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I. The Charter as a Whole The ITO Charter seeks to accomplish five main things: (1) to promote the maintenance of employment in Member countries, (2) to promote the economic development of Member countries, (3) to bring about the general relaxation and regulation of barriers to world trade, whether such barriers are imposed by governments or private organizations, (4) to provide an orderly procedure under agreed rules for the negotiation of intergovernmental commodity arrangements, and (5) to create permanent international machinery for consultation and collaboration in trade and related matters.

The provisions of the Charter are set forth in eight chapters and 89 articles, as follows: (Chapter I. Establishes the broad purposes of the International

Trade Organization (article 1).] Chapter II. Regulates membership in the Organization (article 2). Chapter III. Provides for the maintenance of employment, the

development of resources and productivity, and the pro

motion of labor standards (articles 3 through 9). Chapter IV. Provides for the promotion of the industrial and

general economic development of Member countries (arti

cles 10 through 13). Chapter V. Provides for the reduction of governmental barriers of

all kinds and for the elimination of trade discriminations

(articles 14 through 38). Chapter VI. Provides for concerted action to eliminate restrictive

business practices in international trade (articles 39

through 45). Chapter VII. Regulates the making of intergovernmental com

modity agreements (articles 46 through 60). · Chapter VIII. Creates the machinery for an International Trade

Organization to facilitate the operation of the Charter and to promote continuing international cooperation in trade and related matters (articles 61 through 89).

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