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Sheboygan county, three districts :

1st. Towns of Moselle, Sheboygan, city of Sheboygan, and town of Wilson. 2d. Greenbush, Herman, Plymouth, Rhine, Russell, and Sheboygan Falls.

3d. Abbott, Holland, Lima, Lindon, Mitchell, and Scott. Walworth county, four districts :

1st. Towns of Bloomfield, Geneva, Hudson, and Linn.
2d. Darien, Delavan, Sharon, and Walworth.
3d. La Grange, Richmond, Sugar Creek, and Whitewater.

4th. Elkhorn, La Fayette, Spring Prairie, Troy, and East Troy. Washington county, three districts :-

1st. Towns of Addison, Erin, Hartford, and Wayne.
2d. Barton, Kewaskum, Polk, Richfield, and West Bend.

3d. Farmington, Germantown, Jackson, and Trenton. Waukesha county, fire districts:

1st. Towns of Delafield, Oconomowoc, and Summit.
2d. Lisbon, Menominee, and Merton.
3d. Eagle, Genessee, Mukwango, and Ottowa.
4th. Brookfield, New Berlin, and Peewa ubee.

Bth. Muskego, Vernon, and Waukesha.
Waupacca county, one district.
Waushara county, one district.
Winnebago county, three districts:-

1st. Towns of Algoma, Oshkosh, and Vinland, and the city of Oshkosh.
20. Clayton, Menasha, Neenah, Orihula, Poyagan, Winchester, and Winneronne.
3d. Black Wolf, Nekimi, Nepeuskum, Omro, Rushford, and Utica.

GENERAL ELECTIONS. Sec. 3. A general election shall be held in the several towns and wards in this State, on the Tuesday next succeeding the first Monday in November in each year, at which there shall be chosen so many of the following officers as are by law to be elected in such year, that is to say, a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Attorney General, State Superintendent, Senators, Members of Assembly, Representatives in Congress, Electors of President and Vice President, and the following County Officers, to wit: Clerks of the Circuit Courts, Sheriffs, Registers of Deeds, District Attorneys, Clerks of the Boards of Supervisors, County Treasurers, and Coro and all other State and County Officers not herein enu. merated or otherwise provided for.


Governor — ALEX. W. RANDALL, Waukesha.
Private Secretary - W. H. WATSON, Milwaukee.
Lieutenant-Governor - ERASMUS D. CAMPBELL, La Crosse.
Secretary of State - DAVID W. JONES, La Fayette Co.
Assistant Secretary of State ---Gen. J. D. RUGGLES, Madison.
Treasurer - SAML. D. HASTINGS, Trempeleau.
Assistant Treasurer - F. A. SCOFIELD, Racine.
Attorney General - GABRIEL BOUCK, Oshkosh.
Bank Comptroller - JOEL C. SQUIRES, Mineral Point.
Assistant Bank Comptroller - RICHARD F. SWEET, Mineral Point.
Bank Register - A. MENGES, Watertown.
Superintendent of Public Instruction - LYMAN C. DRAPER, Madison.

- S. H. CARPENTER, do,
State Librarian - HORACE RUBLEE, Madison.
Superintendent of Public Property - RUFUS PARKS, Waukesha Co.
State Prison Commissioner - EDWARD M. MAGIAN, Sheboygan.
Adjutant General -- AMASA COBB, Mineral Point.
Commissary General - V. W. Roth, Madison.

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SUPREME COURT. Chief Justice – EDWARD V. WHITON, Janesville. Assistant Justice - A. D. SMITH, Milwaukee.

- ORSAMUS COLE, Madison. Clerk - LA FAYETTE KELLOGG, Madison.

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First Circuit - John M. KEEP, Beloit.


C. H. LARRABEE, Horicon. Fourth W. R. GORSLINE, Sheboygan. Fifth

M. M. COTHREN, Mineral Point. Sixth

GEORGE GALE, Galesville, Trempeleau Co. Seventh 66

GEORGE W. CATE, Stevens Point. Eighth "

8. S. N. FULLER, Hudson. Ninth

A. L. COLLINS, Madison.

S. R. COTTON, Green Bay.
U. S. District Judge - ANDREW MILLER, Milwaukee.

Attorney - Don A. J. UPHAM, do.

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First District - JOHN F. POTTER, East Troy.

C. C. WASHBURNE, Mineral Point.

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STATE UNIVERSITY, located at Madison, has a fund of $311,000, drawing 7 per cent. interest; and this fund will soon be increased to at least $350,000 by the disposition of the remainder of the University lands granted by Congress. Its annual income will soon amount, from this source, to $25,000, and probably some $5000 from stu. dent's fees and other sources.

COMMON SCHOOLS.-By the report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, it appears that the total amount of the School Fund, on the 1st of January, 1857, was $2,047,903 74.

THE STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, at Madison, possesses a library of over 4146 vol. umes; besides a large number of maps and engravings; a fine collection of oil paintings, chiefly portraits of early pioneers and prominent men; together with many valuable memoirs of our early history.

