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June 17, 1930.
Resolved, That the Committee on Finance be, and is hereby, author-
ized to expend not to exceed $1,000, to be paid from the contingent
fund of the Senate, for the preparation of the yea-and-nay votes in the
Senate, with suitable index, on H. R. 2667, the tariff bill, and amend-
ments thereto, and Senate Resolution 52, by Mr. McMASTER, Senate
Resolution 91, by Mr. BORAH, Senate Resolution 108, by Mr. SIMMONS,
and Senate Resolution 270, by Mr. Smoot; and that said compilation
be printed as a Senate document, and that 1,000 additional copies be
printed for the use of the Senate document room.

Edwin P. THAYER, Secretary.

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| Republicans are shown in roman type, Democrats in italics, and Farmer-Labor, in


[NOTE.—On this vote there was much misapprehension as to the question and it was
reconsidered and another vote taken upon it.]

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The amendment to the amendment was agreed to.
The VICE PRESIDENT. The question is on the amendment as amended.





The VICE PRESIDENT. The question is on agreeing to the amendment as modified.

Mr. SMOOT. I ask for the yeas and nays.

The yeas and nays were' ordered, and the Chief Clerk proceeded to call the roll.

Mr. LA FOLLETTE (when Mr. BLAINE's name was called). My colleague [Mr. BLAINE] is unavoidably absent, as I have heretofore announced. If present, he would vote“ nay."

Mr. HATFIELD (when his name was called). I have a pair with the junior Senator from Wisconsin [Mr. BLAINE]. If he were present, he would vote “ nay,” and.if I were permitted to vote I should vote “yea."

Mr. SMOOT. Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the roll call be dispensed with. I make the request for the reason that if the clerk is right in what þeias said to me as to the pending question, then Senators are voting jinder; rfrisunderstanding. Now I ask the Chair

Mr. ROBINSON of Arkansas. Mr. President, a point of order.

Mr, SMOOT. I have asked unanimous consent that the roll call may be Gispensed with.

Mr. ROBINSON of Arkansas. The clerk has no business making speeches to the Senator from Utah while the roll is being called. “Mr. SMOOT. I asked the clerk to inform me as to what the question was.

Mr. ROBINSON of Arkansas. I have no objection to the Chair stating the question.

The VICE PRESIDENT. The question is on the Senate committee amendment as modified, two modifications having been made this morning.

Mr. BLACK. Mr. President-
The VICE PRESIDENT. The Secretary will continue the calling of the roll.
The Chief Clerk resumed calling the roll.

Mr. JONES (when his name was called). The senior Senator from Virginia [Mr. SWANSON] is absent on account of illness. I promised to take care of him during his absence, and therefore withhold my yote.

Mr. SIMMONS (when his name was called). I have a general pair with the junior Senator from Ohio [Mr. BURTON). I transfer that pair to the junior Senator from Arkansas [Mr. CARAWAY] and vote“ nay."

Mr. TYDINGS (when his name was called). I have a general pair with the senior Senator from Rhode Island [Mr. METCALF], who has been called away from the city. I transfer that pair to the senior Senator from Louisiana [Mr. RANSDELL], and vote“ nay."

Mr. WATSON (when his name was called). I have a general pair witi the Senator from South Carolina [Mr. SMITH), which I transfer to the Senator from Illinois [Mr. DENEEN), and vote “ yea.”

The roll call was concluded. Mr. CAPPER. I wish to announce that the junior Senator from Kansas [Mr. ALLEN] is necessarily absent. If he were present, he would vote yea' on this amendment.

Mr. FESS. I desire to announce the following general pairs :

The Senator from Kansas [Mr. ALLEN] with the Senator from Montana [Mr. WHEELER] ;

The Senator from Indiana [Mr. ROBINSON] with the Senator from Mississippi [Mr. STEPHENS];

The Senator from Rhode Island [Mr. HEBERT] with the Senator from New York [Mr. COPELAND] ; and

The Senator from Iowa [Mr. BROOKHART] with the Senator from Wyoming (Mr. KENDRICK].

The result was announced—yeas 28, nays 38, as follows:


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So the committee amendment, as modified, was rejected.

Mr. REED. I move to reconsider the vote by which the last amendment was disagreed to.



Mr. REED. Mr. President, I doubt very much whether a majority of the Members of the Senate realized the question on which the vote was just taken. When I came into the Chamber at the beginning of the roll call I asked number of my colleagues over here what the question was, and I was told that it was a vote upon the amendments to this section as a whole. I assumed that unanimous consent had been given that all of those amendments might be passed upon at once, and that that was what the vote was on. I know that that was the impression of many Senators who voted early on the roll call ; in fact, I think it was the understanding of the Senator from Utah himself and that he had misunderstood a statement made by the clerk.

Mr. SMOOT. Mr. President, I did not misunderstand the statement made by the clerk. He advised me that the question was on the motion to insert the words “in a conspicuous place."

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Mr. REED. I yield first to the Senator from Nebraska.

Mr. NORRIS. Mr. President, it seems to me we could clarify the situation by a statement from the Chair. If the Senator from Pennsylvania is right as to what we were really voting on, I would not have any contention with him whatever, but the Chair made a statement of the question on which we were voting, as I understand, that does not agree with the Senator's idea.

Mr. REED. Then let us have it cleared up at once.

The VICE PRESIDENT. The Chair stated that the question was on the Senate committee amendment, as modified. This morning the Senator from Utah offered two modifying amendments to the amendment, beginning in line 19, and the Chair was of the opinion that that was the amendment that has been considered all morning, which was perfected by two amendments offered by the Senator from Utah, and the Chair was submitting that amendment to the Senate.

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Mr. ROBINSON of Arkansas. I was just suggesting that perhaps the Senator's request for unanimous consent should be that the vote by which the amendment was agreed to be reconsidered.

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The VICE PRESIDENT. Is there objection to the unanimous-consent request submitted by the Senator from Nebraska? The Chair hears none, and it is so ordered.

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