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Woo. 33...... - ***.*. #o o o 39,878,684 48 -> -- 4th series. 21,461,941 06 r kold deposited.......... " ................ 34.547.1.20 no - - -o-o-o-o-o-on-mantinued. --- o, WIYi Iso-oom' ? statement or IRE Purulu urbi vo'o""" Recapitulation. Amount outstand- Interest. Totals. 1ng. Debt bearing interest in coin: Bonds at 5 per cent.................................“......................................................... $221,589,300 00 Bonds at 6 per cent 1,886,361,400 00 $2,107,950,700 00 $49,647,032 38 Debt bearing interest in lawful money: Certificates at 3 per cent -- ---------------------------------------------------------------- 45,545,000 00 Navy pension fund, at 3 per cent...... 14,000,000 00 59,545,000 00 487,993 57

Debt on which interest has ceased since maturity 3,647,367 35

Debt bearing no interest:
Demand and legal-tender notes
Fractional currency
Certificates of gold deposited

356,106.256 00
---- 39,878.684 43
34,547,120 00

430.532,060 48

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2,001,675,127 83

Total debt, principal and interest, to date, including interest due and unpaid

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Amount in Treasury:
Sinking fu
Other United States coin interest bonds purchased, and accrued interest thereon...

Debt, less amount in the Treasury...............?....................
Debt, less amount in the Treasury on the 1st ultimo.

Decrease of debt during the past month................ ------------------------- ---------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------

Decrease of debt since March 1, 1870

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Bonds issued to the Pacific Railroad Companies, Interest payable in Lawful Money.

Authorizing acts. Character of issue. Rate of in- Amount out- | When redeemable or |Interest payable. Interest ac-| Interest paid Interest repaid | Balance of inter-
terest. standing. payable. crued and by United by transportat'n est paid by Uni-
not yet paid. States. of mails, &c. ted States.
July 1, 1862, and July Bonds, (Union Pacific 6 per cent. $27,075,000 00 | Payable 30 years from January 1 and $812,250 00 $2,891,729 85 $1,289,576 87 $1,602,152 98
2, 1864. Company.) date. July 1.
July 1, 1862, and July Bonds, (Ioansas Pa- || 6 per cent. 6,303,000 00 Payable 30 years from January 1 and 189,000 00 1,023,903 09 684,359 12 330,543 97
2, 1864. cific, late U. P., E. date. July 1.
July 1, 1862, and July Bonds, (Sioux City | 6 per cent. 1,628,320 00 Payable 30 years from January 1 and 48,849 60 145,358 29 396 08 144,962 21
2, 1864. and Pacific.) date. July 1.
July 1, 1862, and July Bonds, (Central Pa-| 6 per cent. 25,881,000 00 | Payable 30 years from January 1 and 770,605 78 2,491,744 26 164,054 17 2,327,690 09
2, 1864. cific.) date. July 1.
July 1, 1862, and July Bonds,(Cent’l Branch | 6 per cent. 1,600,000 00 | Payable 30 years from | January 1 and 48,000 00 253,808 26 7,401 92 246,406 34
2, 1864. Union Pacific, as- date. July 1.
signees of Atchison
and Pike's Peak.)
July 1, 1862, and July Bonds, (Western Pa- || 6 per cent. 1,970,000 00 Payable 30 years from January 1 and 57,966 40 73,288 76 |.... 73,288 76
2, 1864. cific.) date. July 1.
Total issued.....................................----------------------- 64,457,320 00 |......................... - ------- - --------------------------- 1,926,761 78 6,879,832 51 2,145,788 16 4,734,044 35

Thoregoing is a correct statement of the public debt, as appears from the books and Treasurer's returns in the department at the close of business on the last day of

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Secretary of the Treasury.

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T, Jos. C, motion on currency bill, 588.
iRioz-i of Virginia. Mississippi, and Texas, 572-579.
avs, Amos Tl Attorney General, 507.
Ma, vote on XVth amendment, 057.

