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Stereotyped By McGILL & WITHERow, Washington, D. C.

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The record contained in the Manual for 1870, extending from July 15, 1869, to July 15, 1870, is full of importance to all interested in public affairs.

The Judicial Decisions contained in it, touch questions both difficult and delicate, and the final action on the XVth Amendment, and the Act for its enforcement, together with the restoration of the remaining States, close a struggle among the most memorable in human annals.

The chapter on Land Subsidies is the record of the opening of a new question, which promises to enter largely into the political movements of the day.

The Financial legislation will attract attention, as well from the variety of subjects embraced within it, as the extent of the interests involved.

The fullness with which the facts are gathered and presented, will, it is hoped, be satisfactory to all who have occasion to consult these pages.

In the votes, the names of Eepublicans are printed in roman, those of all others in italics.

Edward Mcpherson.

Washington, July 15,1870.

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L. Members of Cabinet of President Grant and
of 41st Congress, 2d Session 1-2

LI. Judicial Decisions of United States Supreme
Court 3-26

On the Validity of Contracts in Confederate
Money — Constitutionality of Legal-Tender
Clause as it relates to contracts made prior to
its adoption—Right of United States Govern-
ment to Tax State Banks—Right of State Gov-
ernments to Tax National Banks.

LII. President Grant's First Annual and Special
Messages, and Proclamation 27-38

First Annual Message—Messages, recom-
mending early action toward Increase of our
Commerce—Urging Ratification of San Do-
mingo Treaty—On Cuban Affairs—Proclama-
"tion against Fenian Invasion of Canada.

MIL Fifteenth Amendment 39-56

Special Message on Ratification—Certificate
as to Ratification—Act Enforcing XlVth and
XVth Amendments—Yea and Nay Votes of
State Legislatures on XVth Amendment.

LIV. Land Subsidies, 1827-1870 57-66

Grant to Indiana in aid of Wabash and Erie
Canal—To Illinois for Illinois Central Rail-
road—To Union Pacific Railroad Company—
To Northern Pacific Railroad.

LT. BeBtoration of Virginia, Mississippi, and
Texas 66-73

Act to admit Virginia—To admit Mississippi—
To admit Texas—Various Propositions and
Votes thereon.

LVL Declaratory Resolutions 73-79

On Repudiation—Purchase of United States
Bonds — Increasing the Currency — Tariff-

General Amnesty—Validity of the XTVth and
XVth Amendments—Reapportionment of Con-
gressional Representation.

LVII. Banking and Curroncy 80-90

Act Providing for Redemption of Three Per
Cent. Temporary Loan Certificates and for an
Increase of National Bank Notes, and Propo-
sitions offered during its pendency, with Votes

LVIII. The Funding Act 91-98

Act to Authorize Refunding of the National
Debt, with Propositions offered during pend-
ency thereof, and Votes thereon.

LIX. Internal Tax and Tariff 99-103

Propositions offered during pendency of Tax
and Tariff Measures, with Votes thereon, and
amount of Reduction of Taxes thereunder.

LX. Restoration of Georgia 103-109

Act to Promote the Reconstruction of the
State of Georgia—Act Restoring the State of
Georgia—Propositions and Votes thereon.

LXI. Miscellaneous 110-118

President's Message on European War and
American Shipping—Act to Amend the Natu-
ralization Laws, with Chinese, and other Prop-
ositions and Votes thereon—The Cuban Ques-
tion, with Propositions and Votes—Bill Regu-
lating Ratification of Constitutional Amend-
ments—New Constitution of Illinois—Plat-
forms of Indiana and Ohio.

LXII. Statistical Tables,.- 119-124

Area of Land States; Land Granted, Sold, and
otherwise disposed of; Land Remaining —
Revenue Receipts and Reductions—National

Debt. Statement"t.




Secretary of StateHamilton Fish, of New York.

Secretary of the TreasuryGeokge S. Boutwell,

of Massachusetts. Secretary of WarWm. W. Belknap, of Iowa* Secretary of the NavyGeorge M. Roreson, of

New Jersey. Secretary of the InteriorJacob D. Cox, of Ohio. Postmaster GeneralJohn A. J. Cbeswell, of


Attorney GeneralAmos T. Akebman, of Georgia-t


Second Session, December 6,1869—July 15,1870.

Schuyler Colfax, of Indiana, Vice President of the United States and President of the Senate.

George C. Gorham, of California, Secretary.

Maine—Lot M. Morrill,! Hannibal Hamlin.

New Hampshire—Aaron H. Cragin, James W. Patterson.

Vermont—Justin S. Morrill, George F. Edmunds. Massachusetts—Henry Wilson, Charles Sumner. Rhode Island—Henry B. Anthony, William Sprague.

Connecticut—Orris S. Ferry, William A. Buckingham.

New York—Roscoe Conkling, Reuben E. Fenton. New Jersey—Alexander G. Cattell, John P. Stockton.

Pennsylvania—Simon Cameron, John Scott. Delaware—Willard Saulsbury, Thomas F. Bayard.

