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Anti-gun Lan Endangorod Britain (1) Okoll also sald "British front-line troops In combat vero corpo lled to uso sport guns donated by Americans aftör the dobaolo at Dankirk boonus of English lava prohibiting the peacet in possession of firearm.

Swiss Riflomon Foiled Hitler "In contrast, he notod, Suitzerland requiros son from 18 to 65 to possess a government-issued arwy r1870 and to be proficient in its use. Nasi generals advised Adolph Hitler that an invasion of Switzerland would cost thon 100,000 to 200,000 troops and the plan was discarded."

British registration lavo so discouraged smu arus praction that the populace nas almost holploss aga inst Hitlor's invasion threats. Ses pamphlet on Firearms Registration by the National Rifle Asal.

The desperato plight of Britain in 1940, with inadequate arms for the Army, the Home Quard, and even the police, 18 mentioned by Tinston S. Churchill, "The Second World War", Vol. 2, "Thoir Pinest Hour (Houghton in Boston 1919), pages 271-272. British destroyers went out to meet the American convoy with 200,000 rifles and other arms. Then the "pricolose arms" arrived, "special trains woro waiting in all the ports ... The Home Guard in every county ... sat up all through the nights to receive than ..

(2) Piroarns registration laws were used in Italy, Germany, and Spain. Such laws aided the Nazi invaders of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, the Low Countries, France, Denmark, and Norway. Hitler's lavaders simply want to the city hall, seized the bandy list of gun owners provided by the local politicians and polico, and then grabbed the weapons, according to NRA pamphlet cited above.

Church Council and Reserve officers Donounce Anfuso Bill The American Council of Christian Churches, 15 Park Row, Now York, 38, N. Y., mooting in annual convention at lost Pala Beach, Fla., April 27, 1962, unanimously resolved to protest the Anfuso Bu, H.R. 613 (introduced in Congross) January 3, 1961, which requires the registration of all civilian pistols with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The danger of this bull 1. that Pascists and Communists have used registration and subsequent confiscation of firearns to render the people helpless aga inst violent revolution and dictatorship. This bw would be an iwarranted impairment of the Federal B11 of Rights which guarantees the right of all citizens to keep and bear arms in defense of law, lifo, and country. To recommend that this bill be rejected and also the repeal of the Federal Firearns Act of 1938 which distorts the Interstate Commerce clause and grants broad and dangerous powers including registration to the Secretary of the Treasury."

Substantially the same resolution was adopted by the Reserve Officers Association, Department of Florida, annual conference, Orlando, May 13, 1962.

For more information on H.R. 613 (proposed Foderal law) and the 1938 , 300 "Right to Koop and Bear Arms", Dan Smoot Roport (former FBI agent), Merah 19, 1962, P.O. Boa 9538, Lakewood Station, Dallas, 1, Texas.

(3) We have now a Federal bonded debt of over $300 billion, a social security deficit of $320 billion, anmal red ink spending, and boavy taxes, Federal and state. Soo article by Maurice H. Stans, former U.S. Budget Director, Reader's Digest, March 1960. Bureaucrats would not be able to meddle 80 mol in our lives if their funds were reduced. We do not need more bureaus to wasto our hard-earned money.


The Disarmanent Act of Sopt. 26, 1961, slipped through Congress in the ad journment rush, Jlows planning to strip the United States of most of our armed forces and turning them over to the communist-infested United Nations. "Even those por sonal rifles, shotguns and revolvers on whioh fro people in the past have at times depended for their defense against tyranny would be first registered and then seised", according to *Lite Lines pubisoation, Oct. 24, 1962, 620 Eleventh St., M, Washington, 1, D.C.


THE AMERICAN MINUTEMAN, champion of Liberty. "The foot soldier, since earliest history, has usually been the man who won or lost a war, and the (American) Revolution was no escoop tion. That war bolonged to the infantryman, and his chief weapon ns the flat look musket with ito attached bayonet. Pred cook, the Golden Book of the worloan Rovolution (Goldon Press 1.1. 1959), page 193. Under the vicious schemos of today's anti-gan fanatios and communists, the blontenen would have been disarned.