WISCONSIN INSTITUTE FOR THE EDUCATION OF THE BLIND, Janesville - This Institu. tion was opened August 1st, 1850, and is in a highly flourishing condition.

DEAF AND DUMB INSTITUTE, Delavan, Walworth County. This Institution was established in 1852. Buildings have been erected to accommodate 60 pupils. The charge to papils of other States is $100 per annum for tuition and board.

STATE PRISON, at Wampum, Fond du Lac County.-The labor of the convicts is let out by contract, at rates from 48 to 60 cents a day, 25 cents a day being allowed for apprentices.

STATE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY is located at Madison. It receives $3000 annually from the State,

BANKS.---The number of Banks organized and doing business in the State, on the 1st of January, 1857, was 50, the aggregate capital of which was $3,290,000. The revo nue to the State arising from the tax on banking capital, in 1856, was $37,564 09. The total amount of countersigned notes issued to Banks and outstanding, in January last, was $1,950,967. Amount of securities on deposit with the Bank Comptroller, to redeem outstanding notes, $2,208,476.

PUBLIC LANDS.-The amount of public lands disposed of by entry and location, up to June 30th, 1856, was 9,066,912 26-100 acres. The following is a list of the Land Offices, with the names of the Registers and Receivers, viz. :

Mineral Point ...... Joel C. Squires, Register ...... Henry Plowman, Receiver. Manasha.... John A. Bryan,

Col. Sam’l Ryan,
Eau Claire......... W. T. Galloway,

M. B. Boyden,
T. Rush Spencer,

James D. Reyment,
Stevens Point...... Abraham Brawley, “ Albert G. Ellis,
La Crosse ............ Charles S. Benton, “ Theodore Rodolf,
Superior .............. Daniel Shaw,

Eliab B. Dean, Jr.,

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Arranged Alphabetically in Counties.

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Adams County. Big Spring. Davis' Corners. Dell Prairie. Edna. Fountain. Germantown. Grand Marsh, Jackson. Little Lake. Maugh's Mills. Mill Haven. Necedah. New Chester. One Mile Creek. Point Bluff. Preston. Pilot Knob. Quincy. Roche-a-Cri. Seven Mile Creek. Twin Valley. White Creek. Wonewoc.

Columbia County.

Brown County. De Pere (c.h.). Fort Howard. Fremont. Green Bay. Mukwa. New Franken Oneida. W'equiot. Wrightstown.

Buffalo County.

Alma. Fountain City.

Bad Ax County. Avalanche. Bad Ax. Coon Prairie. Debello. De Soto. Harmony Hillsborough. Kickapoo. New Brookville. Retreat.

Calumet County. Brillion. Charlestown. Chilton. Dundas. High Cliff. Lynn. New Holstein, Pequot. Stockbridge.

Basin Lake.
Beaver Creek.
East Randolph.
Fall River.
New Haven,
Pigeon Grove.

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Crawford County. Bell Center. Eastman. Hill's Valley. Marietta. Mount Sterling. Ocena. Prairie du Chien. Rising Sun. Seneca. Springville. Stockville. Wattering Grove.

Fond du Lac Co.-Contoh Ashford. Auburn. Black Hawk. Bothelle. Brandon. Byron. Calumet Village Ceresco. Dotyville. Eden. El Dorado. Empire. Fair Water. Fond du Lac. Foster. Hinesberg. Junius. Ladoga. Lamartine. Marytown. Metomen. Moria. Murone. Nanaupa. New fane. Oakfield. Oceola. Rosendale. Rush Lake. Taycheeda. Waucousta. Wawpun. West Rosendale.

Dodge County. Ashipun. Beaver Dam. Burnett. Chester. Chester Station. Clyman. East Lomira. Elba. Emmett. Farmersville. Fox Lake. Hermann. Horicon. Hustisford. Iron Ridge. Juneau. Le Roy. Lomira. Lowell. Mayville. Napasha. Neosho. Oak Grove. Portland. Rubicon. Theresa. Woodland.

Dane County.

Albion. Ancient. Ashton. Belleville. Berry. Beverly. Black Earth, Blue Mound. Burke. Cambridge. Christiana. Cottage Grove. Cross Plains. Dane. Deerfield. Door Creek. Dunkirk. Eolia. Fitchburgh. Grand Spring. Hanchettville. Lake View Leicester. Madison. Mazo Manie. Middleton. Mount Vernon, Oregon. Peirceville. Pine Bluff. Pleasant Branch, Primrose. Roxbury.

Door County Sturgeon Bay. Washington Harbor.

Grant County Beetown. Block House Mills. Bunker Hill. Cassville. Charlotte. Dickeysville. Ellen boro'. Fair Play. Fennimore. Hazel Green, Hickory Grove. Hurricane Grove, Jamestown. Lancaster (c.h.). Little Grant. Millville, Montfort. Mount Hope. Muscoda. New California.

Douglass County. Superior.

· Dunn County. North Pepin. Ogalla.

Fond du Lac County. Patch Grove.

Alcove. Alto.

Platteville. Plum Grove. Potosi.

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