A Report from the Committee Appointed to View the Cottonian Library: And Such of the Publick Records of this Kingdom, as They Think Proper, and to Report to the House the Condition Thereof, Together with what They Shall Judge Fit to be Done for the Better Reception, Preservation, and More Convenient Use of the Same


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Página 207 - Houfe ; and he read the fame in his place, and afterwards delivered it in at the table, where the fame was read, and agreed to by -the Houfe.
Página 207 - That an humble addrefs be prefented to his majefty, that he will be gracioufly pleafed to give directions...
Página 209 - Addrefs of yefterday had been prefented to His Majefty ; and that His Majefty had commanded him to acquaint this Houfe, that he will give Directions according to che faid Addrefs.
Página 9 - ?.] "in the Cottonian Library, as being esteemed the most valuable amongst the collection. Several entire presses, with the books in them, were also removed, but . . . several of the backs of the presses being already on fire, they were obliged to be broke open, and the books, as many as could be, were thrown out of the...
Página 209 - That the faid addrefs be prefented to his majefty by fuch members of this houfe, as are of his majefty's moft honourable privy-council.
Página 1 - ... to the House ; and he read the Report in his place ; and afterwards delivered it in at the clerk's table : Where the same was read ; and is as followeth ; viz.
Página 178 - Universities or with the said Lord Chancellor or Lord Keeper of the Great Seal for the time being or...
Página 9 - On Saturday Morning October 23, 1731. about two o'Clock, a great Smoak was perceived by Dr. Bentley, and the rest of the Family at Ashburnham House, which soon after broke out into a Flame: It began from a wooden Mantle-Tree's taking Fire, which lay across a Stove-Chimney, that was under the Room, where the MSS. of the Royal and Cottonian Libraries were lodged, and was communicated to that Room by the Wainscot, and by pieces of Timber, that stood perpendicularly upon each end of the Mantle-Tree.
Página 207 - Yorke reported from the Committee, appointed yefterday to draw up an addrefs to be prefented to His Majefty, that the Committee had drawn up an addrefs accordingly, which they had...

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