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have invested Kars. The Turkish garrison is under the command of General Williams, an Englishman.

June 23, 24.--47 Russian ships, of from 700 to 200 tons each, are destroyed near Nystadt, in the Gulf of Bothnia, by boats from the allied squadron.


June 28. Col. Walker arrives off San Juan del Sud in the brig Vesta, and lands his forces and those of General Castillon that had joined him. A battle is fought at Rivas, in which Col. Walker is compelled to retire.

June 28.- Lord Raglan dies of the cholera. He is succeeded by Major-General James Simpson as commander-in-chief.

June 30.--The yellow-fever becomes epidemic in New Orleans, and to Aug. 19 there are 1,282 deaths from it.

July 1.

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There is a second Sunday demonstration in Hyde Park by a large and excited mob against Sir Robert Grosvenor's Sunday Bill.

July 2.The Legislature of Kansas meets at Pawnee, and organizes. Thomas Johnson is elected President of the Council, and Dr. John H. Stringfellow, Speaker of the House.

July 3. July 3. July 4.

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The Cunard steamer Persia is launched at Glasgow.

An Asylum for Idiots is opened at Earlswood, near Rygate, England. Svartholm, a fort of great strength, commanding the approach to Lovisa on the Gulf of Finland, deserted by its garrison, is destroyed by the Allies. July 4. A convention of cotton-planters assembles at Cooper's Well, Miss., to hear the report of a committee upon the subject of a direct trade between the Southern States and Europe, and adjourns to meet in Jackson in January next. July 6. Governor Reeder returns to the Kansas Legislature the act removing the seat of government of the Territory to the Shawnee Manual Labor School, with his objections; but the Legislature pass the bill over his veto. The English bombard the Redan for one day.

July 10.July 12. souri.

July 12.


A convention of the friends of slavery is held at Lexington, Mis

A mob at Jonesville, Missouri, seize a prisoner whom a jury had found guilty of murder, for which the statute punishment was imprisonment for life, and hang him on a tree.

July 13.-Lord John Russell resigns his office as one of the Secretaries of State. July 15.. July 15.

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A disastrous fire at Manchester, N. H., consumes 32 buildings. The first legislature of the new state of Panama, formed of the Provinces of Panama, Azuero, Veraguos, and Chiriqui, meets at Panama. Justo Arogemena is appointed Superior Chief."

July 18.-- Capt. W. R. Henry, late of the Texas Volunteers, issues a proclamation to the people of Texas and to the Mexicans, that he and his companions are intending to cross the Rio Grande, to aid in overthrowing Santa Aña, and in establishing a government more favorable to the interests of Texas.

July 18. John H. Wheeler, the U. S. Minister to Nicaragua, leaves Washington for New York, taking with him a female slave, Jane Johnson, and her two sons. He stops over one train at Philadelphia, goes with his slaves to a hotel, and, when about to leave in the evening boat, his slaves, with the advice and assistance of Passmore Williamson and certain negroes, leave him. Upon the petition of Wheeler, Judge Kane of the Federal District Court issues a habeas corpus to Williamson, directing him to produce the bodies of the slaves. His return to the writ is, that he has not, and has not had, the custody and control of them. Judge Kane hears testimony to traverse the return, and. 27th July, commits Williamson for contempt in refusing to answer, and making a false return to the writ of habeas corpus.

July 20.-- A great portion of the village of Chamouni is destroyed by fire. July 21.-The fortress of Frederickshamm is attacked by a portion of the allied fleet, and its garrison driven out.

July 22, 23.--The insurgent Mexicans, under General Vidauri at Saltillo, defeat the government forces under Generals Cruz and Guitian, and drive them from the city.

July 24.The National Council of Switzerland orders that the laws forbid ding the enlistment of Swiss subjects for foreign service be enforced throughout the Cantons.

July 25, 26.Violent and repeated shocks of an earthquake destroy the Swiss villages of St. Nicholas and Viege.


July 26. The Pope declares the laws which have been enacted in Piedmont,


to the detriment of religion and the power and liberty of the Church, to be void and of no effect, and that all who support them incur the greater excommunication; also that the recent laws in Spain concerning the Church property are null and of no effect.

July 31.-The removal of Governor Reeder of Kansas, and the appointment of John L. Dawson, his successor, is officially announced.

July. The sum of £144,000,000 sterling is subscribed by 310,000 individual subscribers for the new French loan of £30,000,000.

Aug. 1.- Chief Justice Lewis of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania refuses to issue a habeas corpus in favor of Passmore Williamson.

Aug. 1.-In Milwaukee, Wis., Debar commits a murderous assault on a negro and his family, of which he soon dies. He is arrested Aug. 2. The mob, mostly Germans, becoming excited, a special term of the court is ordered for his trial. Aug. 7, the grand jury bring in a bill for murder. The prisoner is to be tried the next day; but when the officers are taking him to the jail, under the escort of two companies of militia, the mob seize him and kill him without resistance. Aug. 6. - A terrible riot occurs at Louisville, Kentucky, it being election day, between the American and foreign population. Several are killed on both sides, and rows of houses, owned or occupied by the foreigners, are torn down or consumed. Aug. 7. The steamer James Adger leaves New York with a party on board for the British Provinces, for the purpose of laying the submarine cable from Cape Ray, on Newfoundland, to Cape North, on Cape Breton, a distance of 55 nautical miles. The cable is aboard the barque Sarah L. Bryant. Aug. 28, one At midend of the cable being made fast at Cape Ray, they begin to pay it out. night the cable breaks in the hold of the barque, but is spliced. Aug. 29, it blowing a gale, it is found necessary to let the cable go.

