The Political Shame of Mexico

McBride, Nast & Company, 1914 - 422 páginas

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Página 391 - I, therefore, come to ask your approval that I should use the armed forces of the United States in such ways and to such an extent as may be necessary to obtain from General Huerta and his adherents the fullest recognition of the rights and dignity of the United States, even amidst the distressing conditions now unhappily obtaining in Mexico.
Página 361 - The steady pressure of moral force will before many days break the barriers of pride and prejudice down, and we shall triumph as Mexico's friends sooner than we could triumph as her enemies...
Página 398 - With the purpose of subserving the interests of peace and civilization in our continent, and with the earnest desire to prevent any further blood-shed, to the prejudice of the cordiality and union which have always surrounded the relations of the governments and peoples of America, we, the plenipotentiaries of Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, duly authorized thereto, have the honor to tender to your Excellency's Government our good offices for the peaceful and friendly settlement of the conflict between...
Página 391 - That the President is justified in the employment of the armed forces of the United States to enforce his demand for unequivocal amends for certain affronts and indignities committed against the United States; be it further Resolved, That the United States 'disclaims any hostility to the Mexican people or any purpose to make war upon Mexico.
Página 303 - The unendurable and distressing situation through which the capital of the republic has passed obliged the army, represented by the undersigned, to unite in a sentiment of fraternity to achieve the salvation of the country ; in consequence the nation may be at rest...
Página 170 - Referring to all recent telegraphic correspondence : you are instructed in your discretion to inform Americans that the Embassy deems it its duty to advise them to withdraw from any particular localities where conditions or prospects of lawlessness so threaten personal safety as to make withdrawal the part of prudence, specifying localities, if any, from which withdrawal at any time seems advisable, and stating that in any such cases consuls may take such charge of abandoned effects as may be possible...
Página 416 - an ambassador who should not have been there . . . lamentably misplaced, unsympathetic, injudicious, and disastrously harmful. Knowing, as I do, how narrowly Madero missed a triumph over the extraordinary difficulties and deadly enemies that beset him, I am constrained to believe that the least value that can be assigned to the unfortunate influence of the American ambassador is still sufficient to have turned the scale. The right man in the place, tactful, well-disposed, keenly discerning, a man...
Página 370 - Little by little he has been completely isolated. By a little every day his power and prestige are crumbling, and 222 the collapse is not far away. We shall not, I believe, be obliged to alter our policy of watchful waiting.
Página 194 - States to give notice that it expects and must demand that American life and property within the Republic of Mexico be justly and adequately protected, and that this Government must hold Mexico and the Mexican people responsible for all wanton and illegal acts sacrificing or endangering human life or damaging American property interests there situated.
Página 318 - When the automobiles (containing the prisoners) had traversed about two-thirds of the way to the penitentiary, however, they were attacked by an armed group, and the escort descended from the machines to offer resistance. Suddenly the group grew larger and the prisoners tried to escape. An exchange of shots then took place, in which two of the attacking party were killed and two were wounded. Both prisoners were killed. The automobiles were badly damaged.

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