Under this dangerous act, Public Law 87-297, the President and donato wlono, vithout the House of Representatives, could surrender our wned for con to the United Nations, now dominated by comunists and "noutralisto". The goul 16 "disband ing of a national armed forces", according to Dept. of Stato pamphlot 7277, wreedom from War" (1961). Agru varning af what could happen to America under the communist and noutralist dominated United Nations is found in the snoak Christmas (1962) attack to force Christian, anti-comunist Katanga to join the communist Central Congo Covernment. I forcos alaughtered mamy dofonsoloss civilians in Katanga.

Today w nood preparodnose, not disarmament, and liberation, not surrendes. 1. DO ARMED CITIZENS PREVENT ORDE? Yos.

Every 18sue of the American Rir laman magazino contains news itens gathered from all over the United States, showing how atmod, Law-abiding citisens prevent aiu or capturo criminals, when the police are not present. But those casos

do not to the whole story--of the crimes that are never attarted because the criminal plottor knows or foars that his intended riots I arned. The unarmed citizen is at the nercy of hoodlums, thiovo, murdaruri, sex maniacs, and communists. Cuns are often used to provont robbery, wrder, rupe, and other or imos.

In Vatson v. Stono, 4 So.2d 700 (1942), the Supreme Court of Florida recognised the dangers of travel across Florida's lonely hi ghornyo, especially at night, and the nood to carry a weapon in the glove compartment of an auto Dobilo by mousdnoss men, tourists, comercial travelors, profowional me on night cils, unprotectod women and children

in cars on the highways day and night, Stato and County officials, and all law-abiding citixons . . . Thon people should not be branded as criadnals in their effort of roll-prosorntion and protection ..."

Public Disasters Riots and civil commotion make even a stronger case for the armed citisen. Over 95% of the poople aro orderly and law-abiding, and should be armed against mob violonco. In times of flood, hurricane, and stora, la officers cannot oven roach many areas to prevent looting, rape, and murder. There have been riots against Congrossional committoos, as ici son rruncisco in 1959, started by communists, whoro local police battled without the aid of Fodoral forces; and labor violence, whoro voto-hungry state and federal officials somotius ar reluctant to provent looting and murder.

Thoroforu, protoction against crime cannot be loft entirely to the polico.

Present Laws Aro Adeguata Curbs
He alroady have many laws on firoarns. In Florida we have Chapter 790,
Florida Statutos, on firearms, including concealed voapons, use in crimes,
iling shots, BB guns, solling to minors, and possession of guns by colons.

But one low, adopted in 1893 as a protection against arloss suatu workers, has been grossly abused and irresponsibly enforced in Dado County and olmowhere. This was, soction 790.05, Florida Statutos, Corbido anyone, won lar-abiding citizans, to "carry around with his, or have in his manual porno s100 . : . any pistol, winchester riflo or other reporting rifle, without her ing a Hoonso . . ." A vicious la of this type, i enforced by the Britiae King, vould have made American independence and freedom i possible.

In the recent case of Davis v. Stato, Nov. 28, 1962, 1h6 80.2d 892, the Supron Court of Florida uphold this

unwin law, but dropped the hint that the riidom of the law is a matter of log alatin ... concern.

In an editorial of Doc. 10, 1962, ontitled "A Dangerous Letra, the Seruuta Herald Tribuno said: "Dade County Attorney Darrey Davis, « fornes prodident al tho Floride Bar Association, calls the law obsoloto and practioal. The adie cies concluded that it "should be wiped off the books."

Moreover, the Florida Constitutional provide thiah sayo atbe Laduation wu proscribe the manner in which they (arns) my be borno 10 too vagoo, and strong protection should be given of the right to bear anı.

to nood positiv laws to encourage pistol and mille olubi, mall on praction, and markmanship.

