The Law of Retribution: Or, a Serious Warning to Great Britain and Her Colonies, Founded on Unquestionable Examples of God's Temporal Vengeance Against Tyrants, Slave-holders, and Oppressors. ... By Granville Sharp

W. Richardson, 1776 - 357 páginas

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Página 238 - a hypocritical Nation, and againft "' the people of my wrath will I give him a charge " to take the fpoil, and to take the prey, and to tread " them down like the mire of the ftreets. Howbeit, he " meaneth not fo, neither doth his heart think fo^ ** but {it is) in his heart to deftroy, and
Página 167 - will build them, and not pull (them) down; and « I will plant them, and not pluck (them) up. And I -will give " them an heart to know me that I (am) the Lord : " and they jhall be my People, and
Página 321 - if the fall of them be the riches of the " world, and the diminishing of them the " riches of the Gentiles ; how much more "their fulness
Página 17 - YE BREAK EVERY YOKE ?" " Is it '* not to deal thy Bread to the Hungry, " and to bring the Poor that are cajl out
Página 155 - upon them for good, and I will bring them again to this " Land; and I will build them, and not pull (them) down; and «' I will plant them, and not pluck (them) up. And I -will
Página 11 - in the Land of Egypt, " and that the Lord thy God brought " thee out thence through a mighty hand, " and by a ftretched-out arm,
Página 18 - Senators) *' of his People, and the Princes thereof: " for ye have eaten up the Vineyard ; ** the Spoil of the Poor is in your Houfes ! *
Página 19 - up the Needy, even to make the Poor ' of the Land to fail, faying, When ' will the New Moon be gone, that ' we may fell Corn ? and the Sabbath, • that we may
Página 8 - The Lord " your God is God of Gods, and Lord •" of Lords, a great God, a mighty and a " terrible, which regardeth not
Página 242 - and to take a<way the right from the poor " of my people, that Widows may be their prey, and " that they may rob the fatherlefs

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