. Moore, NEVADA-Raymond A. Smith, NEW HAMPSHIRE Thomas J. Craig. NEW JERSEY - Philip De Pietro, Edward J. NEW MEXICO-Grayum Steele. NEW YORK - Robert R. Bogle, William M. Cor.

Thomas R. Helfron, Edward J. Lee,
W. Aren Macintyre.
NORTH CAROLINA-Paul McGarity, Jr., *Albert

S. Tutus,
NOVA SCOTIA-W. E. Schwartz

E Boller, Jr., Lawson E. Simpson. SVTHOMA-Lloyd W. Johnson, Keith D.

Young ONTARIO-George W. Carnegie. OREGON-Jack J. Foster. PENNSYLVANIA-W Franklin Hollinger,

E Osborne, Robert Rodale. PUERTO RICO Dr. Angel M. Marchand, QUEBEC.Hugh S. Garland, Harry A. Willaie. RHODE ISLAND - Norman Chretien. SOUTH CAROLINA W. W. Pate, Jr. TENNESSEE - James W. Catea. TEXAS- Charles T. Boyle, Harold G. Hubbard,

*Porter Loring. Jr., Edwin C. Ray. Max L
UTAH - A. Nela Lindorff.
VERMONT-Burt C. McGowan,
VIRGINIA-Douglas A. Clark, EA T. Hamlet,

Willie T. Payne.
WASHINGTON-Arthur C. Wenver.
WEST VIRGINIA- John C. Chafin.
U.S. AKMY •Col. Harvey Bower.
U.S. AIR FORCELL Col. Itobert A. Carter.
U.S. MAKINES-Lt. Col. 0. 11. Davis.
U.S. NAVY-Rear Adm. Robert B. Moore.

DIRECTORS ELECTED BY BOARD .wmiam J. Conners, II, Col. D. L. Cool, USMC.

Joseph M. George, M. L. Lichtenstein, Major Gen, Keeneb E Pletcher. "Term expire at 1965 N.S.S.A. Championships

SKEET SHOOTING REVIEW Published monthly by the National Skeet Shooting Association, 3409 Dak Lawn Ave., Dallas 19. Teras. Subscription rates: Membership in the National Skeet Sheating Asociation. $3.99 per year. $? ! which is for 1-year subscription to the SKEET SHOOTING REVIEW: $20.00 for five years. 33.00 of which le for Hve-year rubecription. Subscrip tien

rala for non-members 34.00 per year. Mem. bership subscription for persons living outside the United States, its possessions and Canada. $6.00 per year. Single copy. 50 cents. Entered as second elas matter at the post office at Dallas, Tax. Printed in U. 8. A.




New Affiliates Not In Record Annual

To the following recently affiliated N.SS.A. clubs, which were not listed in the directory in the 1964 SKEET RECORD ANNUAL or subsequent issues of The REVIEW, a warm welcome is extended,

CALIFORNIA DRY GULCH GUN CLUB, Norton AFB. Int Lt, Ronald W. Lumpe, secretary-treasurer, Norton Air Force Base, 92409.

DELAWARE TRICORNE SKEET CLUB, Milton. One mile west of Herperson, Del. on Del Rt. 18: 1 mi east of Cravel HII,_Del. on Del Rt. 18 known as Georgetown-Lewes Hiway). Sun. noon till sundown. Norman H. Thomas, president, 202 Federal St., Milton.

FLORIDA TYNDALL AFB SKEET CLUB. Beacon Beach Rd.. Tyndall AFB. Mon-Fri 8 a.m. till 6 pm, CW0-3 Virgil L. Edmiston, Assist. Chlef Personnel Services Div., secretary, Personnel Services, 4756 AFB, Tyndall AFB

GEORGIA LAKESIDE GUN CLUB, Covington. Follow Georgis Rt. 278 to intersection Georgia 81, turn north and follow through Oxford, Ga, then turn right at caution light and go approx. 1 mi. Sun., 2:30 pm on Philip W. Hathcock, secretary. 624 Rebecca St., Covington.

OKLAHOMA LAWTON GUN CLUB. Lawton. Go north from Lawton to Porter Hill, then 4 mi. north and I mu eest. ED. Robson, president, 1801 Bessie. Lawton

PENNSYLVANIA ERIE SKEET CLUB, Erie. Take Sterrettania Rd. Rt. 832) to Thomas Rd. and turn went for half mile. Year around Sundry 10 am till 4 D.m. Summer, Wed. 7 till op.m. Wuliam G. Tuscany. secretary, 5548 King Road. Erie 16509.

SOUTH CAROLINA MARINE CORPS AIR STATION SPORTSMAN CLUB, Beaufort. CW04 George A. Young. president, Care Marine Corpe Air Station, Beaufort.

TENNESSEE WINCHESTER-MOCASSIN BEND GUN CLUB, Chattanooga. Take Manufacturers Road erit off Interstate 124 on north side of Tennessee River in Chattanooga. Go 9 10 mi followins Mocassin Bend Hos pital signs to club cate on Mossain Bend Rd. Tueu & Thors. 6 till 10 D.m.; Sat, noon till 10 p.m.; Sun., noon till 6 p.m, James W. Gentry, Jr., secretary, 401 Volunteer Bldg, Chattacooga 2.

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