Journal: 1st-13th Congress . Repr. 14th Congress, 1st Session - 50th Congress, 2nd Session, Volumen1


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Página 848 - The rules of parliamentary practice, comprised in Jefferson's Manual, shall govern the House in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the standing rules and orders of the House, and joint rules of the Senate and House of Representatives.
Página 839 - No member shall speak more than once to the same question without leave of the house, unless he be the mover, proposer or introducer of the matter pending ; in which case he shall be permitted to speak in reply, but not until every member choosing to speak shall have spoken.
Página 785 - And all such Indians committing any of the above-named crimes against the person or property of another Indian or other person within the boundaries of any state of the United States...
Página 847 - The rule for paying witnesses subpoenaed to appear before the House, or either of its committees, shall be as follows : For each day a witness shall attend, the sum of two dollars; for each mile he shall travel in coming to or going from the place of examination, the sum of five cents each way ; but nothing shall be paid for traveling when the witness has been summoned at the place of trial.
Página 833 - Whole during their sittings, to maintain order under the direction of the Speaker or Chairman, and, pending the election of a Speaker or Speaker pro tempore, under the direction of the Clerk; execute the commands of the House, and all processes issued by authority thereof, directed to him by the Speaker; keep the accounts for the pay and mileage of members and delegates, and pay them as provided by law.
Página 845 - The presentation of reports of committees of conference shall always be in order, except when the journal is being read, while the roll is being called, or the House is dividing on any proposition.
Página 840 - QUESTION. 1. There shall be a motion for the previous question, which, being ordered by a majority of members voting, if a quorum be present, shall have the effect to cut off all debate and bring the House to a direct vote upon the immediate question or questions on which it has been asked and ordered.
Página 188 - That the principal office of the Commission shall be in the city of Washington, where its general sessions shall be held; but whenever the convenience of the public or of the parties may be promoted or delay or expense prevented thereby, the Commission may hold special sessions in any part of the United States. It may, by one or more of the Commissioners...
Página 832 - States, and for the true and faithful discharge of the duties of his office to the best of his knowledge and ability, and to keep the secrets of the House ; and each shall appoint all of the employees of his department provided for by law.
Página 22 - Commission, together with communications from the heads of the several Executive Departments of the Government, respecting the practical workings of the law under which the Commission had been acting. The good results therein foreshadowed have been more than realized. The system has fully answered the expectations of its friends...

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