Wood Protection of Constitutional Rights Adoquato enforcount of ordsting stato loro agona unlawful um especially by nors and criminals, is the rou nood. Noworthodou, no stantly mad about the efforts of well-nuing persoas, and then who o no voll-neaning and who have a sinistor and subversivo latent, to promoto non dangerous gun lors and ordinances. Then offorts should be discourand. Inter feronoo with oivil, constitutional rights should be ponalised, whether by prode Veto oitisens or public officials.


Trendnalo Can Got Guns Communist revolutionaries and other criainals can got thoir arns by theft, angeling, and other means, and ignore gun laws.

No gun law can disarn determined criminals who can make homonado nZip cung" (Llo magazine, April 16, 1958, page 127), smuggle then from abroad, or steal then, oven from Government stocks, as raportod by the FBI.

The police chief of Hollywood, Fla., Phillip Thompson, then President of the Florida Police Chiefs Association, told the ithant Horaid, Feb. 16, 1961: "I don't think the mere passing of a law is going to have too much offect, truthfully, because when people want guns they'll got thon." He described None Jork's harsh Sullivan Act as not being effective.

Weapons Arrests Under 15 in United States Reports on the use of firearms in crime are not completo for the United Statos. However, the 1962 World Almanac, page 303, shows 1,702,000 deaths in the United States in 1960, including 37,160 for automobilo accidents, 56,170 for other accidents, 19,450 for suicide, and 8,010 for hond cide (use of firewas not indicated).

At pago 311 the Almanac shows FBI crime statistics. In 1960 thoro woro 2,313,368 arrosts, including 21,748 arrests on woapons charges, or less than ono percent (15). "Weapong" includes other things besides firoarne.

The so figures do not indicato actual convictions for crimes involving firoarms. Priednalo uso poison and other weapons besides guns.

Horoovor, those figures are negative and do not tell the whole story. ho bare no figures on the crimes prevented by the armed citizon, which can well be many times the number of actual crines.

FBI Omito Firearms Controlo The annual "Uniform Crime Reports of the Federal Bureau of Investigation list the factors gonerating crime, but specifically omit firearms controle. True crin reduction, according to the FBI, depends on religious, educational, recreational, racial, and other factors, including the policies of prosecuting officials and the courts" and "officiency of the local law enforcement agency.

Racial Factor Houston, Texas had a high murder rate, but a study by Dr. Henry A. Bullock found that Nogroes were 67% of the assailants and victims, but only 20% of the population. WUrban Homicide in Theory and Fact", Journal of Criadnal law, Criminology and Police Science, Vol. 45, No. 5, Jan.-feb. 1955.

No Connection Between Gun Rogi stration and Murder Rato An American and international survey of crime and gun lors and FBI reports nas reported by Tuliam C. Shead, "Do Laws Requiring Registration of Privately Ourmad Firoorms Lower Murder Rate?", 3 South Texas Lan Journal, pagos 317-331 (1958). Highlights of the findings were: Koordco, with a gun rogistration law has the highest homicide rate in the world", 32.8 killings per 100,000 people. "Knives aro used in 45 porcent of the crime 8, guns in 26 porcent, and blunt instruments in 6 percent."

"There is no evidence ... that, acting alone, las requiring the rogistration of privately owned firearms have any effect on the rate at which murders and homicides are committed."

At pago 318 a table shows the 1957 murdor rato of 25 American cities, inaluding Now York City with 324 murders and a rate of 3.9 murders per 100,000 population. Cities in four other states with loss sovoro gun laws and a lower Tardor rato were Boston, Mass. (2.8), Wlwaukee, Ms. (2.9), Pittsburgh, Pa. (3.7), and Denver, Colo. (3.5).

Hand lost Yeapon Vood Wurderers will use the handlest weapon--gun, kiro, board, 106 pick "or simply the baro hands." (Page 331).

A study of 588 killings in the Philadelphia anı showed that "fa hondcidos due to shooting could be avoided merely if the firearns var pot idiately prosent, according to Dr. Marvin L. Wolfgang, Professor of Sociolog, Patterns in rinnal Hondcido."

