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BE IT REMEMBE A. D. 1829, in the fifty-for ted States of America, E. deposited in this Office, th claim as proprietors, in the

The Philosophy of Reli Laws of the Universe. By Philosopher,"

" &c. &c.
“ Knowledg

Love is the First American Edition, v

In conformity to the Act titled, “ An Act for the E Copies of Maps, Charts, a such Copies, during the ti entitled, An Act, supple Encouragement of Learn and Books, to the Autho times therein mentioned; of Designing, Engraving,

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to delineate the Moral bearings of the Chris

Revelation-to display the reasonableness and excellence of its precepts, and the physical and lonal grounds on which they rest,—and to exhi

a few prominent features in the moral aspect of e world,—were some of the principal objects hich the Author had in view, in the composition i the following work. He is not aware that a milar train of thought has been prosecuted, to the me extent, by any preceding writer; and is,


, erefore, disposed to indulge the hope, that it may ove both entertaining and instructive to the genil reader, and to the intelligent Christian. It

may not be improper to remind the reader, at the Author's object simply is, to illustrate the pics he has selected as the subject of this volume. 3 he has taken his fundamental principles from 2 system of Revelation, he was under no necesY, as most ethical writers are, to enter into any boured metaphysical discussion on the foun

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District Clerk's Office. BE IT REMEMBERED, that on the tenth day of October, A. D. 1829, in the fifty-fourth year of the Independence of the United States of America, E. & G. Merriam, of the said District, have deposited in this Office, the title of a book, the right whereof they claim as proprietors, in the words following, to wit :

The Philosophy of Religion ; or, An Illustration of the Moral Laws of the Universe. By Thomas Dick, Author of "The Christian Philosopher," &c. &c.

“ Knowledge is Power."--LORD Bacon.

“ Love is the fulfilling of the Law.”--PAUL. First American Edition, with Corrections and Notes.

In conformity to the Act of the Congress of the United States, entitled, “ An Act for the Encouragement of Learning, by securing the Copies of Maps, Charts, and Books, to the Authors and Proprietors of such Copies, during the times therein mentioned :” and also to an Act entitled, “ An Act, supplementary to an Act, entitled, “An Act for the Encouragement of Learning, by securing the Copies of Maps, Charts, and Books, to the Authors and Proprietors of such Copies, during the times therein mentioned; and extending the benefits thereof to the Arts of Designing, Engraving, and Etching Historical, and other Prints.”

JNO. W. Davis, Clerk of the District



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This volume was not designed to be the Philosophy of Mediation. It is a lucid developement of the relations, which intellectual and moral agents sustain to their Creator and to each other; and of the reasons of the Law which requires us to “ love the Lord with all the heart and our neighbour as ourselves.” The character of man in all ages and under various circumstances is tried by the principles, “ on which hang all the Law and the Prophets ;” and is clearly shewn to accord with those representations of our alienation from God, which are repeatedly made in the Scriptures. The work is presented to the American Public with an assurance, that it will be found interesting, instructive and useful.

Brookfield, Mass. 1829.

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