Wm. B., motion on currency bill, 504.
Ument, XIVtb, text of, 548j XVth, ratifying votes,
Yoo.Uunation, bills enforcing and votes thereon,
lu—57-i; votes of 'tates on, 507-562.
Dme.nts, bill to regulate mode of ratifying consti-
itional, 621.
K6ty, general, 582.
an %\On Ml Xt, 5-3-555.
Ki>"a Anl, Currency, 586-596.
Ks. Nathaniel P., reports Cuban resolution. 019.
U', right of the United ."-tatcs to tax State, 5J3-530;
ight of States to tax National, 530-532.
Ud, Tbos. F., funding motion, 601; motion to tax
ondss, tiU7.

. J Ami.a IJ., substitute for Mississippi bill, 577; for
exas bill, 579; motion to tax interest on bonds,

Nap, "william W., Secretary of War. 507.
UtM, Jons A., reports enforcing bill, 550; substi-
ute for Virginia oill, 574; proviso to Georgia bill.
II; motion on Cuban resolution, 620; substitute
Mpr same, O-il; reports bill to regulate mode of rati- constitutional amendments. 621.
|kne, James G., Speaker House of .Representatives,

R, Austin, funding motion, C02.
,s, purchasing, 5So.
An,iAi'TuuR l.. funding motion, 601.

, George S , 'ecretary of the Treasury, 507.
y^Justico, 523.

Am, William A., motions on funding bill, 600.
Rl> -horatio ('., motion on currency bill, 594.
xj. F-, reports Texas bill with conditions,
motion on funding bill, 603; reports bill for
^ppstorat ion of Georgia; reports Senate amendment
$ **q) Georgia bill, 614.

^et Ok Presidtnt Grant, 507-
,k *s>,:ni*. vote on XVth amendment, 557.

wton, S,mon, proviso to Northern Pacific Railroad
;«J4l,5Cs funding motion, 101.

^(ELLjJ Vmes H., reports Union Pacific Railroad bill,

*~*!*te'u Matthew C, motion on enforcing bill, 556,
motion on enlorcing bill, 556
3 .; in Pacific Railroad bill, 568; on currency

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otion on amnesty, 5S2.
'(ler^zauiiA,:iaii, motion on currency bill, 589
Ltujjj Chief Justice, 523; opinion of United States Su-
£ 'erne Court on validity of contracts in Confeder-
ate money, 50J-5U; on constitutionality of legal-
Mndoir clause as to prior contracts, 512-519; on
^l,tjof United States Government to tax State
JpkS,' 528-,28.

*ic Naturalization, direct vote in the Senate on, 619.


§!, Sydney, motion on Northern Pacific Railroad
'■ |0.

itstice, 52:3.

m Jl-iix, motions on Northern Pacific Railroad
S;i.5si; apportionment proposition, 5S5; motiou
K^uJiTency bill 594; on funding bill, 602.
«*., Sqhuyler, Vice President, and President of the

s, o07.

message as to, 540-541.

Tt Monet, on the validity of contracts in, 509-

>o^Rr1sc E. motion on currency bill, 588, 589; to
ut income tax, 6u7, ous; reports natural iza-
l substitute. 6f8.
HiTln.s Of Lllinois, new, 621.

intivi,. Amendment, text XVth, 545, 546; text
lVtj,, .us?; votes of Stales on XVth. 557-562.

Amendments, bill to regulate mode of

tuq1,nAMiY "F Leqal-trndfr Clause, ns it relates
eoitracts made prior to its adoption, 511-523.
ci^jiN Confederate Monet, on the validity of. 509-

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Ptti'ju To Adaption of Legal-tender Clause, 511-

Cordett, Henry W., motion on funding bill Ijm/

Cox. ./acor D., Secretary of the Interior, 50?'.

