Joannis Lelandi antiquarii De rebvs britannicis collectanea, Volumen2

apud Benj. White, 1774

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Página 637 - In the acting thereof they brought in five or six men almost naked, which were much...
Página 639 - Flagellifer," wherein the stage varied three times; they had all goodly antique apparel), but for all that, it was not acted so well by many degrees as I have seen it in Cambridge. The King was very weary before he came thither, but much more wearied by it, and spoke many words of dislike.
Página 565 - ... both before and behind with the Scottes. Yet for al that Gray with his men lightting apon foote set apon them with a wonderful corage, and killid mo of them than they did of thenglisch men.
Página 559 - Resurrextion. But al they that were capitayne of this covyne dyed after an il death. Alexander Ramsey, capitayne of this deade, dyed for hunger, put in prison for very envy that Wylliam Duglas bare hym. King Edwarde repayrid into England, and was in yeopardy of drouning at the Tamys mouth, and at his arrival...
Página 678 - Défendeur of the Faith, and of the Church of England, and alfo of Ireland, in ecthe the fupreme Hed. To all...
Página 649 - Minuter read • for the Noice thereof, alledginge that they can (read upon their Beades, as well as others upon their Books. And further, accordinge to the Number of their Churches and Chap...
Página 642 - There was an English play acted in the same place before the Queen and young Prince, with all the Ladies and Gallants attending the Court. It was penned by Mr. Daniel, and drawn out of Fidus Pastor, which was sometimes acted by King's College men in Cambridge. I was not there present, but by report it was well acted and greatly applauded. It was named " Arcadia Reformed 2 ." But early in the morning, before this play begun, viz.
Página 507 - The same night, beyng the 21. day of May, and Tuesday, at night, betwixt a xi. and xii. of the Clok, was King Henry, being Prisoner yn the Toure, put to Deth : the Duke of Glocestre and dyverse other beyng there that night.
Página 507 - And thens to Chirtefay Abbay yn a Bote, and there was byried in our Lady Chapel. At this cumming to London King Edwarde made thefe Knighttes of Aldermen : Syr John Stokton, Syr Rafe Verney, Syr Richard Lee, Syr John Young, Syr William Taylor, Syr George Ireland, Syr John Stoker, Syr Mattheu Philip, Syr William Hampton, Syr Thomas Stalbroke, Syr John Croíby, Syr Thomas Urfcwike Recorder of London.
Página 640 - Imo vero procedat hie, so he disputed again 'till the King cut him off. After he said to the Nobles about him, God keep this Fellow in a right course, he would prove a dangerous Heretick, he is the best Disputer that ever I heard.

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