A General History of Scotland: From the Earliest Accounts to the Present Time, Volumen10


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Página 293 - That prelacy and the superiority of any office in the Church above presbyters is and hath been a great and insupportable grievance and trouble to this nation, and contrary to the inclinations of the generality of the people ever since the Reformation (they having reformed from popery by presbyters), and therefore ought to be abolished...
Página 288 - ... the same to the subversion of the Protestant religion, and violation of the laws and liberties of the nation, inverting all the ends of government ; whereby he had forfaulted the right of the crown, and the throne was become vacant.
Página 288 - The estates of the kingdom of Scotland find and declare, That king James VII. being a professed Papist, did assume the royal power, and act as a king, without ever taking the oath required by law; and had, by the advice of evil and wicked...
Página 369 - That the two Kingdoms of England and Scotland be for ever United into one Kingdom by the name of Great Britain.
Página 370 - That all the subjects of the united kingdom of Great Britain shall from and after the union have full freedom and intercourse of trade and navigation to and from any port or place within the said united kingdom and the dominions and plantations thereunto belonging, and that there be a communication of all other rights, privileges and advantages which do or may belong to the subjects of either kingdom, except where it is otherwise expressly agreed in these articles.
Página 376 - That by virtue of this Treaty, of the Peers of Scotland at the time of the Union...
Página 66 - Authority to say much more to you from me. And if you once resolve to take my Interest to Heart, I will leave the Way and Manner of declaring it entirely to your Judgment, and will comply with the Advice you shall give me.
Página 187 - As for this Cardinal, I grant He was the man we might well want ; God will forgive it soon : But of a truth, the sooth to say, Although the loon be well away, The fact was foully done.
Página 375 - Sum raifed in England, by any Tax on Land, and other Things ufually charged, together with the Land ; and that fuch Quota for Scotland, in the Cafes...
Página 296 - ... glorious undertaking for our relief. The fourth is an act concerning the nomination of the ordinary lords of session and the election of the president, to wit, that in a total vacation they be tried, and admitted or rejected by parliament, and in a particular vacation they be tried and admitted or rejected by the other lords : And that the president be chosen by the lords themselves, conformable to our old practice and express statute.

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