Maryland—George Vickers, William T. Hamilton.

Virginia^—John W. Johnston, John F. Lewis. North Carolina—John C. Abbott, John Pool.

♦Qualified October 18,1869, in place of John A. Rawlins, deceased September 8,1869.

-[Qualified July 8,1870, in place of E. R. Hoar, resigned.

^Qualified December 6,1869, in place of William Pitt Fessenden, deceased.

J Mr. Lewis qualified January 27,1870; Mr. Johnston, January 28.

South Carolina—Thomas J. Robertson, Frederick

A Sawyer. Georgia.—Not represented. Alabama—Willard Warner, George E.Spencer. Mississippi*—Hiram R. Revels, Adelbert Ames. Louisiana—John S. Harris, William P. Kellogg. Ohio—John Sherman, Allen G. Thurman. Kentucky—Thomas 0. McCreery, Garrett Davis. Tennessee—Joseph S. Fowler, William G. Br&wn


Indiana—Oliver P. Morton, Daniel D. Pratt. Illinois—Richard Yates, Lyman Trumbull. Missouri—Charles D. Drake, Carl Schurz. Arkansas—Alexander McDonald, Benjamin F. Rice.

Michigan—Jacob M. Howard, Zachariah Chandler.

Florida—Thomas W. Osborn, Abijah Gilbert. Texasf—Morgan C. Hamilton, James W. Flanigan.

Iowa—James B. Howell, J James Harlan. Wisconsin—Timothy O. Howe, Matthew H. Carpenter.

California—Cornelius Cole, Eugene Casserly. Minnesota—Daniel S. Norton, § Alex'r Ramsey. Oregon—George H. Williams, Henry W. Corbett. Kansas—Edmund G. Ross, Samuel C. Pomeroy. West Virginia—Waitman T. Willey, Arthur I. Boreman.

Nevada—James W. Nye, William M. Stewart. Nebraska—John M. Thayer, Thomas W. Tipton.

House of Representatives.

James G. Blaine, of Maine, Speaker.

Edward McPherson, of Pennsylvania, Clerk.

Maine—John Lynch, Samuel P. Morrill, James G. Blaine, John A. Peters, Eugene Hale.

New Hampshire—Jacob H. Ela, Aaron F. Stevens, Jacob Benton.

Vermont—Charles W. Willard, Luke P. Poland, Worthington C. Smith.

Massachusetts—James Buffinton, Oakes Ames,

*Mr. Revels qualified February 25,1870; Mr. Ames, April 1, 1870. J Qualified March 31,1870.

^Qualified January 26, 1870, in place of James W Grimes, resigned. § Died July 14,1870.

Ginery Twichell, Samuel Hooper, Benjamin F. Butler, Nathaniel P. Banks, George M. Brooks* George F. Hoar, William B. Washburn, Henry L. Dawes.

Rhode Island,—Thomas A. Jenckes, Nathan F. Dixon.

Connecticut—Julius L. Strong, Stephen W. Kellogg, Henry H. Starkweather, William H. Barnum.f

New York—Henry A. Beeves, John G. Schumaker, Henry W. Slocum, John Fox, John Morrissey, Samuel S. Cox,f Hervey C. Calkin, James Brooks, Fernando Wood, Clarkson N. Potter, Charles H. Van Wyck.t John H. Ketcham, John A. Griswold, Stephen L. Mayham, Adolphus H. Tanner, Orange Ferriss, William A. Wheeler, Stephen Sanford, Charles Knapp, Addison H. Laflin, Alexander H. Bailey, John C. Churchill, Dennis McCarthy, George W. Cowles, William H. Kelsey, Giles W. Hotchkiss, Hamilton Ward, Noah Davis, John Fisher, David S. Bennett, Porter Sheldon.

New Jersey—William Moore, Charles Haight, John T. Bird, John Hill, Orestes Cleveland.

Pennsylvania^—Samuel J. Randall, Charles O'Neill, Leonard Myers, William D. Kelley, Caleb N. Taylor, John D. Stiles, Washington Townsend, J. Lawrence Getz, Oliver J. Dickey, Henry L. Cake, Daniel M. Van Auken, George W. Woodward, Ulysses Mercur, John B. Packer, Bichard J. Haldeman, John Cessna, Daniel J. Morrell, William H. Armstrong, Glenni W. Scofield, Calvin W. Gilfillan, John Covode, James S. Negley, Darwin Phelps, Joseph B. Donley.

Delaware—-Benjamin T. Biggs.

Maryland—Samuel Hambleton, Stevenson Archer, Thomas Swann, Patrick Hamill, Frederick Stone.

Virginia\\—Richard S. Ayer, James H. Piatt, jr., Charles H. Porter, George W. Booker, Robert Ridgway, William Milnes, jr., Lewis McKenzie, James K. Gibson.

North Carolina^—Clinton L. Cobb, (vacancy,) Oliver H. Dockery, (vacancy,) Israel G. Lash, Francis E. Shober, Alexander H. Jones.

