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tempted to let your nervous capital go to waste for sake of any advantage whatever, pray think yourself ten years older holding that prize but holding it in a nerveless hand.

"But then I must quit college." Well, quit. Go be a cowboy. The plains of Texas are better than a mad-house. An axe swung with strength and joy is better than a classic pen shaking in the hands of a paralytic.

"No, but I can't be a cowboy, nor chop, for I am a girl." Oh, indeed! Well, then, of course, all this does not apply. If you are a girl, nature will doubtless be gallant. Surely, if you are a girl, nature will not whip your face with wrinkles, nor shoot you through with misery, nor cover and crush you with glooms, nor poison the whole world for you by killing your power of joy. So have jolly times or get ready to teach, in either case without regard to expense.

I beseech you do not burn the candle at both ends. Don't let it burn too long a time at either end. I wish you felt that it is a disgrace to do so. Save the candle. You will not get another. If you dim the one you have, I know not where is the Promethean heat that can that light resume. candle. Go to bed.

Save the

Curious Fact

Have you school teacher people ever observed the remarkable fact that California children are strikingly larger in body than their parents? Almost invariably so far as I have noticed, the boys are taller than their fathers, the girls than their mothers. The boys in the high schools and universities are tremendously big, strong fellows; and the young women are splendid specimens, tall and large.

I think it is because there is such a long growing season in California. Children can be out of doors, exercising, eating, growing, all the year round. Most California parents were raised in a sterner clime. They are more or less stunted in growth. But their children are not. They expand in the genial sunshine and flourish like Jonah's gourd. It is interesting to compare them with their parents when they get along in their teens. Abraham Lincoln was one of the tallest men of his time. He was six feet four. It is easy to find a good many California young men who have reached that stature.

Geography Material

The Board of Supervisors of Modoc County have just issued a hundred page illustrated booklet booming the county for the purpose of inducing immigration. It is a good thing for a geography teacher to use in giving an idea of the northeastern part of the State. I think anyone could get a copy gratis by writing to the County Clerk.

More Material

The State Mining Bureau at the Ferry Building in San Francisco has some maps and literature concerning California that is useful to high schools and eighth grade classes, particularly to classes in physical geography. The material is distributed gratis by L. E. Aubury, the State Mineralogist, at the above address. He also has a few collections of California minerals which will be of rare value to the schools lucky enough to get in on the ground floor.

Highest Town in California

Bodie is the largest town of Mono County. It is also the highest town in the State, standing over 8,000 feet above the level of the sea. It is a mining town, with gold quartz


Bodie, the Highest Town in the State, With Its Deep Snows Partly Melted Off.

mines round about. The zebra striped appearance of the landscape in the remarkable picture here shown is caused by the partly melted winter snows. That is, the ridges are bare and the depressions between are still filled with snow.

A Little Lesson

A very bright woman who is interested in humane education has written a bitter-sweet letter excoriating me for the picture of a young woman with her first quail last month. She says: "It's bad enough for big people to murder a harmless bird, but it's worst of all for a State Superintendent to think the picture of it an ornament to Little Talks. You write talks that put life into the "Journal," that make us all sit up and take notice, and I know you meet criticism. This is one time you deserve it. I am sure you will pardon my frankness, as you speak out yourself and invite retort."

In reply-or by way of a counter irritant-I present another picture, more worthy of her steel. It shows the result of a day's goose hunting in the Sacramento Valley, and serves well for a talk with young people about humane education or about the "game hog" or about the wanton waste of our wild fowl which will leave none for the future. Observe that you see only half the geese, as they are tied in pairs and hung across the fence.


Geese Killed in One Day's Hunt in the Sacramento Valley in 1908.

Figures from the Statistician

(Statistics are live and vital things when we learn how to us them. Mr. Wood is the Statistician of the Department of Public Instruction. He sends out the blanks, documents and official publications, receives the reports of teachers and superintendents, makes estimates and apportionments of school moneys; and then collects and tabulates the facts and figures about all these things. He will try to present each month some points derived from his work that will be of general interest to school people.)

Apportionment of State School Fund to

Elementary Schools.



Superintend Public Instruction,


SACRAMENTO, January 11, 1909.

To the State Controller, County School Superintendtents, County Auditors, and County Treasurers:

GENTLEMEN: Having received a report from the State Controller (see next page) showing that there is in the State Treasury at this date three millions seven thousand eight hundred eighty-nine and twenty-nine one-hundredths ($3,007,889.29) dollars of State school money subject to apportionment, I have this day distributed this money to the several counties of the State as follows:

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Rate per teacher as provided by law....

Total number of teachers determined by census of school districts, as

reported by the County Superintendents, June 30, 1908....

Rate per pupil on average daily attendance.

Total average daily attendance as reported by County Superintendents in day and evening elementary schools (primary and grammar).

Amount of money apportioned on teacher basis."

Amount apportioned on average daily attendance basis.

Balance unapportioned

Total amount of money subject to apportionment..


$2,087,750 00 918,349 52 1,789 77

$3,007,889 29

8,351 $250 00 $3.91

STATE HIGH (Secondary) SCHOOL Fund

Total number High (Secondary) Schools entitled to receive State aid
June 30, 1908

Total average daily attendance reported June 30, 1908.

Rate per school on one-third basis.

Rate per pupil on average daily attendance basis.

Amount apportioned on one-third basis....

Amount apportioned on attendance basis.

Total amount apportioned

Balance unapportioned

177 24,143 $434 00 $6.36 $76,818 00 $153,549 48 $230,367 48

$91 29

The second payment of taxes will be delinquent on the last Monday in April. The amount due the schools will be reported to this office immediately after the first Monday in July and apportioned very soon thereafter.

Very respectfully,


Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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