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Worman's Modern Language Series.

GERMAN. First German Book, after the Natural or Pestalozzian Method, for Schools and

Home Instruction, 12mo, 69 pages. 30 cents. Second German Book, intended to continue the work of the First Book, but also

very valuable as a Reading Book in Elementary classes. 12mo, 84 pages. 40 cents.

Thege little books work marvels in the school-room. The exercises are so developed out of pictured objects and actions, and are so well graduated, that almost from the very outset they co alone. A beginner would have little use for a dictionary in reading them. The words are 80 introduced, and so often used, that the meaning is kept constantly before the mind, without

the intervention of a translation, An Elementary German Grammar, An easy introduction to the language.

24mo, 300 pages. $100. A Complete German Grammar. A full and comprehensive treatment of the

language for School or Home, with a comprehensive Vocabulary giving

Synonymical Equivalents. $1.40. An Elementary German Reader, carefully graded by extensive notes, making it

serviceable to the very beginner, 12mo, 145 pages 90 cents.. A Collegiate German Reader, or Introduction to German Literature. With

philological notes and references to the Grammars, and an adequate Dic

tionary. 12mo, 525 pages. $1.25. A Manual of German Conversation--the "German Echo," For practice in the

spoken language. 203 pages. 90 cents.

It presupposes an elementary knowledge of the language, such as may be acquired from the First German Book, by Professor Worman, and furnishes A RUNNING GERMAN TEXT, allowing the learner, of course, to find the meaning of the words in the appended Vocabulary), and forcing

him, by the absence of English in the text, to think in German. Copy-Books for Instruction in German Script. Nos. I-III. 15 cents each.

FRENCH. First French Book, after the Natural or Pestalozzian Method, for Schools and

Home Instruction (on the same plan as the German). 12mo, 83 pages. 40

cents. Second French Book - Following the First Book in order, or to be used as an

Elementary French Reader. 50 cents. Grammaire Francaise, containing only the Essentials of French Grammar, and

pointing out the variations of the French from the English. 12mo, 184 pages. $1.00

This book, in perfeet accord with the best prevailing methods of language-teaching, should supersede, in American schools, all French Grammars written only for French schools in

France. Teacher's Hand-Book to the Grammaire Francaise, furnishing the English

Teacher ample material for successful use of this book, 12mo, 140 pages.

$1.00. A Manual of French Conversation--the "Echo de Paris." Plan of the “Ger

man Echu." 12mo, 212 pages. 90 cents.

C'est un véritable trésor, merveilleusement adapté au développement de la conversation familière et pratique, telle qu'on la veut aujourd'hui. Cet excellent livre met successivement en scène, d'une manière vive et intéressante, toutes les circonstances possibles de la vie ordinaire.

SPANISH. First Spanish Book, after the Natural Method (like the German). 12mo, 96

pages. 40 cents.

A. S. BARNES & CO., Publishers,
. . 111 & 113 William St., New York.

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Editor of Official Department,

. : Superintendent Public Instruotion.


I. General Department.

The State Normal School of Virginia, at . The World's Exposition.....

393 Farmville.... 369 The Normal Teacher.......

394 Three Hours' Work in a Primary School.. 373 Opening at Roanoke College.....

394 Hints to Teachers.................... 377 University of Virginia..........

894 History..........

Washington and Lee University.

394 , Southern Colleges and Schools...... 383 Editorial Paragraphs,

395 Graded Examples in Long Division....... 391 News and Notes.......

395 Prize Spelling............

392 Book Notices....... The Art of Early Rising.................

392 Literary Notes..... Appeal to the Friends of Educational Pro. The Magazines...............

398 grees............................... .

II. Official Department. State Normal School of Virginia......... 399 State Normal School at Farmville....... 404 Peabody Scholarships. ... 401 Wanted....

406 First Virginia Reading Association...... 4031 Virginia Normal and Collegiate Institute. 406 Circular of Professor F, V. N. Painter.... 404 | School Law of Virginia......... 407

396 397

Entered at the Post Office at Richmond, Va., as Second Class matter.


829 W. Main St.,

RICHMOND, VA. Subscription price $1.00 in advance. Specimen copies 10 cents.


À NEW, CAREFULLY-REVISED AND ENLARGED EDITION Warren Colburn's Intellectual Arithmetic,


DUCTION TO THE EDITION OF 1863. Colburn's Arithmetic has been Translated into most of the Lauguages of

Europe and into several Asiatic Languages.

"Its very simplicity has prevented many persons from seeing how really profound and comprehensive it is, and that it actually develops every essential principle in elementary arithmetic. It evolves from the mind of the learner himself, in a perfectly easy and natural manner, a knowledge of the principles of arithmetic, and the power of solving, mentally and almost instantly, every question likely to occur in the every day business of common life. It is thus an admirable preparation for the attainment of the faculty of ready and sharp logic, to be applied to the business of common life.... Its great value for children is its shortness and its clearness.”—GEORGE B. EMERSON.

