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Collective View of Prophecy,

I. A brief State of the Argument.
II. A Defence and further Illustration of the

III. A brief State of the Question, whether Pro-

phecies or Miracles afford a stronger Evidence

for the Truth of Christianity. Occafion’d by Dr. Middleton's Examination of

the Lord Bishop of London's Discourses.

By the Rev. Mr. JOHN ROTHERAM,
Late of Queen's College in Oxford, and now

of Codrington College in Barbados.

The Second Edition.

Printed at the THEATRE for RICHARD CLEMENTS: and
Sold by R. BALDWYN in Pater nofter-row, Lond. MDCLIII.

[Pr. is 6d.]


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I. A brief State of the Argument for

the Truth of Christianity drawn from a Collective View of Prophecy.


THE learned Bishop Sherlock, in his Dif

courses on the Use and Intent of Prophecy, has observed, that there is a gene

ral Dependency amongst all those Prophecies, that were delivered to the World, concerning the Messiah that was to come; that, in applying those Prophecies to our Saviour, we shall often fail of giving them their just Force, if we consider them only feparately and independently; and that such a partial Confideration can by no Means give Us an adequate Idea of the grand Scheme of Providence in the Redemption of Mankind.

His Lordship has further observed, that these Prophecies were intended by Providence to serve Two great Purposes. First, to support the Faith and Religion of the old World. And Secondly, to give Testimony to the Mission of Jesus. He has shewn, with a View to the first, how the Revelátion of the Messiah was gradually opened, and unfolded by little and little, according to the dif



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