Cox, Simuel S . general amnesty resolution, fi?2; mocuti

on income tax 605.
Creswell, John A. .T., Postmaster Genera"^ 507.
fim\, message as to, 542-544.
Curan Question, 619.

Currency, increasing the,580, 581; backing Rlq, uSd-

Davis, Garrett, motion on enforcing bill,555; currency
bill, 5S9; financial bill, 599; incorn tax. 60S.

Davis Noam, funding bill motions, 603j004; introduces
naturalization bill, 618.

Davis. Justice, 623.

Dawes, Henry L., moves substitute to Georgia bill, 01 I.

Di.Br. act to authorize the refunding of the national,
597; statements of national, 627-6S0.

Decisions, judicial, 6t.9-532.

Del A Ware, vote on XVth amendment, 557.

Dickey. Oliver J., motion on Georgia bill, 615.

Dout;l\s, Stephen A., introduces Il/iaois Central Rail-
road bill, 564.

Drakr, Charles D., amendment to Virginia bill, 575;
motion on apportionment biH,",84; on Georgia bill,

Edmunds, George V.. proviso to Vi -fcinia admission bill,
f.75; motion as to apportionment, 584; income tax,
60S; gross receipts. 60S; Gt,Mgia bill. 6t4.

Ela, J Acor H., motion on Noitnem Pacific Railroad bill,

/•*ldi:h,ge. Cms. A , motion oy Ciban resolution, 620.
Enforcing Act, text of and n tion upon, 546-550.
Faunswortii, John P., repoi a Virginia bill, 573; motion

on Georgia bill, 615.
Fenian Lnvasion, proelaiT.fJJtn against. 514.
Ferries. Oranoe, re sol u tic 11 As to validity of XlVth and

XVth amendments, ti'S'S.
Field, Justice. 523.

Fish. Hamilton, Secretary of State. 507; certificate rati-
fication XVth amnrdment. 515, 546.

Fifteenth Amendment, cotes of States on. 557-562; proc-
lamation of ratific ation. 5f5. 546; bills to enforce,
and votes thereon. 546-550; House vote on validity
of, 583.

Fourteenth Amendment act enforcing XVth and, 546-

550; House vote on validity of, 5s3.
Funding Acr, 597.

Garfield, J Oirs A., resolution condemning repudiation,
579; substitute for i-urrency bill, 591; motion on,

Genervl Amnesty. 582,

Georgia, vote on XVth amendment, 557; reconstruction
and restoration of, 609-61.'.

Oohham. Georg:-: 0,, Secretary of the Senate. 507.

Grant. President, first annual message, 533-540; special
messages, on commerce. 540,541; urging ratifica-
tion of San Domingo treaty, 541.542; Cuban affairs,
542-544; proclamation against Fenian invasion.544;
announcing ratification XVth amendment, 515;
message on European war and American ship-
ping, 616.

Grants, land, 563-572, 625.

Grier, Justice. 5 3.

G His Wold, John A., funding motion. 603.

Hamlin, Lunnidal, motion on enforcing bill, 555; on

funding, 6(t0: on Georgia bill, 613; naturalization

bill, 619.

Hamilton, Wm. T., motion to tax interest on public debt,

Harlan, James, motion on Northern Pacific Railroad
bill, 567.

Hawley, Juiin B., motion on Northern Pacific Railroad

bill, 568; as to income tax. 605.
Hendricks, William, reports Wabash and Erie Canal

bill, 563.

Uo\n, K Uockwood, Attorney General, 507.

Holman, William S , resolution as to land-grant policy,

572; funding motions, 602, 603; as to taxation of

bonds, C05.

Howard, .(acr M, motion on enforcing bill. 556; on
funding bill, COu.

How, Timothy 0. motion on currency bill, 59!; on nat-
uralization. 81U; motions on funding, 601.

Uowrll, James Ii., proviso on Northern Pacific Railroad
bill. 568.

