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That jewel oft unpolish'd has remain'd;
Some words should be left out, and some explain'd;
So that in search of sense, we either stray,
Or else grow weary in so rough a way.
But here sweet eloquence does always smile,
In such a choice, yet unaffected style,
As must both knowledge and delight impart,
The force of reason, with the flow’rs of art;
Clear as a beautiful transparent skin,
Which never hides the blood, yet holds it in:
Like a delicious stream it ever ran,
As smooth as woman, but as strong as man.

BACON himself, whose universal wit
Does admiration through the world beget,
Scarce more his age's ornament is thought,
Or greater credit to his country brought.

While fame is young, too weak to fly away,
Malice pursues her, like some bird of prey ;
But once on wing, then all the quarrels cease;
Envy herself is glad to be at peace,
Gives over, weary'd with so high a flight,
Above her reach, and scarce within her light.
Hobbs to this happy pitch arriv'd at lalt,
Might have look'd down with pride on dangers paft:
But such the frailty is of human kind,
Men toil for fame, which no man lives to find;
Long rip'ning under ground this China lies;
Fame bears no fruit, till the vain planter dies.

Thus nature, tir'd with his unusual length
of life, which put her to her utmost streng:h,
Such stock of wit unable to supply,
To spare herself, was glad to let him die.

Writteri over a Gate.


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ERE lives a man, who, by relation,

Depends upon predestination;
For which the learned and the wise
His understanding much despise :
But I pronounce with loyal tongue
Him in the right, them in the wrong.
For how could such a wretch succeed?
But that, alas, it was DECREED!

The MIRACLE, 1707.


ERIT they hate, and wit they slight;

They neither act, nor reason right,
And nothing mind but pence.
Unskilful they victorious are,
Conduct a kingdom without care,

A council without sense.
So Moses once, and JọSHUA,
And that virago DEBORA,

Bestrid poor ISRAEL:
Like rev’rence pay to these! for who
Could ride a nation as they do,

Without a miracle ?


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OOD angels (natch'd him eagerly on high;
Joyful they flew, singing and foaring thro' the
Teaching his new-fledg'd soul to fly; [sky;

While we, alas ! lamenting lie.
He went musing all along;

Composing new their heav'nly song:
A while his skilful notes loud hallelujaħs drown'd;
But soon they ceas'd their own, to catch his pleasing

David himself improv'd the harmony, [found.
DAVÍD in sacred story so renown'd
No less for musick, than for poetry !

Genius sublime in either art!
Crown'd with applause surpassing all desert!

A man just after God's own heart!
If human cares are lawful to the blest,
Already settled in eternal rest;
Needs must he wish that PURCELL only might:
Have liv’d" to set what he vouchsaf'd to write;

For, sure, the noble thirst of fame
With the frail body never dies;
But with the soul ascends the skies

From whence at first it came.

'Tis fure no little proof we have

That part of us survives the grave, And in our fame below still bears a share: Why is the future else so much our care, Ev'n in our latest moment of despair ? And death despis’d for fame by all the wise and brave?

Oh, all ye blest harmonious choir ! Who pow'r Almighty only love, and only that admire! Look down with pity from your peaceful bow'r,

On this fad ille perplex'd,

And ever, ever vex'd With anxious care of trifles, wealth, and pow'r.

In our rough minds due reverence infuse [muse. For fweet melodious sounds, and each harmonious

Mufick exalts man's nature, and inspires High eleyated thoughts, or gentle, kind desires,

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