"Colburn's First Lessons have undoubtedly done more to improve the methods of teaching, not only of numbers, but of language and other branches, than any other school book published during the last half century."-B. F. TWEED, recently a Supervisor of Boston Public Schools.

." Colburn's First Lessons is regarded by all intelligent educators as the greatest educational work that has appeared in this country during the present century. Its influence bas not been confined to the mathemetical branches of instruction ; it has extended to all.”—ELBRIDGE SMITH, Master Dorchester High School.

The editors of the New Edition bave tried to make the COLBURN METHOD OF INSTRUCTION more apparent and attractive; they have made the ascent more gradual in certain portions of the book, and have carefully revised all questions which related to prices and coins now out of date. They have introduced two new chapters, which form a good connecting link between Mental and Written Arithmetic. The New Edition is a 16mo., and contains 232 pages. PRICE, 35 CENTS, post-paid.


WARREN COLBURN recommended that in learning new facts about numbers, examples be solved and illustrated by beans, peas, counters, or marks on the blackboard. In order that such work may be more easy for the teachers and more interesting for the pupils, a Box of Counters and other Aids has been prepared, containing: I. Coucters; II. Materials for Keeping Store; and III. A Pamphlet containing Explanations and Hints in regard to Arithmetical Diversions. Many of the numerrous uses to which the counters may be put are carefully explained.

A method of keeping store is described, by which the game may be made of great interest and practical value to any number of pupils of any grade.

Hints are given and games described, by the aid of which pupils may gain in an interesting way expertness in numbers. In a neat box, 20 cents. By mail, 30 cents.


4 Park Street, Boston, Mass..


Educational Journal of Virginia.

Vol. XV.

Richmond, Va., September, 1884.

No. 9.

The State Normal School of Virginia, at Farmville. The State Normal School, for girls, designed specially to prepare teachers for the public free schools, will be opened in Farmville on Thursday, October 30th next, at 10 A. M.

The law gives to each city of five thousand (5,000) inhabitants, and to each county of the State, the privilege of sending one student at least, or more, according to the number of its members in the House of Delegates. These State students will be instructed free of charge for tuition; and the Normal School Trustees are charged with the duty of prescribing the manner in which the selection of these students shall be made.

The Trustees have designated the County and City Superintendents of Schools as the proper persons to search out, examine, and forward suitable candidates for admission, subject to the final decision of the faculty in Farmville as to their fitness or preparation to profit by the privileges of the institution. And the Trustees have asked the Board of Education and the Superintendent of Public Instruction to assist in this work.

Should any city or county fail to send its quota of students, and to give notice of their coming ten days in advance of the opening of the session, the faculty may fill the vacancies with applicants from any part of the State.

Should there still be room, the faculty is allowed to receive other students on payment in advance of thirty dollars ($30) for the scholastic year.

The qualifications for admission are good character, health, and capacity, the age of sixteen years or upwards, and a good knowledge of reading, orthography, writing, arithmetic, geography and English grammar. And all State students must, on entering, sign a declaration of intention to teach in the public schools of Virginia for at least two years after leaving the Institution.

The whole expense to students, besides travelling, will be for boarding, books and stationery. A limited number can board in the Institution at a cost not exceeding twelve dollars ($12) a month for board, including fuel, lights, and washing. Board can be had among the families in Farmville at various prices, and messing-clubs will be allowed.

The Norfolk and Western Railroad has consented to carry students at reduced rates, and other railroads will be applied to for the same favor. As to this, further information will be given in due time.

The School will consist of the Normal School with regular courses, the Model School for children, and extra studies, for which fees will be charged in all cases. These fees will be fixed by the faculty when appointed.

There will be two regular courses in the Normal School of two years each-namely: An Elementary Course and an Advanced Course. The scale of the two reaches from the primary studies to the top of an ordinary high-school course; and everything will be taught as far as practicable by normal methods. Besides which, there will be a full course of strictly professional studies.

The following is the list of studies comprised in the two regular courses:


ELEMENTARY COURSE. 1. Language.- Orthography; Reading and Elocution ; English Grammar; Composition; Outlines of Rhetoric and English Classics ; Elements of Latin.

2. Mathematics.—Mental Arithmetic; Written Arithmetic; Algebra; Geometry.

3. Natural Science.-Political Geography; Elements of Mathematical and Physical Geography; Physiology; Lessons in Natural Science.

4. History.—History of the United States ; Constitution of the United States; Constitution and School Law of Virginia.

5. The Arts.- Penmanship; Drawing; Vocal Music; Book-Keeping; Calisthenics.

6. Teaching.–School Economy; Methods of Instruction ; Lectures on Education ; Practice of Teaching.


1. Language. As in Elementary Course; Rhetoric; English Composition; English Literature; Analysis of English Classics ; Latin.

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