Canada Medical Journal and Monthly Record of Medical and Surgical Science, Volumen2


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Página 510 - When the ether spray thus produced is directed upon the outer skin, the skin is rendered insensible within a minute; but the effects do not end here. So soon as the skin is divided, the ether begins to exert on the nervous filaments the double action of cold and of etherization : so that the narcotism can be extended deeply to any desired extent.
Página 17 - MEDICAL LEXICON ; a Dictionary of Medical Science. Containing a concise explanation of the various subjects and terms of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Hygiene, Therapeutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Surgery, Obstetrics, Medical Jurisprudence, and Dentistry. Notices of Climate and of Mineral Waters...
Página 428 - Besides trying the anaesthetic effects of bichloride of carbon upon myself and others, I have used it in one or two cases of midwifery and surgery. Its primary effects are very analogous to those of chloroform, but it takes a longer time to produce the same degree of anaesthesia, and generally a longer time to recover from it.
Página 251 - There can not be too close an adherence to that typical form which it is the business of metamorphosis to keep up, any more than there can be too exact an obedience to law and order.
Página 566 - Drunkards and tipplers," he adds, " have been searched out with such unerring certainty, as to show that the arrows of death have not been dealt out with indiscrimination. An indescribable terror has spread through the ranks of this class of beings. They see the bolts of destruction aimed at their heads, and every one calls himself a victim. There seems to be a natural affinity between cholera and ardent spirits.
Página 511 - ... another inch and a half in the same direction. The director was then placed in the upper line of the abscess, the process was repeated, and the incision was carried two and a half inches in that direction. The patient was entirely unconscious of pain, and after narcotising the whole of the deep surface, Mr.
Página 129 - It consists in passing a long needle twice through the flaps or sides of a wound, so as to cross over and compress the mouth of the bleeding artery or its tube, just in the same way as in fastening a flower in the lapel of our coat, we cross over and compress the stalk of it with the pin which fixes it, and with this view pass the pin twice through the lapel...
Página 510 - ... by means of the outer part, by a small aperture, with the interior of the bottle. The inner tube for delivering the ether runs upwards nearly to the extremity of the outer tube. Now, when the bellows are worked, a double current of air is produced ; one current descending and pressing upon the ether, forcing it along the inner tube, and the other ascending through the outer tube, and playing upon the column of ether as it escapes through the fine jet. By having a series of jets to fit on the...
Página 300 - ... falling asleep night or day. He thus lived nineteen days without enjoying any sleep. At the commencement of the eighth day his sufferings were so intense that he implored the authorities to grant him the blessed opportunity of being...
Página 475 - ... clothes are in the way to separate it from the surface of the body. All these precautions being observed, it is better to allow the thermometer to remain in the axilla at least five minutes. The temperature should be taken twice in the day — at 8 am and 8 pm If only one observation can be made in the day, the evening must be chosen, for often the temperature is normal in the morning, but very considerably elevated at night It is better to use a thermometer constructed for the purpose. Those...

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