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MARCH 23, 1964.—Ordered to be printed

Mr. McCLELLAN, from the Committee on Government Operations, submitted the following


[To accompany a chart on organization of Federal executive departments and agencies]


This report is submitted to the Senate pursuant to the provisions of the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946, which directs the Committee on Government Operations to evaluate the effects of laws enacted to reorganize the executive branch of the Government. It includes details relative to organizational changes in the executive branch of the Government during calendar year 1963, and is the 24th in a series first compiled as of January 1, 1947. Accompanying this report is a chart outlining, as of January 1, 1964, the organization of Federal executive departments and agencies, with personnel assignments to each major operating unit down through the division level. A complete tabulation of idol. and independent agencies active on or since January 1, 1947, is contained in . 6 on pages 69– 74 of this report. This table indicates when and under what authority new agencies were established, as well as those which have been abolished or transferred since January 1, 1947, through 1963. Table 7 on page 75 reflects the total number of employees assigned to each department and agency at the beginning of each 5-year period from January 1, 1947, to January 1, 1962. Total employees as of January 1, 1963, are also included in this table for comparative purposes to provide easy reference to increases or decreases in the number of employees during the last calendaryear. Significant personnel changes during the past year, and reorganizations effected in the departments and agencies as set forth in this report, are based upon information supplied, at the request of the chairman, by the department or agency heads or by their appropriate accountable officers. Reorganizational data and changes in personnel

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figures, and the statements relative to resultant savings and increased operating efficiency, are based upon comments and estimates furnished by the agencies, and do not necessarily represent either the views or the findings of the committee. Organizational changes effected pursuant to recent enactments, or resulting from internal surveys conducted under administrative controls, as well as appreciable changes in personnel assignments in the executive departments and independ. ent agencies, are set forth on the chart and in the section entitled "Organization and Personnel Summary,” beginning on page 8.

Other sections of the report deal with (a) total employees in the executive departments and independent agencies; (b) total employees in the legislative and judicial branches; (c) employees outside the United States; and (d) contract employees outside the United States.


The total of 2,465,805 employees reported by the executive branch represented a net increase of 3,543 during the last calendar year: an increase of 12 in the Executive Office of the President, a decrease of 2,730 in the executive departments, and an increase of 6,261 in the independent agencies. There was an overall increase of 20,299 in the civilian executive departments, and a net decrease of 23,029 civilian employees in the military departments.

During the last 2 calendar years, from January 1, 1962, to January 1, 1964, there has been a total increase of 46,941 employees in the executive branch.

The executive branch total is 203,180 more than was reported on January 1, 1947, an increase of 290,400 in the executive departments (including the Executive Office of the President), and a decrease of 87,220 in the independent agencies. Total employees also exceeded the postwar low of 1,961,029 reported on January 1, 1950 (prior to the Korean conflict) by 504,776.

The total figures include 127,710 WAE (when actually employed) and part-time employees in a pay status as of January 1, 1964, as compared to 121,163 WAE's reported on January 1, 1963, and 127,425 on January 1, 1962.

Employees serving without compensation (WOC's) (shown parenthetically on the chart opposite the totals for each department or agency), aggregating 110,998 on January 1, 1964, or 2,279 less than a year ago, are not included in the totals. These included 40,250 uncompensated employees of the Selective Service System serving as local board members, advisers to registrants, and so forth; 63,092 in the Veterans Administration; and 7,656 in other departments and agencies.

As of January 1, 1964, all branches of the Federal Government reported total employees, as follows: Executive branch.--

2, 465, 805 Legislative branch.

24, 566 Judicial branch -

5, 734 Total employees--

2, 496, 105 For security reasons, no employees of the Central Intelligence Agency are reported.

Eacecutive departments

The executive departments reported a total of 2,080,141 paid employees as of January 1, 1964, a decrease of 2,730 since the beginning of calendar year 1963. Eight of the executive departments ol. increases during 1963, ranging from 449 in the Department of Labor to 6,745 in the ‘p. Office Department. The Department of Justice and the Department of Defense reported reductions in the number of employees of 131 and 23,029, respectively. During the last 2-year period from January 1, 1962, to January 1, 1964, there has been a total net increase of 29,612 employees in the executive departments. The Executive Office of the President (including the Office of Emergency Planning and the Office of Science and Technology) reported a total of 1,550 employees, an increase of 12 for calendar year 1963 and a net decrease of 59 since January 1, 1962.

An overall decrease of 23,029 civilian employees since January 1 1963, was reported by the Department of §. an increase o 7,074 in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (including other defense activities), while decreases were reported in the Departments of the Air Force, 7,662; the Army, 15,412; and the Navy, 7,029.

The table below reflects departmental increases or decreases for the calendar year 1963, and for the overall 17-year period since January 1, 1947.

TABLE 1.-Increase or decrease of employees in eavecutive departments since Jan. 1, 1963, and Jan. 1, 1947."

Jan. 1, 1963, to Jan. 1, 1964 Jan. 1, 1947, to Jan. 1, 1964


Increase Decrease Increase Decrease

1 See table 7 for tabulation for each 5-year period, from 1947 to 1962, p. 75.

Independent agencies The independent agencies reported a total of 384,114 paid civilian employees, or a net increase of 6,261 since January 1, 1963. This compares to an increase of 11,127 in calendar year 1962, o: a total increase of 17,388 during the 2-year period. The following table reflects the overall increase or decrease in each Federal . reported for the calendar year 1963, and for the overall 17-year period.

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TABLE 2.-Increase or decrease of employees in the independent ogencies since

Jan. 1, 1963, and Jan. 1, 1947

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Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental

American Battle Monuments Commission
Atomic Energy Commission.
Civil Aeronautics Board.
Civil Service Commission.
Civil War Centennial Commission.
Commission on Civil Rights.
Commission of Fine Arts.
Delaware River Basin Commission.
District of Columbia Redevelopment Land

Export-Import Bank of Washington.
Farm Credit Administration..
Federal Aviation Agency -
Federal Coal Mine Safety Board of Review
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Federal Home Loan Bank Board.
Federal Maritime Commission.
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.
Federal Power Commission..
Federal Racintion Council..
Federal Trade Commission.
Foreign Claims Settlement Commission
General Services Administration..
Housing and Home Finance Agency
Indian Claims Commission
Interstate Commerce Commission.
National Aeronautics and Space Administra-

National Capital Housing Authority,
National Capital Planning Commission.
National Capital Transportation Agency,
National Labor Relations Board.
National Mediation Board..
National Science Foundation
Panama Canal Company
Railroad Retirement Board.
Renegotiation Board..
St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corpora-

Securities and Exchange Commission.
Selective Service System..
Small Business Administration.
Smithsonian Institution
Subversive Activities Control Board.
Tariff Commission
Tax Court of the United States.
Tennessee Valley Authority
U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency..
U.S. Information Agency
U.S. Study Commission--Southeast River

Veterans' Administration.
Virgin Islands Corporation..

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1 Agencies established since 1947 not included in this column.

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