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Hon. Henry W. BLAIR, United States Senator of New Hampshire, ha invited to address the Association on the subject of “ Federal Aid to Educati The following summary of rates of board and transportation will be of int

RATES OF BOARD. Secure your room as early as possible by writing to Mr. George Church (S tendent of Schools), Chairman of the Committee on Accommodations, Sa New York. The figures placed after the name of the hotel indicate the nun persons that can be accommodated. I. At $2.50 - $3.00 per day. $2.50.-Congress Hall, (1,000, two gentlemen occupying same room

each; two ladies, $2.25; one person occupying room, $3.00; rates good from July 8–20 inclusive;) Adelphi Hotel, 150;

Brown, Circular Street, 35. $2.50—$3.00.--Worden Hotel, 250; Mrs. Maria Rool, 50. II. At $2.00 per day and upwards.

$2.00-$3.00.-S. S. and S. E. Strong, ---; Remedial Institute, 175. $2.00 - $2.50.-American Hotel, 250; Huestis House, 175; Linwoo

Congress Park Place, 75; W. S. Balch, 60. $2.00 - $2.25.-Dr. Robert Hamilton's Medical Institute, 75. $2.00.-White Street Mansion (Mrs. Huntington), 50; Washington Ha

Howland House, 50; Manor House, 50; Foley House, 50;

worth Mansion, 40; Mrs. A. D. Orr, South Broadway, 40. III. At $1.50 per day and upwards.

$1.50–$2.75.—Mrs. George B. Weller, 25.
$1.50 - $2.50.--Spencer House, 75.
$1.50–$2.00.—Holden House, 150; Temple Grove House, 100; Be

House, 75; Irving Hotel, 150; Aberdeen, 80; Albemarle,
Broadway Hall, 50; Mrs. James P. Wright, 40; Mrs. C. H.
lard, 50; Summer Rest, 50; Circular Street House, 75; Mrs.
Putnam, 24; Broadway House, 50; Pierce House, 50; Mrs. 1
Trim, 50; J. H. Mabee, 20; Latham House, 60; Comme
Hotel, 100; Franklin House, 75; Mrs. S. B. Thom (Circular St

40; Rawson House (Clinton Place), 15; Daniel Eddy, 25. $1.50 - $1.75.–Vanderburg Cottage, 20. IV. At $1.00 and upwards per day.

$1.50.—Mrs. L. Hayden, Congress Street, 25; Columbian Place Hotel $1.25 — $2.00.—Rossiler House, 75; Mrs. C. P. Scoville, 40; Miss R. (

mer, “Clement Place," 75. $1.25-$1.50.-Vermont House, 120; Bates House, 80; Mrs. Cogsı

Broadway, 25; Mrs. E. H. Wright, Ellsworth Block, 15.
$1.25.- Mrs. W. A. Bwonett, Spring Street, 10; Mrs. L. L. Sharp, No

Spring Street, 25; Mrs. C. S. Smith, No. 165 Philadelphia Street,
J. E. Ireland, No. 58 East Street, 15; Mrs. T. D. Carpenter, No
Philadelphia Street, 30; J. C. Fitzlwold, No. 149 Front Street,
Mrs. H. H. Douglass, No. 53 White Street, 10; Mrs. M. A. G

ney, No. 40 Franklin Street, 10; Mrs. W. B. Duel, No. 109 Philadelphia Street, 30; W. H. Corbin, No. 157 Spring Street, 10; Mrs. Hadel Covrel, 15; Miss Ida Ferguson, No. 3 Friedlander Row, Washington Street, 16; L. Haff, No. 48 Philadelphia Street, 16; Mrs. H. E. Minor, No. 39 Church Street, 20; Henrietta R. Berry, No. 560 Broadway, 40; Mrs. M. A. Magee, No. 103 Circular Street, 22; Mrs. George Schmidt, No. 120 West Congress Street, 25; Mrs. C. E. Monks, No. 103 Congress Street, 20; Aberdeen, South Broad

way, 80. If guaranteed 50, or more, will take for $1.25 per day. $1.00 - $1.50.-Elmwood Hall, 80; Albion House, 40. $1.00 - $2.00.--Mrs. Dr. Carpenter, Regent Street, 20. $1.00 - $1.25.--Mrs. E. Walsh, No. 10 Federal Street, 20. $1.10.-Mrs. L. Hadyn, No. 1oi Congress Street, 40. $1.00. -Silas Barrett, No. 209 Regent Street, 25; Mrs. A. J. Holmes, Law.

rence Street, 10; William B. Donlon, No. 12 Front Street, 20; Mrs. D. A. Bogert, No. 598 Broadway, 10; Mrs. W. A. Burnett, No. 168 Spring Street, 15.