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Illinois, new constitution of, 621; Central Railroad bill,

Income Tax, 605.

Indiana, Republican platform for 1870,622; Democratic,


Ingersoll. Eron C, substitute for currency bill, 593,
594; introduces currency bill, 596; funding mo-
tions, 602, 603. 604.

Internal Revenue Statistics, 626.

Internal Tax And Tariff, 605.

Iowa, vote on XVth amendment. 558.

Jones. Alexander H.. introduces apportionment bill, 583.

Jut.d, Norman B.. motion on apportionment, 585; on cur-
rency, 594; on funding, 603.

Judicial Decisions, 509-532.

Kellogg, Wm. P.. motion on currency bill. 589.

Kklsry, William H., motion on tariff, 581; on appor-
tionment bill, 584.

Lands, 625.

Land SUBSlDlES, 563-572, 625.

Lawrence, William, motion on Northern Pacific Rail-
road bill, 571; on Georgia bill, 615.

Legal-tender Clause, as it relates to prior contracts,

Logan, John A.,motion on Cuban resohition, 620.
Loughiudoe, William, resolution on increasing cur-
rency, 530.

Lynch, John, substitute to currency bill. 594.
Marshall. Samuel S., resolutions on tariff, 581, 582; on

apportionment, 5S5; on fund ins; bill, 602.
Maryland, vote on XVth amendment, 558.
M\yh.t«,Stuphen L„ funding motion, 60-'.
M\ynaro, Horace, funding motion. 604.
"mccarthy, Denms, motion to abolish income tax, 606.
Mcneei.y, Thompson W.. resolution as to purchase of

bonds, 5S0: as to issue of greenbacks, 596
MfPHt.RSOn, Edward, Cleric Uouse of Representatives,


Message Of President Grant, first annual, 533-540: on
commerce, 640, 541; San Domingo treaty, 541, 542:
Cuban affairs, 542-544; ratification of XVth amend-
'ment, 545; European war and American shipping,

Miller, Justice, dissenting opinion in Hepburn vs.
Griswold, 519-523; opinion of United States Su-
preme Court on the right ol States to tax National
Banks, 530-532.

Minnesota, vote on XVth amendment, 558. •

Mississippi, vote on XVth amendment, 55S-559; text
and votes on act to admit, 576-577; under civil au-
thority, 579.

Missouri, vote on XVth amendment, 559.

Morgan, George W., substitute to currency bill, -93.

Morrill, Justin S., motion on currency bill, 591; on
funding bill, 600.

Morton, Oliver P., motion on enforcing bill, 555;
amendment to Virginia bill.'76; motions on cur-
rency. 588-590; on funding bill, 600.601; on Georgia
bill, 611, 612.

Muxgen, William, funding motion, 603.

National Bank Notes, increase of, &c., 580,

National Dert, act to authorize the refunding of the,
597: statements, 627-030.

Naturalization Laws, act to amend and punish crimes
against. 61

Nerraska, vote on XVth amendment, 559.

Nelson, Justice. 523; dissenting opinion in the Veazie
Bank vs. Jeremiah Fenno, 528-530.

New Hampshire, vote on XVth amendment, 559.

New York, vote on XVth amendment, 560.

Northern Pacific Kiilroad bills, 565-567.

Notes, increase of National Bank. 1fcc, 586.

Ohio, vote on XVth amendment, 500; Democratic plat-
form, 624.

Platforms, 622-624.

Pomsrot, Samuel C, motions on Georgia bill, 612-614.
Pool, John, motions on enforcing bill, 555, 550.
Potter, Cuhkson N.. motion as to income tax, 605.
pr.LiR Contracts in coin. 511-523.

I"hocl\mation against Fenian invasion of Canada, 514.
Puiilio L\ni,3 statistics as to, 625.

Iumset. Alexander, introduces Northern Pacific Rail-
road resolution, 567.

