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Universitył continued ; visitors, when and how appointed.

167. The University of Virginia shall be continued, and the visitors thereof shall be and remain a corporation, under the style of The Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia. They shall be at all times subject to the control of the legislature.

168. Be it enacted by the general assembly of Virginia, That the board of visitors of the University of Virginia shall consist of nine members. The term of office of said visitors shall be for four years, commencing the first day of May, eighteen hun. dred and eighty-two.

169. That the offices of all the visitors of the University of Virginia be and the same are hereby declared vacant.

170. That the governor, by and with the consent of the senate, shall, immediately upon the passage of this act, appoint a new board of visitors for the University of Virginia; three of whom shall be selected from the division of the state in which the institution is situated, and two from each of the other grand divisions of the state. If a vacancy happen in the office of visitor, the senate not being in session, the governor shall fill the same for the unexpired term.

171. The said board of visitors shall meet at the University at least once a year, and at such other times as they shall determine; the days of meeting to be fixed by the board. Special meetings may be called by the rector or any three members of the board. Notice of the time of meeting shall be given by the secretary to every member of the board. Five members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

* In 1817-18 (p. 11 to 15) an act was passed providing for a university as soon as a site should be fixed; it appropriated $15,000 a year for defraying the expenses of procuring the land and erecting buildings, and for its permanent endowment. There was also passed on the 25th Jaugary, 1819, ab act fer establishing an university.--Acts 1818–19, c. 19, p. 15; 1 R. C., P. 90, c. 34. Temporary laws relative to it, since the first edition, are acts authorizing the rector and visitors to borrow $25,000 to erect a new building, (Acts 1852, p. 28, c. 31); $25,000 appropriated to repair buildings and furnish a supply of water, (1853–4, p. 26, c. 36); and the acts since the edition of 1860 are referred to in the margin, or in the notes to this chapter in the present edition. By Acts 1872-3, c. 64, p. 42 to 45, the society of the alumpi of the University was incorporated.

+ By act of April 25, 1867, Acts 1806-7, c, 93, p. 898, $500 were appropriated for completing the work of raising and placing in position the statue of Thomas Jefferson. By act of March 29th, 1873, Acts 1872–3, c. 285, p. 200, the balance remaining on hand of the appropriation for the erection of the statue of Jefferson is appropriated to the publication of the address of Hugh Blair Grigaby, delivered on the occasion of the inauguration of the statue at the University.

How office of visitor vacated and vacancy filled.

172. If any visitor fail to perform the duties of his office for one year, without sufficient cause shown to the board, the said board shall, at their next meeting after the end of such year, cause the fact of such failure to be recorded in the minutes of their proceedings, and certify the same to the governor, and the office of such visitor shall be thereupon vacant. If so many of such visitors fail to perform their duties, that a quorum thereof do not attend for a year, upon a certificate thereof being made to the governor by the rector, or any member of the board, or by the chairman of the faculty, the officers of all the visitors so failing to attend shall be vacant.

Rector and other officers; when and where board to meet.

173. The board of visitors shall appoint from their own body a rector, or, in his absence, a president pro tempore, who shall preside at their meetings. They shall also appoint a secretary to the board.

Duties of the board; expenses of visitors paid. 174. The said board shall be charged with the care and preservation of all the property belonging to the University. They shali appoint as many professors as they deem proper, and with the assent of two-thirds of the whole number of the visitors may remove any professor. They may prescribe the duties of each professor, and the course and mode of instruction. They may appoint a bursar and proctor, and employ any other agents or servants, regulate the government and discipline of the students, and the renting of the hotels and dormitories, and generally, in respect to the government and management of the University, make such regulations as they may deem expedient, not being contrary to law. To enable the rector and visitors of the University to procure a supply of water for the University, they shall have authority to acquire such springs, lands, and rights of way as may be necessary, according to the provisions of chapter fifty-six. *

175. They shall examine into the progress of the students in each year, and shall give to those who excel in any branch of learning such honorary testimonials of approbation as they deem proper.

176. Such reasonable expenses as the visitors may incur in the discharge of their duties shall be paid out of the funds of the University.

When annual report to be made, and what to contain.

177. They shall, before the first of October annually, deliver to the second auditor a report to the general assembly of the progress of the University, and its receipts and disbursements during the year ending on the first day of July preceding, with the amount of salary received by each professor, including fees received from the students.

178. Each professor shall receive a stated salary, and also such additional compensation out of the fees of tuition and other revenues of the University as the visitors may from time direct. He shall also have assigned to him by the board one of the pavilions at the University, or other suitable residence (or commutation therefor), and such other accommodations as the said board may prescribe.

