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SEC. 19. In all elections for city officers, the Mayor shall Proclamation of election. issue a proclamation to the voters of the city, or to the several wards, as the case may require, naming the time and place for each election, and the officers to be elected, and cause a copy to be posted up in three of the most public places in the city, or published in some newspaper printed in the city, at least ten days previous to such election. Within two days after the election, the judges of the election shall make return to the board of the City Council, who shall examine them at their next meeting, and cause an abstract of the votes to be recorded, and direct the Recorder to inform the persons elected of their election.


SEC. 20. No member of the City Council shall be eligi-Aldermen inble to any office within the gift of the City Council, during the term for which he is elected, nor shall he be interested directly or indirectly in the profits of any contract or job of work, or service to be performed, and a violation of this section shall work a vacancy in such office.


SEC. 21. Ordinances passed by the City Council, shall Publication of be signed by the Mayor and attested by the Recorder, and before they take effect, be published in one or more newspapers printed in the city, and a copy shall be preserved in a book kept for that purpose.

SEC. 22. The said city of Mt. Pleasant shall constitute Road district. one road district, and the City Council shall have power, in addition to the taxes otherwise authorized, to levy road taxes, not exceeding the amount allowed by law to be levied by the county court for like purposes, and they may provide for the payment and collection of the same, in the same manner, as that provided for the collection of county road taxes, or in the manner other city taxes are collected. They may also direct in what manner such taxes shall be expended on the streets and alleys of said city, and all persons and property rightfully taxed within said city, in accordance with this section, shall thereby be exempt from all taxes to that extent for roads to the county; and the city Council is hereby invested with full power and authority to receive from the county treasurer all road revenue belonging to the city, and receipt for the same, which shall be the treasurer's voucher.

Sub officers.

Cominon schools.


SEC. 23. The City Council may appoint in such manner as it determines, and during its pleasure, street commissioners, a clerk of the market, city surveyor, health officers, and such other officers as it deems advisable, and may prescribe their duties, powers and qualifications, and may prescribe for the election of such officers by the citizens. When a vacancy occurs in any of the elective city officers, the Council may fill the vacancy by appointment of record until the next election, and qualification of the successor, and in all cases in the absence or inability of the Recorder to act, his place may be filled temporarily, or for the unexpired term, at the pleasure of the Council.

SEC. 24. The City Council is hereby invested with full control and authority over the common schools in said city, and shall receive and disburse all the school tax levied upon property within said city, or received from the school fund for distribution therein, and shall be vested with all the powers granted and enumerated in chapter 69 of the code of Iowa, in relation to school districts.

SEC. 25. The City Council shall have power to make all of the city. ordinances which shall be necessary and proper for the gov

ernment of the city, and the carrying out and putting in force and effect the powers specified and granted in this charter, not inconsistent with the constitution of the State of Iowa, or the United States. The style of all ordinances Style of ordin-shall be: "Be it enacted by the City Council of the city of Mt. Pleasant."


Ordinances evidence.


SEC. 26. All ordinances and by-laws passed by the City Council, signed by the Mayor and attested by the Recorder, and published according to law, shall be sufficient to allow the same to be read and received in evidence in all actions and suits in any court in this State, or when said ordinances, by laws and regulations shall be published in book or pamphlet form, and purporting to be published by authority of the corporation, the same shall be received in evidence in all courts and places without further proof.

SEC. 27. The present charter of the town of Mt. Pleasant shall become void and be superseded by the taking effect of this charter.


SEC. 28. That said city shall have power to subscribe to Stock in rail road compathe capital stock of any rail road company and may pay the same with bonds of the city, and shall be empowered and required to levy and collect all the necessary taxes, to pay the principal and interest of said bonds; Provided, such subscription shall be authorized by a majority vote of the legal voters of said city, cast at an election ordered for that purpose.

SEC. 29. This act to take effect and be in force from and Take effect. after it publication in the Mt. Pleasant Observer, and Home Journal, but not at the expense of the State.

APPROVED, July 15th 1856.

I certify that the foregoing act was published in the Mount Pleasant Observer on the 24th July, and in the Home Journal, 30th July, A. D. 1856. GEO. W. McCLEARY,

Secretary of State.



