Narrative of Henry Watson, a Fugitive Slave

Bela Marsh, 1849 - 48 páginas

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Página 46 - ... to be chattels personal in the hands of their owners and possessors, and their executors, administrators, and assigns, to ALL INTENTS, CONSTRUCTIONS, AND PURPOSES WHATSOEVER (Brevard's Digest, 229). In Louisiana, a slave is one who is in the power of a master to whom he belongs; the master may sell him, dispose of his person, his industry, and his labor, he can do nothing, possess nothing, nor acquire any thing, but what must belong to his master.
Página 48 - States, shall be fined not less than two hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, and imprisoned not less than one year nor more than five years.
Página 29 - All things whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do ye even so unto them;" that is, do by all mankind just as you would desire they should do by you, if you were in their place and they in yours.
Página 30 - Now, when correction is given you, you either deserve it, or you do not deserve it. But whether you really deserve it or not, it is your duty, and Almighty God requires that you bear it patiently. You may perhaps think that this is hard doctrine; but, if you consider it right, you must needs think otherwise of it.
Página 29 - ... have brought you to it, but it is the will of God who hath by his providence made you servants, because, no doubt, he knew that condition would be best for you in this world, and help you the better towards heaven, if you would but do your duty in it. So that any discontent at your not being free, or rich, or great, as you see some others, is quarrelling with your heavenly Master, and finding fault with God himself...
Página 30 - But suppose even this was not the case (a case hardly to be imagined), and that you have by no means, known or unknown, deserved the correction you suffered, there is this great comfort in it, that, if you bear it patiently, and leave your cause in the hands of God, he will reward you for it in heaven, and the punishment you suffer unjustly here shall turn to your exceeding great glory hereafter.
Página 48 - If any slave, who shall be out of the house or plantation where such slave shall live, or shall be usually employed, or without some white person in company with such slave, shall refuse to submit to undergo the examination of any white person, it shall be lawful for such white person to pursue, apprehend, and moderately correct such slave ; and if such slave shall assault and strike such white person, such slave may be LAWFULLY KILLED ! ! —2 Brevard's Digest, 231.
Página 46 - The cardinal principle of slavery, — that the slave is not to be ranked among sentient beings, but among things ; is an article of property, a chattel personal. — obtains as undoubted law in all of these...
Página 46 - Slaves shall always be reputed and considered real estate; shall be, as such, subject to be mortgaged, according to the rules prescribed by law, and they shall be seized and sold as real estate.
Página 45 - Yet loud shrieked that mother, poor heart broken mother, In sorrow and woe. The babe in return, for its fond mother cries, While the sound of their wailings together arise; They shriek for each other, the child and the mother, In sorrow and woe. The harsh auctioneer to sympathy cold, Tears the babe from its mother and sells it for gold; While the infant and mother, loud shriek for each other, In sorrow and woe. At last came the parting of mother and child, Her brain...

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