RAILROAD RATES For Members of the National Educational Association. Membership fee, $2.00

Thus far transportation rates for Virginia have been arranged only with the Old Dominion Steamship Company. Negotiations with the railroad lines are in progress, and it is hoped that satisfactory rates will be secured. These will be an. nounced in our next issue.

The Old Dominion Steamship Company will sell round trip tickets to New York as follows: Richmond to New York and return, $14.00; Petersburg to New York and return, $14.00; Norfolk to New York and return, $12.00.

These rates include meals and state room, and are good for return until September ist.

The New York Central and Hudson River Railroad will sell round trip tickets over its roads at one cent per mile if the present rates continue. If the old rates(two cents per mile)—are restored before July 8th, round trip tickets will be sold at one and one-fourth regular fare.

The New York, West Shore and Buffalo Railroad will sell round trip tickets to Saratoga at the same rates as the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad,

The Delaware and Hudson Canal Company's Railroad will issue return tickets to any point on their line to members who paid full fare in going to Saratoga-upon the presentation of a proper certificate, to be obtained at the meeting of the National Educational Association, at Saratoga—at one-quarter fare.



EXCURSIONS. Excursions will be arranged to Lake George, Lake Champlain, Ausable Chasm, The Adirondacks, White Mountains, Montreal, Quebec, Niagara Falls, Howe's

Cave, Sharon Springs, Cooperstown, Richfield Springs, the Marble Quarries of
Rutland, and to all prominent points of interest, at low rates.

The State Manager will be pleased to furnish upon application any information
he may be able to parties who purpose to go to the Association.

Wm. F. Fox, State Manager,

Box 139, Richmond, Va.

The Reading Ciroles at Saratoga.

By W. H. PAYNE, of the University of Michigan.
Last year, at Madison, the West felt complimented by the generous attendance of
teachers from the East; and this year, if I do not misinterpret the signs of the
times, preparations must be made at Saratoga for a return visit, with large additions,
from the West. The occasion is inducement enough to draw large numbers of our
teachers to the place selected for the approaching meeting of the National As-
sociation; but this famous watering place will lend its various attractions to form an
extraordinary motive for attendance.

In Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota, a new educational
movement is now well under way, and it has occurred to me that an hour or two
might be found at Saratoga for “ taking stock of our progress" thus far, to the end
that this new work may gain momentum from the net results of collective expe-
rience. “The Teachers' Reading Circle” bids fair to become an established institu-
tion; and if its plans receive the sanction of the teaching class, as seems probable,
there will have been found an agency for the education of teachers more universal,
and in some ways, more efficient, than any now in force. I do not desire that the
National Association take any formal notice of this new organization; it has not yet
passed the period of experiment; but it seems very desirable that the State man-
agers of these Reading Circles should hold a conference for an hour or two for the
purpose of adopting some uniformities of practice. I venture to nominate Mr.
Burns, of Ohio, and Mr. Geo. P. Brown, of Indiana, as a committee to provide for
an hour's conference during the coming meeting of the National Educational Asso-
ciation, at Saratoga.

The ayes undoubtedly have it, and it is so ordered !

MAP DRAWING by S. T. PENDLETON-(Continued from last JOURNAL.) These are all drawn by the author's pamphlet published for some years.

This measure belongs to the next figure, but is put here for want of space on the next page. All the measures are shortened for want of space.

MEASURE FOR MERIDIANS-3 blue line spaces between marks—full scale.



Fold and crease at

this line.

MEASURE FOR Parallels—4 blue line spaces between marks—for slates.
Fold, crease and tear off at this dotted line.
By a blue line space is meant the distance between 2 blue lines of foolscap paper,

Map Drawing by S. T. Pendleton, Richmond, Va. (Copyright), 1885.
See I Parallels and Meridians of Virginia for general directions.






3 units.

4 units.

- 42


Map Drawing by S. T. Pendleton, Richmond, Va. (Copyright), 1885.

Sec I

“ Virginia for directions.
74 73 72 71 70 69 68 67 48

3 units.

4 units.


MEASURE FOR MERIDIANS-1% blue line spaces between the marks=3 units, each y space..


Fold and crease at this line.
MEASURE FOR PARALLELS—2 blue line spaces apart=4 units, each 2 space--for slates.

Fold, crease and tear off at this dotted line.

By a blue line space is meant the distance between 2 blue lines of foolscap paper.

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