Han:»all. Simuel J., motion on Northern Pacific Rail-
road bill, 570; substitute for currency bill, 592.

Keg. N<tructiun of Virginia, Mississippi, and Texas,
572-579; of Georgia, act to promote and votes
thereon, 609-615.

Reeves, Henry A., resolution abolish ingtariff on salt, 582.

Representation, apportionment, 583-585.

Repudiation, 579, 580.

Resolutions on repudiation, 579; purchasing bonds,
5S0; increasing currency, 5S0; tariff, 581; general
amnesty, 582; apportionment, 583-585.

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Scofield, Glensi Vv„ motions on

on currency bill, 596.
Scott. John,motion on enforcing biU

Pacific Railroad bill. 568.
Sbekman, J.uin, motion on Texas bill.

rency bill.587; motions to strike <o%
5SS; on currency bill, 5S9, CO.1; it£o
bill. 59S; motions thereon. C00; a»W
ceipts, 607; on Georgia bill, 613. \&
Shields, James, reports Illinois Central

Shipping, message of President Grant c\

war and American shipping, 616.
Smith. Joseph 8., motion on currency bill,
Spink, S. L., resolution on tariff, 5S1.
State Banks, right of United States Gove:

tax, 523-530.
State Platforms, 622-624.
State Taxati .a of national banks, 530-532.
Statistical Tarle—Public lands, revenue, and'

debt statements, 025-630.
Stewart, William M., moves substitute to eil-

bill, 5".2; funding motion, 601
Stokes, Willi Vm motion as to disability billj
Strong, Justice, 523.
Sursidies, land, 563-572.

Sumner, Charles, motion on currency bill. 5S9;
from naturalization laws the word "wlv


Supreme Court. United States, 523,

SWAYnK, Justice, 523. 4

T.\1 Iff, 5sl; internal tax and, 605. .

Tax And Tariff, internal, 605.

Taxation, of national banks by State gov;

530-532; of State banks by United StatA

ment, 523-530; receipts from and reduetil
Tennessee, vote on XVth amendment, 560.
Texas, text of and votes on act to admit, 577,57]

civil authority, 579; vote on XVth amd

560." \

Thuhman, Allen G., amendments to Northerc

Railroad bill. 567, 56S; motion on curre;

590; to tax interest on bonds, 607.
Townsrnd, Washington, funding motion, 603.
Treaty, message as to San Domingo, 541, 542. j
Trumrull, Lyman, reports apportionment l

moves to amend, 584; moves direct vote }

on Chinese naturalization, 619.
Union Pacific Railroad bill, 561,505,
Validity, of contracts in Confederate money

of XlVth and XVth amendments, 583.
Vermont, vote on XVth amendment, 560.
Vilkxrs, George, motion on enforcing bill, 55'

rency bill, 5S9.
Virginia* act of admission and votes on, 57

to amend said act, 576; under civil auth.

vote on XVth amendment, 560.
Warash And Lhib Canal bill, 503.
Ward, Hamilton, motion on currency resolut;

resolution abolishing tariff on coal, 582.
Warner, Wii.lard, motion on currency bill, 581

amendment to naturalization bill, 619.
Wavnu, Justice, 523.

Welerr, M Artin, motion on Northern Pacific
bill, 569.

Whittemore, B. Frank, motion as to perjury, -
Willey, Waitman T.. motion on enforcing oil

Mississippi bill, 577. j
Williams, George H., motion on enforcing hi!.

Georgia bill, 612; as to naturalization of


Williams, William, motion on Northern Pat
road bill. 572; resolution as to currency,

Wilson, Henrt, amendment to Virginia bill,
tiou on Northern Pacific Railroad bill,507
rency bill. 590; funding, 600, 601; incomt
Georgia bill, 612.

Wood, Fern Ando, moves to admit Texas with*
tions, 578; motion on tariff, 581; on fun

Woodward, George W., motion to tax bonds,

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