Aug. 8. The judges of Kansas decide the acts of the Legislature in removing the seat of government from Pawnee to be constitutional, and the same day the Legislature selects Lecompton as the permanent capital of the Territory.

Aug. 9. - Sweaborg is attacked by the mortar and gun-boats of the allied squadron, and the attack continues until the morning of the 11th, with but few casualties, and no loss of life, to the Allies. Some dock-yards and arsenals and military stores are destroyed.

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Aug. 9. Santa Aña leaves the city of Mexico with an escort of 2,600 men, under pretence of putting down the revolution in Vera Cruz. He signs his abdication at Perot, leaving the government in the hands of a committee of three. Aug. 17, he embarks at Vera Cruz for Havana. Upon his leaving Mexico, a mob destroys a large number of houses, and among them those of the Minister of Finance and the mother-in-law of Santa Aña.

Aug. 10.- Delegates meet in the city of Mexico, and choose General Carrara President for six months, and ordain the freedom of the press.

Aug. 11.-The corner-stone of the State-House of Massachusetts, laid sixty years before, being displaced in making repairs, is relaid, and new deposits are placed beneath it.

Aug. 13.-This day is observed as a day of public fasting and prayer at Norfolk, Va.

Aug. 14. A terific hurricane visits the Mosquito coast, and wrecks the British brig of war Wolverine on the island of St. Andrews.

Aug. 14. A convention of the people of Kansas, composed of 600 delegates, assembles at Lawrence, and adjourns Aug. 15. It repudiates the acts of the Legislature, and recommends an appointment on the 25th of August of delegates in the several districts, in the ratio of five delegates to each representative to which the district is entitled, to meet in convention, Sept. 5, at Big Springs, to form a State Constitution, with the view of applying for admission into the Union.

Aug. 16.-The application to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania for a habeas corpus in behalf of Passmore Williamson is without success renewed and argued before the full bench at Bedford, by Messrs. Gilpin and Meredith of Philadelphia. Aug. 16. The Russians under Gortschakoff attack in great force the lines of the Tchernaya and drive in the outposts, defended by the Sardinians, but after a severe contest are driven back with great loss. 4,000 are supposed to have been killed, and 2,200 are left prisoners and wounded in the hands of the Allies. Loss of the Allies, 1,200, of whom 200 are Sardinians.

Aug. 18.-Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, with the Prince of Wales and

the Princess Royal, leave Osborne at daybreak, on the Queen's visit to Louis Napoleon, arrive at Boulogne, 96 miles distant, in four and a quarter hours, and reach Paris the same evening. Her visit is extended through the following week, and she leaves Boulogne for Osborne at 11 P. M., Aug. 27.

Aug. 18-The Catholic church in Sydney, Shelby Co., Ohio, is blown up with powder. Aug. 21.At a meeting of the Trustees of Brown University, President Wayland, after a service of nearly 29 years, resigns the Presidency, and Rev. Barnas Sears, D. D., is elected thereto.

Aug. 22.
Aug. 23.

Rachel and her troupe arrive at New York, in the steamer Pacific. Judge Elmore of Kansas writes to the Federal Attorney-General, that he shall resist through the courts the action of the President in removing him.

Aug. 27.The statue of Sir Robert Peel is inaugurated at Birmingham.

Aug. 29. The cars of the express train from Philadelphia to New York, while at a high rate of speed, are thrown from the track, near Burlington, N. J. Twenty-three persons are killed and sixty wounded, some of them fatally. Aug 30. The Kansas Legislature adjourns without day. Aug. The yellow-fever rages fearfully in the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia.


Page 98. The name of the 5th Auditor is Murry_McConnel.

Page 105. John McClintock, Naval Officer at Portsmouth, N. H., is dead.

Page 111. - Col. Hitchcock, of the 2d Infantry, has resigned, and Lieut.Col. Francis Lee becomes Colonel. George Andrews is Lieutenant-Colonel of the 6th Regiment, and Isaac Lynde Major of the 7th Regiment. Pages 118, 119. The frigate Sabine, and the steamers Wabash, Minnesota, and Roanoke, have been launched.

Page 120.-Lieut.-Col. Samuel Miller of the Marine Corps is dead. Page 121. - M. H. McAllister is Judge of the California Circuit Court. Pages 122, 123.-Joseph B. Browne is Clerk of the District Court at Key West, Florida. W. H. Richardson, Marshal in California, is dead.

Pages 131, 133.- Chevalier Hülsemann is now Minister Resident from Austria, and Henry Bosch is Charge from Belgium. M. de la Forest is French Consul at Philadelphia, and Jules Etienne at Boston.

Fages 197-203.— Lyman Trumbull is Senator from Illinois, and George Eustis, jr., Representative from the First District of Louisiana.

Page 205.-R. C. Wickliffe is Governor of Louisiana; term ends 1860. Page 246.--John H. Matthews, of Worcester, is District Attorney of the Middle District, vice P. E. Aldrich.

Pages 265, 266.-John Slosson is Judge of the Superior Court, vice Mason, and his term ends 1861. The salary of the judges of the Superior Court, and of the Court of Common Pleas, and that of the District Attorney, Surrogate, Recorder, and City Judge, is $5,000. George T. Maxwell is Clerk of the Superior Court, and Benjamin H. Jarvis of the Court of Common Pleas, salary $2,500 each. Albert A. Thompson is Judge of the Marine Court, vice Phillips. Sidney H. Stuart, City Judge, has resigned. Pages 205, 334. — The newspapers say that the Board of Canvassers in Wisconsin have declared William A. Barstow to be elected Governor of Wisconsin, vice Coles Bashford.















Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1856, by


in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.



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