* See Code of 1873, c. 56, from 2 6 to 22 inclusive.


179. The following branches of learning shall be taught at the University—that is to say, the Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and AngloSaxon languages; the different branches of mathematics, pure and physical ; natural philosophy, chemistry, mineralogy, including geology; the principles of agriculture, botany, anatomy, surgery and medicine; zoology, history, idiology; general grammar, ethics, rhetoric, and belles lettres; civil government, political economy, the law of nature and nations, and municipal law.

Board of visitors authorised to issue bonds to discharge their floating debt and

maturing obligations ; security therefor. 180. The rector and board of visitors of the University of Virginia are hereby author. ized, at any meeting at which a majority of said visitors shall be present, to issue bonds of the said corporation, either registered or with coupons, for interest, or in part of the one class and in part of the other, convertible from one class into the other at the pleasure of the holder, in sums of one hundred dollars, or any multiple thereof, to run not more than thirty years, bearing interest at a rate not exceeding eight per centum per annum, such interest to be payable at such place as the board of visitors shall designate.

181. The amount of the loan hereby contemplated shall not exceed the sum of ninety-five thousand dollars, and the proceeds thereof shall be applied exclusively to the redemption of the existing debt of the University.

182. For the purpose of securing the payment of the said bonds the rector and board of visitors of the University are hereby authorized to convey, by deed of trust, all the real estate belonging to or held for the said University, and also by said deed to pledge the annual appropriations made to the University, subject to any previous pledge of said appropriation which has been heretofore made.

Annuity to University payable out of Treasury.

183. There shall be paid annually out of the public treasury thirty thousand dollars for the support of the University of Virginia, which shall be payable out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated; but this annuity is on condition that the said institution during its continuance, shall educate all students of the state of Virginia, over the age of eighteen, who shall be matriculated under rules and regulations prescribed by the board of visitors, without charge for tuition in the academic department, consisting of the following schools to-wit: the schools of Greek, Latin, history and literature, moral philosophy, modern languages, natural philosophy, natural history and agriculture, general and industrial chemistry, and pure mathematics : provided, that no person shall be admitted as a student, free of charge for tuition fees under the provisions of this act, unless the faculty shall be sat. isfied by actual examination of the applicant, or by a certificate of some college or preparatory school, that he has made such proficiency in the branches of study which

he proposes to pursue as will enable him to avail himself of the advantages afforded by this University.

184. Out of the said appropriation of thirty thousand dollars, all necessary repairs, and the interest on the existing debt, shall first be paid, and a sinking fund of one thousand dollars per annum shall be established and placed under the control of the board of visitors, to be annually applied to the liquidation of the principal.

Bequests to thc University lega'ized; how to be invested and applied.

185. Any person may deposit in the treasury of this state, or bequeath money, stocks, or public bonds of any kind, to be so deposited, or grant, devise, or bequeath property, real or personal, to be sold, and the proceeds to be so deposited in sums not less than one hundred dollars, which shall be invested in certificates of debt of the state of Virginia, or the United States, or any other state thereof, for the benefit of the University of Virginia; and, in such case, the interest or dividends accruing on such stocks, certificates of debt or bonds, shall be paid to the rector and visitors of the University, to be by them appropriated to the general purposes thereof, unless some particular appropriation shall have been designated by the donor or testator, as hereinafter provided.

186. If any particular purpose or object connected with the University be specified by the donor at the time of such deposit, by writing filed in the treasurer's office (which may also be recorded in the clerk's office of the county court of Albemarle county, as a deed for land is recorded), or in the will of such testator, then the interest, income and profits of such fund shall be appropriated to such purpose and object, and none other; or, if the donor or testator shall so direct in such writing or will, the interest accruing on such fund shall be reinvested by the treasurer of the commonwealth every six months, in the manner prescribed in the first section of this act, and the interest thereon be, from time to time, reinvested in like manner for such period as such writing or will shall prescribe, not exceeding thirty years; and at the expiration of the time so prescribed, or of thirty years, whichever shall happen first, the fund, with its accumulations, shall be paid over to the rector and visitors of the University, or the interest, income and profits thereafter accruing upon the aggregate fund shall be paid to them as the same shall accrue, according as the one or the other disposition shall be directed by such writing or will, and in either case the same shall be appropriated and employed according to the provisions of such writing or will, and not otherwise ; and the rector and visitors of the University shall an. nually render to the general assembly an account of the disbursement of any funds so derived.

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