South Carolina**—(Vacancy,) C. C. Bowen, Solomon L. Hoge, Alexander S. Wallace.

Georgia—Not represented.

Alabamaff—Alfred E. Buck, Charles W. Buckley, Robert S. Heflin, Charles Hays, Peter M. Dox, William C. Sherrod.

Mississippi—George E. Harris, J. L. Morphis,

* Qualified December 6, 1869, in place of George S. Boutwell. resigned, j- Qualified December 6,1869.

J Qualified February 17,187U, in place of George W. Greene, unseated February 16—yeas 120. nays 59.

g Mr. Covode qualified February 9, 1870. Mr. Taylor, April 13,1870, in place of John R. Reading, unseated— yeas 112, nays 46.

|| Messrs. Piatt,Ridgway,Milnes,andPorterqualified January 27, 1870; Mr Gibson, January 28; Messrs. Ayer and McKenzie, January 31; Mr. Booker, February 1.

1j John T. Deweese resigned February 28,1870. Mr. Shober qualified April 13, 1870. David Heaton died June 25, 1870.

** B. F. Whittemore resigned February 24,1870; reelected, and, June 21, refused admittance by a vote of 130 to 24. Mr Wallace qualified May 27, 1870.

ft Messrs. Buck and Buckley qualified December 6, 1869. Messrs. Dox, Hays, Sherrod, and Heflin, December 7.

*::!: Messrs. Harris, Morphis, MeKee, and Perce,qualified February 23,1S7U. Mr. Barry, April 8.

Henry W. Barry, George C., Legrand W. Perce.

Louisiana*—(Vacancy,) Lionel A. Sheldon, C. B. Darrall, Joseph P. Newsham (vacancy.)

Ohio—Peter W. Strader, Job E. Stevenson, Robert C. Schenck, William Lawrence, William Mungen, John A. Smith, James J. Winans, John Beatty, Edward F. Dickinson, Erasmus D. Peck.f John T. Wilson, Philadelph Van Trump, George W. Morgan, Martin Welker, Eliakim H. Moore, John A. Bingham, Jacob A. Ambler, William H. Upson, James A. Garfield.

Kentucky—Lawrence S. Trimble, William N. Sweeny, Joseph H. Ijewis, % J. Proctor Knott, Boyd Winchester, Thomas L. Jones, James B. Beck, George M. Adams, John M. Rice.

Tennessee—Roderick R. Butler, Horace Maynard, William B. Stokes, Lewis Tillman, William F. Prosser, Samuel M. Arnell, Isaac R. Hawkins, William J. Smith.

Indiana—William E. Niblack, Michael C. Kerr, William S. Holman, George W. Julian, John Coburn, Daniel W. Voorhees, Godlove S. Orth, James N. Tyner, John P. C. Shanks, William Williams, Jasper Packard.

Illinois—Norman B. Judd, John F. Farnsworth, Horatio C. Burchard, ^ John B. Hawley, Ebon C. Ingersoll, Burton C. Cook, Jesse H. Moore, Shelby M. Cullom, Thompson W. McNeely, Albert G. Burr, Samuel S. Marshall, John B. Hay, John M. Crebs, John A. Logan.

Missouri—Erastus Wells, Gustavus A. Finkelnburg, James R. McCormick, Sempronins H. Boyd, Samuel S. Burdett, Robert T. Van Horn, Joel F. Asper, John F. Benjamin, David t. Dyer.

Arkansas—Logan H. Roots, Anthony A. C. Rogers, Thomas Boles.

Michigan—Fernando C. Beaman, William L. Stoughton, Austin Blair, Thomas W. Ferry, Omar D. Conger, Randolph Strickland.

Florida—Charles M. Hamilton.

Texas\\— G. W. Whitmore, John C. Conner, W. T. Clark, Edward Degener.

Iowa—George W. McCrary, William Smyth, William B. Allison, William Loughridge, Frank W- Palmer, Charles Pomeroy.

Wisconsin—Halbert E. Paine, David Atwood.fl Amasa Cobb, Charles A. Eldridge, Philetus Sawyer, Cadwalader C. Washburn.

California—Samuel B. Axtell, Aaron A. Sargent, James A. Johnson.

Minnesota—Morton S. Wilkinson, Eugene M. Wilson.

Oregon—Joseph S. Smith.

Kansas—Sidney Clarke.

West Virginia—Isaac H. Duval, James C. Mo-
Grew, John S. Witcher.
Nevada—Thomas Fitch.
Nebraska—John Taffe.

* Mr. Newsham admitted May 21,1870—yeas 79, nays 71; qualified May 23. Mr. Darrall admitted July 6, 1870—yeas 96, navs 77; qualified same dav.

tQualified April 23, 1870, in place of Truman H. Hoag, deceased.

J Mr. Golladay resigned February 28, 1870. Mr. Lewis qualified as his successor May 10,1870.

g Qualified December 6, 1869, in place of E. B. wasnburne, resigned.

|| Qualified March 31, 1870.

•j Qualified February 23,1870, in place of Benjamin F. Hopkins, deceased.

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