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Página 251 - That an individual, forming part of a public force, and acting under the authority of his government, is not to be held answerable, as a private trespasser or malefactor, is a principle of public law sanctioned by the usages of all civilized nations, and which the government of the United States has no inclination to dispute.
Página 367 - But it is against every restrictive regulation of trade not essential to the revenue— against all duties merely protective from foreign competition — and against the excess of such duties as are partly for the purpose of revenue, and partly for that of protection — that the prayer of the present petition is respectfully submitted to the wisdom of parliament.
Página 711 - An Act to amend the Law touching Letters Patent for Inventions." " 7 & 8 Viet. cap. 69. " An Act for amending an Act passed in the fourth year of the reign of his late Majesty, intituled 'An Act for the better administration of justice in his Majesty's Privy Council, and to extend its jurisdiction and powers.
Página 47 - That it is the opinion of this committee that any surplus which may remain after fully providing for the spiritual instruction of the members of the established church in Ireland, ought to be applied locally to the general education of all classes of Christians.
Página 225 - Englishmen had a respect for rank, for wealth — perhaps too much ; they felt an attachment to the laws of their country ; but there was another attribute in the minds of Englishmen — there was a permanent veneration for sacred things ; and when their sympathy and respect and deference were enlisted in what they believed to be a sacred cause, you and yours [addressing the Protectionists] will vanish like chaff before the whirlwind.
Página 103 - Her Majesty is desirous that you should consider the Laws which regulate the Trade in Corn. It will be for you to determine whether these Laws do not aggravate the natural fluctuations of supply ; whether they do not embarrass Trade, derange the Currency, and by their operation diminish the comfort, and increase the privations, of the great body of the community.
Página 105 - We cannot persuade ourselves that this law will ever contribute to produce plenty, cheapness, or steadiness of price. So long as it operates at all, its effects must be the opposite of these.. Monopoly is the parent of scarcity, of dearness, and of uncertainty. To cut off" any of the sources of supply can only tend to lessen its abundance ; to close against ourselves the cheapest market for any commodity must enhance the price at which we purchase it ; and to confine the consumer of corn to the produce...
Página 225 - One word in respect to the manner in which his allusion to this meeting was received. He did not come there to vindicate the conduct of these Christian men in having assembled in order to take this subject into consideration. The parties who had to judge them were their own congregations. There were at that meeting members of the Established Church, of the Church of Rome, Independents, Baptists, members of the Church of Scotland, and of the Secession Church, Methodists, and, indeed, ministers of...
Página 225 - Him who ruled princes and potentates to turn your hearts to justice and mercy. When they found so many ministers of religion, without any sectarian differences, joining heart and hand in a great cause, there could be no doubt of their earnestness. . . . Englishmen had a respect for rank, for wealth, perhaps too much ; they felt an attachment to the laws of their country : but there was another attribute in the minds of...
Página 7 - Gentlemen of the House of Commons, — I have ordered estimates of the expenses of the current year to be laid before you, and...

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