Broward County Juvenile Court Judge Dort Daris exhibited wapons wood la cim roh u inos, brass konuckles, screwdrivers, plları, arombers, and a kemamado bomb, as mil as guns. Ser Fort Lauderdale Now, Waroh 8, 1962, page C-1.

Register Sticks and Stones? A comprehensin magistration and pornit I would cover overy weapaa, lite aluding sticks and stones, but it could not provont ain.

Are Police and Prosecutor : Doing Their jobs nu? Shond urges that no 8.6 I the pollo, prosecuting attorney, and the courts are using procent low to the extont poudblo. . Inoffidency 1. covered up with a rush of oscuns. . . Dotornin 1 the prosont demand for stringent run rogistration Laws to seaply a molto sarvan böhind which inorri. dney and lack of enforcement and being CODOVE Lod." (Shand, pero 331).


1. WHAT IS THE WORST CRIVE FOSTERED BY ANTI-GUN LAB? Gonocide, or the murder of a people of a nation; or their endeavomont, overthrow, liquidation, and torture under a fiondish dictatorship. Even if the arrests on weapons charges were many times the figure of under 18 of arrosts in 1960, the number would be nimto alongside the crim of murdering and enslaving an entire nation. Homicide is heinous, but treason is infinitoly

The survival of 190,000,000 Americans and the free world domande firetru protection instantly available to every law-abiding cit izan without red tape. We are infinitely safer with firearms in the hands of most Americas, even for criminals, than are the disarmed victims of communism, with weapons only in the hands of Marxist criminals, who now enslave one billion people.

Studies indicate the following conclusions regarding anti-gun lomas
A. They do not reduce crime.

B. They can greatly increase crime by hoodlums and Marxists. 3. CONCLUSIONS

A. Vicious and irresponsible attempts to infringe or destroy the right to firearms for defense and other lawful purposes should be severely punished by civil damages, heavy fines, and pr 18on sentences.

B. All persons who aid and abot the communist criminals should be burned from public office and severely punished under low, and by public disfavor, and patriots should be generously rewarded and honored.

C. Crime by use of guns, automobiles, and other dangerous weapons cannot bo prevented. Crime can be punished and discouraged.

D. The lawful use and possession of firearms by law-abiding adults must NOT be infringed.

E. The registration of weapons and record of firearms sales do NOT dotar communists and criminals, are a dangerous aid for confiscation by dirtators us well as well-meaning officials, and should not be required.

F. Under English-American jurisprudence, every person is imocont until ad judged guilty. Likewise, overy citizen has the right to keep and boar a unless and until the state affirmatively proves that he is incompetent or has been convicted of a serious crime. The burden must be on the government, the individual.

The inherent right of defense must be encouraged by adequate las and constitutional safeguards.



A. POSITIVE legislation which repoals and overrides special acts and charters, and city and metro ordinances, with severe criadnal penalties for tho infringement of the right to keep and boar arms, and oncouragos firearms training for personal, local, state, and national defonso.

Seo pamphlot, "The Gun La Problem", National Riflo Asm., 1600 Rhode Island Avenue, N.N., Tashington, 6, D. C.

B. A STRONGER constitut ional provision in Florida to protect the right to keep and boar arms.

C. DEFEAT the Anfuso bull (H.R. 613) and similar vicious proposals.

D. REPEAL the anti-gun law of 1893, Sections 790.05 and 790.06, Florida Statutoo.

B. REPEAL the Federal Firearms Act of 1938, and all stats and federal leo which forbid the possession and use of firearms by lor-abiding citisons.

1. INSTRUCTION in gun safety by youth clubs, rifle clube, datory tradeing, and other means; encourage weapons training and drill.

