AI Blueprints: How to build and deploy AI business projects

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The essential blueprints and workflow you need to build successful AI business applications

Key FeaturesLearn and master the essential blueprints to program AI for real-world business applicationsGain insights into how modern AI and machine learning solve core business challengesAcquire practical techniques and a workflow that can build AI applications using state-of-the-art software librariesWork with a practical, code-based strategy for creating successful AI solutions in your businessBook Description

AI Blueprints gives you a working framework and the techniques to build your own successful AI business applications. You’ll learn across six business scenarios how AI can solve critical challenges with state-of-the-art AI software libraries and a well thought out workflow. Along the way you’ll discover the practical techniques to build AI business applications from first design to full coding and deployment.

The AI blueprints in this book solve key business scenarios. The first blueprint uses AI to find solutions for building plans for cloud computing that are on-time and under budget. The second blueprint involves an AI system that continuously monitors social media to gauge public feeling about a topic of interest - such as self-driving cars. You’ll learn how to approach AI business problems and apply blueprints that can ensure success.

The next AI scenario shows you how to approach the problem of creating a recommendation engine and monitoring how those recommendations perform. The fourth blueprint shows you how to use deep learning to find your business logo in social media photos and assess how people interact with your products. Learn the practical techniques involved and how to apply these blueprints intelligently. The fifth blueprint is about how to best design a ‘trending now’ section on your website, much like the one we know from Twitter. The sixth blueprint shows how to create helpful chatbots so that an AI system can understand customers’ questions and answer them with relevant responses.

This book continuously demonstrates a working framework and strategy for building AI business applications. Along the way, you’ll also learn how to prepare for future advances in AI. You’ll gain a workflow and a toolbox of patterns and techniques so that you can create your own smart code.

What you will learnAn essential toolbox of blueprints and advanced techniques for building AI business applicationsHow to design and deploy AI applications that meet today’s business needsA workflow from first design stages to practical code solutions in your next AI projectsSolutions for AI projects that involve social media analytics and recommendation enginesPractical projects and techniques for sentiment analysis and helpful chatbotsA blueprint for AI projects that recommend products based on customer purchasing habitsHow to prepare yourself for the next decade of AI and machine learning advancementsWho this book is for

Programming AI Business Applications provides an introduction to AI with real-world examples. This book can be read and understood by programmers and students without requiring previous AI experience. The projects in this book make use of Java and Python and several popular and state-of-the-art opensource AI libraries.


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The AI Workflow
Planning Cloud Infrastructure
Making Sense of Feedback
Recommending Products and Services
Detecting Your Logo in Social Media
Discovering Trends and Recognizing Anomalies
Understanding Queries and Generating Responses
Preparing for Your Future and Surviving the Hype Cycle
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Joshua Eckroth is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stetson University, where he teaches AI, big data mining and analytics, and software engineering. He earned his PhD from The Ohio State University in AI and Cognitive Science. Dr. Eckroth also serves as Chief Architect at i2k Connect, which focuses on transforming documents into structured data using AI and enriched with subject matter expertise. Dr. Eckroth has previously published two video series with Packt, Python Artificial Intelligence Projects for Beginners and Advanced Artificial Intelligence Projects with Python. His academic publications can be found on Google Scholar.

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