The complete works of the venerable Bede, accompanied by a new Engl. tr. of the historical works, and a life of the author, by J.A. Giles. (Patres Ecclesiæ Angl.).


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Página 241 - And as they were coming down from the mountain, Jesus commanded them, saying, Tell the vision to no man, until the Son of man be risen from the dead.
Página 365 - Some decorations and muniments there were which could not be procured even in Gaul, and these the pious founder determined to fetch from Rome; for which purpose, after he had formed the rule for his monastery, he made his fourth voyage to Rome, and returned loaded with more abundant spiritual merchandise than before. In the first place, he brought back a large quantity of books of all kinds ; secondly, a great number of relics of Christ's Apostles and martyrs, all likely to bring a blessing on many...
Página 403 - ... bears the marks of the iron tools within, but on the outside it is all covered with marble to the very top of the roof, which is adorned with gold, and bears a large golden cross. In the north part of the monument, the tomb of our Lord is hewed out of the same rock, seven feet in length, and three palms above the floor...
Página 265 - The building is almost of a round form, from wall to wall about four or five poles in extent : the wall on the outside is higher than a man, but within, by excavating the rock, he made it much deeper, to prevent the eyes and the thoughts from wandering, that the mind might be wholly bent on heavenly things, and the pious inhabitant might behold nothing from his residence but the heavens above him. The wall was constructed, not of hewn stones or of brick and mortar, but of rough stones and turf, which...
Página 363 - Were, on the left bank, in the 674th year of our Lord's incarnation, in the second indiction, and in the fourth year of King Egfrid's reign. After the interval of a year, Benedict crossed the sea into Gaul, and no sooner asked than he obtained and carried back with him some masons to build him a church in the Roman style, which he had always admired.
Página 271 - He had no sooner spoken, than all the flock of birds departed, and never more returned to feed upon that field. Thus in two...
Página 403 - ... great stone, which to this day bears the marks of the iron tools within, but on the outside it is all covered with marble to the very top of the roof, which is adorned with gold, and bears a large golden cross.
Página 374 - God, built by him within the greater monastery ; 2 he also displayed, for the monasterium ecclesiamque beati Pauli apostoli de concordia veteris et novi Testamenti summa ratione compositas exhibuit : verbi gratia, Isaac ligna quibus immolaretur portantem, et Dominum crucem in qua pateretur aeque portantem, proxima super invicem regione, pictura coniunxit. Item serpenti in heremo a Moyse exaltato, Filium hominis in cruce exaltatum comparavit.
Página 330 - Et meae, inquit, voluntatis erat hie requiescere corpore, ubi quantulumeunque pro Domino certamen certavi. — Sed et vobis quoque commodius esse arbitror, ut hie requiescam, propter incursionem profugorum vel noxiorum quorumlibet ; qui cum ad corpus meum forte confugerint, quia qualiscunque sum, fama tamen exiit de me quia famulus Christi sim, nccesse habetis saepius pro talibus apud potentes seculi intercedere, atque ideo de praesentia corporis mei multum tolerare laborem.
Página 247 - there is our handmaid, the eagle, that I spoke to you about. Run, and see what provision God hath sent us, and come again and tell me." The boy ran, and found a good-sized fish, which the eagle had just caught. But the man of God reproved him, "What have you done, my son? Why have you not given part to God's handmaid? Cut the fish in two pieces, and give her one, as her service well deserves." He did as he was bidden, and carried the other part with him on his journey. When the time for eating was...

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