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law. In order that the said board may properly determine whether any such trustee has discharged his duties according to law, it shall have power to issue summons to witnesses to appear before it, and to require the said trustee, or the respective district board, to produce before it all of the books, records and papers of said district board. The chairman of the said county board of school commissioners shall have power to administer an oath to any person summoned or appearing before it as a witness.

§ 6. Any member of the said board may call a meeting by notifying the other two. All proceedings shall be recorded in a bound volume, and such record book and postage and stationery as may be necessary shall be paid for from the county school fund: provided the cost of the same shall not exceed five dollars in any one year. The county superintendent of schools, as the clerk of the county school electoral board, as composed under the act approved January eleventh, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, is hereby required to deliver all the records, books and papers in his custody as such clerk, to the secretary of the said county board of school commissioners. It shall be the duty of the secretary of said board to furnish the board of education, and the superintendent of schools for their county, with a list of school trustees, and such other information as may be called for.


Approved November 27, 1884.

1. Be it enacted by the general assembly of Virginia, That it shall be the duty of the county superintendent of public free schools for each county and city in this state to examine all persons applying for license to teach in the public free schools, and if satisfied as to their capacity, acquirements, morals and general fitness, to grant them certificates of limited duration, subject to revocation for good cause; all to be done in accordance with directions from the superintendent of public instruction.

2. That each superintendent of schools shall hold examinations for those who desire to teach school in his county or city for the current school-year, in each school district in his county or city, at such times and places as may be prescribed by the district boards, and after due notice of the same, and the said superintendent shall always examine for a teacher's license when required to do so by any district board of trustees.

3. Any superintendent of schools failing or refusing to perform the duties required of him by this act shall be fined not less than fifty nor more than five hundred dollars.



Approved November 27, 1884. 1. Be it enacted by the general assembly of Virginia, That an act to amend and re-enact an act entitled an act to secure to the taxpayers in cities and towns the right of public school education for their children, approved March seventeenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-four, be amended and re-enacted so as to read as follows:

2. That it shall be lawful for any person who is a tax-payer and citizen of Virginia, in any town, county, or school district of the commonwealth, and who is not a resident of said town, county or school district, to send his children to any public free school in said town, county or school district, subject to the laws regulating public free schools in said town, county or school district, as though said taxpayer resided in said town, county or school district. And any guardian who is a tax-payer for his ward, or wards as aforesaid, shall be entitled to the privileges above named for his ward or wards, if citizens of Virginia: provided that children, whose parents or guardian do not reside in any city of the commonwealth, shall be received into the public schools of such city only upon such terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the school board of such city.

3. This act shall go into effect on the first day of July, eighteen hundred and eighty-five.


Approved December 1, 1884. § 1. Be it enacted by the general assembly of Virginia, That the president, secretary and faculty of the Virginia normal and collegiate institute, shall be required, during each and every year, to conduct a summer session of eight weeks for the benefit of the colored teachers

in the public schools of this state, and those who expect to make teaching a profession; said summer session to commence on or about the first day of July, and not later than the tenth of the said month in each and every year. The day above named for the commencement of the said summer session to be fixed by the superintendent of public instruction, and the said session to continue for eight weeks. During the said eight weeks such branches shall be taught as the board of education shall prescribe.

§ 2. The president of the said normal and collegiate institute shall be appointed by the board of education for a term of three years from January the first, eighteen hundred and eighty-five, at such salary as said board of education may determine: provided such salary shall not exceed fifteen hundred dollars per annum, and no instructor shall receive more than one thousand dollars per annum. This shall not include rooms in the building. The president, with the approval of the board of education, may so divide the faculty as that a part of them may relieve the others from the class-room during the aforementioned eight weeks summer session. The board of education shall appoint a secretary to the board of visitors, who shall attend the regular meetings, and shall perform such duties as may be determined by the state board of education, and shall make an annual report to the general assembly. He shall receive such reasonable compensation for his services as the said board of educa. tion may determine.