AN ACT amendatory of the act incorporating the town of Cedar Rapids.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Boundaries. State of Iowa, That all that part of township eighty-three (83) north, of range seven (7) west, of the fifth principal meridian, in Linn county, in the State of Iowa, which is included in the limits of the present town of Cedar Rapids, shall be and is hereby declared to be a city, and the inhabitants thereof are created a body corporate and politic, with Corporation, perpetual succession by the name of the city of Cedar Rapids, and as such shall by that name be capable in law of Powers. contracting, and being contracted with, suing and be sued; also of purchasing, using and conveying real and personal property, and may have and use a corporate seal, and change the same at pleasure, and shall have, exercise and enjoy all the rights, privileges, powers and immunities appertaining ta, and be subject to all the duties and obligations encum


Invested with

all property.;




Ballot box.

bent upon, a municipal incorporation. And for the better ordering and governing said city, the exercise of the corporate powers of the same herein and hereby granted, shall be vested in a Mayor and six Aldermen, to be denominated the City Council, together with such other officers as are herein mentioned and provided for.

SEC. 2. That the said city of Cedar Rapids shall be and is hereby invested as the lawful owner and proprietor with all the property, funds and revenue, and all moneys, debts, accounts and demands due and owing or in any wise belonging to the town of Cedar Rapids, or which may have been acquired by or vested in the "Mayor and Council of the town of Cedar Rapids," and the same are hereby transferred to the Corporation created by this act; and all suits pending, or judgments recovered by, in favor of, or against, said town of Cedar Rapids, or Mayor, or Council of the town of Cedar Rapids, together with all rights, interests, claims and demands in favor of or against the same, may be continued, prosecuted, defended and collected, as though this act had never been passed.

SEC. 3. That said city be divided into three wards, as follows; to-wit: all that part of said city west of Eagle street, shall constitute the first ward. All that part lying between Eagle and Green streets, shall constitute the second ward; and all that part of said city lying east of Green street, shall constitute the third ward.

Proviso, that the City Council may change, unite or divide said wards, or any of them, and establish new wards whenever they shall think it necessary and proper, and that there shall be two additional Aldermen for every new ward the City Council may establish.

Sec. 4. Every white male citizen of the United States, of the age of twenty-one years, who shall have been a res-ident of the city thirty days, next preceding a city election, and is a resident of the ward of which he offers his vote,, is declared a citizen of the said eity, andis entitled to vote, at all the elections thereof.

SEC. 5. The City Council shall provide a ballot box to be used at city alections, which shall have as many sepa-.

rate apartments as there are wards in the city, one apart-ment of which shall be appropriated exclusively for the votes of each ward, and the ballot of every voter shall be deposited in one of the said apartments appropriated exclu-. sively for the ward in which he resides. The City Council shall elect three of their number to be judges of each city election, who shall appoint clerks, and in other respects, Judges and except herein otherwise provided, city elections shall be conducted in manner similar to that in which the elections are conducted in the townships, as near as the nature of the case permits.


SEC. 6. A person offering to vote may be challenged Challenge.. as at township election, and an oath may be administered

to him in like manner, naming the qualifications herein pre


SEC. 7. No person shall be eligible to any elective office Eligible. mentioned in this act, unless he be a legal voter of the city, and shall have been a resident thereof one year next preceding his election.

SEQ. 8. That all elective officers, except Aldermen, shall Term. be elected for one year from the time of their election, and until their successors are elected and qualified.

SEC. 9. That the qualified electors of said city shall, cn Election. the first Monday of March, A. D., 1857, elect a Mayor, and at the same time two Aldermen for each ward, a Marshal, one person to be Treasurer and Collector, and one person to be Recorder and Assessor; the two Aldermen elected for each ward shall be residents thereof, and be elected by the legal voters thereof. City elections shall be held at the same time annually thereafter, for said officers, but after the first Monday in March, 1857, but one Alderman for each ward shall be elected annually...

SEC. 10. That the Mayor and Aldermen so elected, when City Council. assembled together and duly organized, shall constitute the City Council, a majority of the whole number of whom, shall be neccessary to constitute a quorum for the transac-. tion of business; they shall be the judges of the election returns and qualifications of their own members. They shall determine the rule of their proceedings and keep a journal thereof, which shall be open to the inspection of every citi-

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