Transactions of the National Eclectic Medical Association of the United States of America for the Years ..., Volumen7


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Página 4 - The members of said board shall hold office for the term of one year and until their successors are elected and qualified.
Página 154 - On earth there is nothing great but man, In man there is nothing great but mind.
Página 57 - Faculty must be regular graduates or licentiates and practitioners of medicine, in good standing, using the werd ' regular' in the sense commonly understood in the medical profession. " He (the graduate) must file a satisfactory certificate of having studied for at least three years under a regular graduate or licentiate and practitioner of medicine, in good standing, using the word ' regular' in the sense commonly understood in the medical profession.
Página 221 - ... thin liquid stratum, and again drawing itself together within the narrow limits which had at first confined it, and all this without any obvious impulse from without which would send the ripples over its surface or set the streams flowing from its margin. Though it is certain that all these phenomena are in response to some stimulus exerted on it by the outer world, they are such as we never meet with in a simply physical fluid — they are spontaneous movements resulting from its proper irritability,...
Página 233 - The day has arrived when the people must be aroused to a deeper and more earnest sense of the people's welfare, and suitable measures adopted for the protection, as well as for the better development of their physical, moral and intellectual powers. This is the great problem of the day ; the question which you, as representatives of the rising generation of physicians, should urge, in season and out of season, upon the attention of your fellow-citizens, the question which above and beyond all others...
Página 66 - We may console ourselves with the reflection offered by the dying Socrates to his sorrowful companions ; he •who has arrayed the soul in her own proper jewels of moderation, and justice and courage, and nobleness and truth, is ever ready for the journey when his time comes. We have lost a great teacher and example of knowledge and virtue...
Página 135 - Poland, and the little contiguous dynasties, duchies, and domains, have the mumps so severely, that ' the whole head is sick, and the whole heart is faint; ' Russia has the cramp by lineage; Turkey has the numb palsy ; Africa, from the curse of God, has lost the use of her limbs ; China is ruined by the queen's evil...
Página 57 - ... in the sense commonly understood in the medical profession. No candidate shall be eligible for final examination for graduation unless his term of three years' study shall have been completed, or shall expire at a date not later than three months after the close of the final examination.
Página 37 - Resolved, That the thanks of this Association are due and are hereby tendered to...

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