§ 3. The annual salary paid the instructors in the said normal and collegiate institute shall be regarded as covering the time in which they are engaged in giving instruction in the said summer session : provided that this shall not prohibit the superintendent of public instruction from employing competent and skilled normal school lecturers to assist the regular faculty in conducting the said summer session, or from supplementing the salary or salaries of the said faculty from any funds which may be at his disposal for the purpose of conducting normal institutes.

$ 4. When any county or city superintendent of schools shall be notified of the time of the commencement of said summer course, he shall notify all the colored school teachers in his city or county, and said teachers shall be required to attend said summer course at least one session in every three years, except prevented by sickness; and

mer course for three consecutive school years, then the county super

intendent shall revoke said teacher's license, and he shall not be allowed to again enter the profession as a teacher until after he or she shall have attended at least one session of said summer session of instruction, unless excused by the board of education.

§ 5. The teachers in attending such summer session may occupy the rooms of the school, and in all respects have the same accommodations as the regular students have during the regular course of instruction, and subject to the rules and regulations made for their government by the board of education. They shall receive certificates for proficiency and attendance, and such other marks of distinction as the board of education may think proper and by rules establish.

§ 6. The charge for board shall not exceed eight dollars per month while attending said sessions, and should it exceed that sum the deficiency shall be paid from the annuity fund of this school.

$ 7. All the normal school buildings and the regular employees shall be at the disposal of the board of education for this purpose during the above mentioned eight weeks, without additional cost, except that nothing herein shall be construed to prevent the superintendent of public instruction from using any money at his disposal to further and promote the objects of this course of instruction among the colored teachers in any other part of the state: provided that state school funds shall not be used for this purpose.

2. In all matters with reference to the Virginia normal and collegiate institute, the board of education shall approve the same to make them valid, and the said board of education is hereby made responsible for the proper management of the said school in all of its departments. This shall apply to all matters of the erection of buildings, the appointment of teachers, and all other matters, as well as to the summer session, for the public school teachers.

3. The board of visitors shall in all matters act under the direction and supervision of the state board of education, and for any failure to do this they may be removed by the board of education.

4. All acts and parts of acts in conflict or inconsistent with this act are hereby repealed.


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130. It shall be lawful, and authority is hereby given to the supervisors of the county, to levy a tax on the roadway and track, depots, depot grounds and lots, station buildings, and other real estate of a railroad company, and its telegraph lines, whose line or lines pass through such county. Such tax shall be equal to the tax imposed upon other property for county and school purposes, and based upon the assessment per mile of the roadway and track made by the state for its purposes.


Duty of commissioners of revenue and auditor.

131. All taxes imposed for public free school purposes, whether by the state, or by or for any county, or by or for any school district, shall be assessed at the same time, and in the same manner, as are state and county taxes for ordinary purposes; and in any counly or district where such tax has been levied by the board of supervisors of the county, it shall be the duty of the commissioners of the revenue therein to assess and enter such tax in the copies of their land and property books which they return to the treasurer of the county.

132. Where iwo or more school districts are included in the same commissioner's district, it shall be duty of the commissioners of the revenue, when they assess and enter the school tax in their land and property books, to keep separate the tax for each school district, indicating by name or number the district wherein the property is taxed. It shall be the duty of the auditor of public accounts to have the land and property books of the commissioners of the revenue prepared with three columns, one for entering the county school levies, one for entering the district school levies, and the third for entering the name or number of school district wherein the property is taxed.


County treasurer to collect taxes; his duties and compensation.

133. All school moneys to be disbursed in any county shall be received, kept and disbursed by the county treasurer thereof, subject to similar responsibility as in case of other funds by law committed to him. It shall be his duty also to receive and collect all taxes levied or ordered by the board of supervisors of his county for public free school purposes therein, at the same time and in the same manner, and subject to the same provisions, regulations, restrictions and penalties, as are or may be prescribed by law for the receipt or collection of county taxes and levies for other and ordinary purposes. He shall keep the district funds in separate accounts from those of the state and county; but his books shall show whence and on what accounts the moneys were severally derived, and by what order, on what account,

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