Report of the Street Railway Commission to the City Council of the City of Chicago

J. F. Higgins, 1900 - 136 páginas

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Página 12 - No law shall be passed by the General Assembly, granting the right to construct and operate a Street Railroad within any city, town, or incorporated village, without requiring the consent of the local authorities having the control of the street or highway proposed to be occupied by such street Railroad.
Página 123 - That the legislative authority herein provided shall extend to all matters of a legislative character not locally inapplicable, including power to create, consolidate, and reorganize the municipalities so far as may be necessary, and to provide and repeal laws and ordinances therefor...
Página 87 - That all franchises or rights granted under this act shall forbid the issue of stock or bonds except in exchange for actual cash or for property at a fair valuation equal to the par value of the stock or bonds...
Página 123 - April twelfth, nineteen hundred, "temporarily to provide revenues and a civil government for Porto Rico, and for other purposes...
Página 113 - There is probably no possible system productive of only good results and in no respect open to criticism ; but, in fairness, the Committee found itself forced to conclude that the Massachusetts franchise, which might perhaps not improperly be termed a tenure during good behavior, would in its practical results compare favorably with any.
Página 123 - Provided, however, that all grants of franchises, rights, and privileges or concessions of a public or quasi-public nature shall be made by the Executive Council, with the approval of the Governor, and all franchises granted in Porto Eico shall be reported to Congress, which hereby reserves the power to annul or modify the same.
Página 34 - It is a general and undisputed proposition of law that a municipal corporation possesses and can exercise the following powers and no others: First, those granted in express words; second, those necessarily or fairly implied in or incident to the powers expressly granted; third, those essential to the declared objects and purposes of the corporation — not simply convenient but indispensable.
Página 32 - It is hereby declared to be the purpose and intention of the people of the City and County that its public utilities shall be gradually acquired and ultimately owned by the City and County.
Página 123 - ... issued; shall forbid the declaring of stock or bond dividends, and, in the case of publicservice corporations...
Página 27 - As the Massachusetts committee very clearly and very correctly points out, the street car, in evolutionary development, is ' nothing more nor less than an improved omnibus, and the tramway a special feature in the pavement of the public way; a feature adapted, it is true, to the car's special use, but not necessarily excluding from general use the portion of the street in which it is laid. This is all the street railway was fifty years ago, when first laid; it is all it is now, — an improved line...

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