G. REDUCTION of crime, Juvent la delinquonoy, and rehabilitation of addnals by better training in homes, churches, schools, and other mano. 5. THAT TO DO

A. TRITE your local, state, and federal lawmakers.

B. RITE your Congro asmon and Sonstors and ask how they voted on the dangerous Di Barmant Act, and demand ropoul.

C. DEMAND I raduction in Podor al power and spond ing.

D. DEMAND stato and federal laws to promote and encourap markmanship and m armed cit Isonry..

E. INFLUENCE public opinion througeto Lettors to the editor, paaları, civic proups, mosolutions, potitions, oto.

1. DEMAND that candidates for office declare thonselves for or against the right to beer crus. Q. WORK TO ELECT patriots and defeat the enemies of freedom.

JOIN the National Riflo Association.

Long Live Americal American patriots should act to defeat and destroy the vicious, reactionary, and anti-progressive schemes of fascism, Naziisn, Hitleris, socialiam, communism, Marxism, Fabianism, Keyne sism, Stalinism, Castroism, loftion, and other forms of brutal, regimented, and dictatorial society. These rottan systems spread hunger, poverty, misery, terror, and degradation, and offor us nothing to copy.

Instead, we should preserve and extend our frie, Christian, tolerant, Constitutional way of life, which rests on the Bible, the Ten Commandments, the law of Moses, limited government, a Republic of laws, checks and balances, Bill of Rights, boldness, resourcefulness, honesty, thrift, hard work, personal help for the needy, free enterprise, liberty, patriotism, loyalty, love of country, Independence, preparedness, good will toward peaceful nations, and bondage to none. This American system, widely envied, and the goal of millions seeking freedom, has brought the greatest prosperity, freedom, happiness, progress, and spiritual blessings enjoyed anywhere in the world. All these things are the fruits of a Constitutional Republic.

The author received his A.B. and LL.B. degrees at The George Washington University, Washington, D. C., is an over seas veteran of World War II, and served in the British Isles and the Liberation of Normandy. Admitted to the Florida bar in 1938, he is a member of the bar associations of Broward County and Florida, and of the American Bar Association. In 1961 he served as Assistant City Attorney of Fort Lauderdale.

The author would appreciate your sending him news clippings, editorials, pamphlets, crime records, resolutions, and a reference to any books and other information on this important subject.

Additional copies of this article are available at cost, fifteen cents each. Send check or money order covering the number desired to James E. Edwards, 2631 East Oakland Park Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.


The Sarasota Herald-Tribune is one of the leading, patriotic newspapers of Florida. Following the decision of the Supreme Court in the Davis prosecution, which hinted at the need for legislative reform regarding this obsoleto law, this outstanding journal ran a series of articles by W. C. Burnett from Nov. 30 through Dec. 4, 1962 on the adequate existing gun restrictions, the folly of this antiquated law, and the need for the armed American Hinuteman, culminating in the following editorial of Dec. 10, 1962 which calls for repeal.

[blocks in formation]

On Pago One of today's Herald-Tribune to a story with extremely disturbing Implications.

Dado County to getting ready to require all moedents who own a pistol or repeating rifle to obtain a permit. It is dolng this under an antiquated Morida statute which pertains to every county ta Florida—not just Dade.

Dade County Attorney Darrey Davis, a former president of the Florida Bar Association, calls the law obsolete and impractical. But, he mays, the law as it stands makes you a lawbreaker you buy a rifle and carry it out to your carunlow you have a proper permit. And, he adds, you need a permit to hunt with a rifle. "Your hunting license doesn't give you the right to arry a gun," he says.

A top Dade law enforcement official says the low to being enforced "selectively and with the utmost discretion." Let's assume this is true. In that very fact lies a threat of direst proportions.

A law that has to be enforced "selectively" is a bad law. Even when it is enforced by wellIntentioned men for worthwhile purposes, it is a flagrant notice that our laws do not apply equally to all men—that some are arrested while others, Hmllarly atuated, ano left alone.

But when law is enforced "selectively" by. men of too little honesty or too much ambition, then it becomes nothing leu than a tool of a police state.

Liberty exists only so long as we are gov. erned by laws, not by men. "Selective" enforca ment is, almost by definition, a government of men.

The antiquated Florida statute which lends Itself to such abuse and which is so obviously Impractical and antiquated should be wiped oft the books.

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